was smogon down?

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No your computer has lots of anti-Pokémon viruses but they went to hide now you should find them and exterminate them though
You have been in a coma for 10 years. Generation 15 is now out. I suggest you get some reliable information about this new generation from a source like serebii.net.
nah it wasnt down your internet is just terrible
also searching hasnt been disabled but again your internet sucks

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no, your comp got a virus, and then picked one website, and one website only, smogon, to fuck up on.
you're not the only person to experience this issue, srs. a couple of other people have been saying they couldn't get on smogon for the past week or so.

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Yes SRS, Smogon was down due to a conspiracy plotted by the haters. Youtubers decided to hack Smogon and it was a success until chaos (aka Superman) showed up and kicked their asses, saving all of Smogonopolis.


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I would like to blame Manav95 for all the troubles that Smogon had. After all, he believes that the Serebii is all the better.
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