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Format somewhat stolen from Dream Eater Gengar
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Hi guys, I'm slurmz. Some of you in the monotype community may know me, and some may not. I have been playing monotype on smogon for almost two years (Feb 14 2014) and have seen the influx of many new metas from the times of re-introducing Kyurem-White and Shaymin-Sky to ice and grass respectively as well as the addition of the ORAS megas. I joined many leagues in that time including Asylum, Alliance, Void, Distortion, and Republic which were hosted on Frost. But as many of you know, the scandal of Frost ensued and it was subsequently shut down. When monotype leagues shifted to many new servers such as Oasis, Eos, and Origin I began to stray from the idea of leagues themselves. I stopped playing monotype for around the last two months as I became very involved with the other tiers of smogon: ru and lc in particular. I was able to become a RU Factory Teambuilder and was also given the great opportunity of being able to try and represent the current LC meta in a fun, creative way with a LC Team Archive. This has been a great past couple of months for me and recently I was piqued by the Global Mega Sableye suspect; which interested me enough to go back to the tier I loved for so long. I was forced to relearn the current metagame with the many recent shifts of the meta including the Mega Charizard X, Gensect (bae ;-;), and Mega Altaria bans. It also allowed me to talk to many of the people I haven't had the opportunity in a while and rejoin the community as a whole so overall it was a very fun expierence so thank you to everyone who has been there for me in the last two years (you know who you are). I was delighted to make this team with 1 True Lycan, one of my great pals and now voice of the monotype room. He will typing here as well. Well enough introductions, here is the team thay got me and Lycan our requirements for the M-Sab suspect test.

Hi my name's 1 True Lycan, you may have seen me in the monotype room on main. I started playing monotype a year or two ago and had a lot of fun with it. I know people like to check out the sample teams/RMTs to get some ideas, so I have decided to share a team I built with Slurmz.

When Lycan and myself began building, I asked him what was something he had been wanting to use for a while and he said Specs Color Latios (
) so we began with that. Looking at things Color Lati struggled with, Dark types and some steel came to mind which did not allow Latios to drop Dracos or use its coverage effectively so Wisp Mega Gard (
) was added to lure in potentially hazardous things such as Aegislash on ghost and just straight up decimate Dark given good playing and free switch ins. At this point, Ghost still seemed like a problem, and something to tear steel to its knees was really appreciated for both Lati and Gard to be more effective to do its job so Steel Breaker Hoopa-U (
) was added. At this point, a defensive wall or more speed would be necessary to the functionality of this team as we were too slow to beat more offensively based monotypes and too frail to beat more bulky offense monotypes with speed control I.e ground. Furthermore, something to wear down unstab U-turns from mons such as Scarfers that threaten Hoopa and Gardevoir would be appreciated. With all this in mind, we added Helmet Slowbro (
) to the squad. Bug seemed really threatening at this point so Scarf Victini (
) was added. In our last slot we have SpD Mew (
) to handle a plethora of threats as well as to both clear hazards and set them up.

Aiming towards the goals I cannot achieve.~

Latios is the basis for the making of the team. It hits very hard equipped with the Choice Specs and it gives a great matchup vs non-Scarf Spam Dragon, which seems to be the more favored Dragon style at the moment. Latios also gives us an amazing matchup vs Heatran less Fire, and any form of Ground or Water monotypes. Color Lati provides a lot of leeway vs a plethora of types and is a good mon in general. Also trick, was chosen specifically over Psyshock or Ice Beam because PoryChansey Normal was particularly annoying to face with the team and crippling one of them to the point of no return for the rest of the match was too good to pass up which helps our Normal matchup a lot.

I really wanted to build around a choice specs latios because it has very few switchins. Energy ball + thunderbolt is to put a dent into water teams, while energy ball can also get a late game sweep vs ground. Draco meteor is obviously for the power. In the last spot we had ice beam, but we changed this to trick after realising how weak to chansey we were. It also helps in dealing with annoying pokemon such as togekiss and clefable.

Yet I do still see resistance, my crushing grip on the world will not be severed.~

Mega Gardevoir is a pivotal member of the team, giving us a way to counter-attack Dark and Ghost monotypes more effevtively. It helps lure in potentially hazardous mons to the core such as steel types, namely Scizor or Ferrothorn. Gardevoir with will-o-wisp also causes us to be able to have some counterplay vs Bisharp, allowing us to play a 50/50 so we dont get swept. Also, Gard allows us to ne able to overcome Mega Sableye and other bulky darks, looming threats to the team.

RIP walls. Nothing can wall both Gardevoir and Latios barring Aegislash/Doublade so the aim of the game is definitely to break the opponent's team while keeping our wall core intact. Will o Wisp is for weakening pokemon such as Aegislash and it also helps Hoopa-U get substitutes up easier. It has enough speed to beat base 80s after mega evolving, the rest is in hp for bulk.

Walking through the valley of the shadow of death.~

Hoopa-Unbound. Man what a monster. Hoopa is able to break common types such as Steel, Fairy, or Ghost that Psychic commonly has issues with and does so quite effectively. It beats every member on steel with correct prediction, alternating between Dark Pulse and Hp Fire. Substitute allows us yet another way to circumvent Bisharp's sucker punch, giving us two-three potential ways to counteract it.

The wallbreaking core is very weak to steel so this set serves as a win condition vs steel and ghost type teams. It has enough speed to outspeed base 70s such as bisharp and enough hp to always get a sub vs 0 SpA Slowbro's scald. However, Hoopa can easily be revenged killed by Gardevoir and opposing Hoopa-U even through the sub, so perhaps this ev spread could be redone.


When examining our current team, we found quite a weakness to fast U-turners such as opposing Victini or Landorus-Therian. Slowbro was added for the much needed bulk and its ability to consistently punish these common U-turners, and coupled

The team needed some physical bulk, and they don't come much bulkier than slowbro. The other pokemon are quite weak to U Turn spam so we have a rocky helmet to punish U turners.
Running into the darkness where I cannot see is a showing of my true determination, I will keep on going.~

Victini provides us an invaluable amount of speed as well as some good matchup vs bug and grass, koing almost everyone mon there. It also helps vs Fighting a lot.

Choice Scarf Victini provides us with some much needed speed and is invaluable vs bug teams. It also helps a lot in our matchup vs Grass, killing almost every mon common on Grass combined with Mega Gardevoir.

Freedom is a thing that doesn't exist in this world~

Mew is a cool mon, being able to run a variety of options. However we opted for a purely support set with both Rocks and Defog. It helps vs a lot vs Fighting and some Darks

We needed a hazard remover and setter all in one, as well as some more bulk so Mew fit this role perfectly. It has enough speed evs to outspeed Jolly Bisharp and other base 70s.

So thanks for reading guys! Feel free to tell us what you thought about the team! It truly was fun writing this and getting back into monotype! I hope to continue playing. Special shoutout to all these who helped with the asthetics of the RMT, including steelskitty and metapissical, it means a lot that you put in effort to help me make this look as good as possible. Special shoutout to my RU friends, including Ajna, Natural Talent, Diogo, Scythe, MrAldo, and Brick Small. Also a huge shoutout to my LC friends including Oma, Tahu, Merritt, and others. Also shoutout to my monotype dweebs such as Wyn, Dream Eater Gengar, and 1 True Lycan.
So yeah, thanks for reading everybody. Shoutouts to:

iLight for being the inspiration of our specs Latios set
PK-Kaiser for his excellent Hoopa-Unbound moveset
Zarif for giving us free points on the ladder with our easy as hell matchup (means a lot buddy)
Everyone in the Void League, joining it was one of the best decision I ever made (in the pokemon world)
Close friends Dvetts10, Sam Crowe, Bootylord Choco, Demonic Ferro, Julius, Neo Soul, Trent, Syb3r, iLight, Godchef and others

Thank you for reading once again! The import for the team can be found here! Feel free to suggest stuff :].
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Mega Gyarados
- This can sweep us very easily after 2 dragon dances. Go to victini immediately so that you can KO with bolt strike.
Mega Sharpedo
- Keep Slowbro healthy to t-wave it.
- Lead Victini and u turn out. Against psychic, go to hoopa and grab a kill. Against dark, go to Mega Gardevoir and grab a kill. :]
Bug in general
- The main aim is to keep sticky web off the field so that victini can sweep with v-create. Therefore we usually lead with gardevoir to 2hko galvantula (sash) and then try to defog later in the game.
- Keep rocks on the field to weaken it, and then try to t-wave or burn it. Alternatively you can kill with gardevoir assuming it is choice locked.
Others which I forgot.
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The turtle moves
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thanks for using a readable font :toast: coming up with a bs rate is worth the comment. Also ur descriptions aren't long enough even with 2 people >_<

The main issue I see with this having little real mono experience is that any sort of speed boosting setup sweeper is checked by being bulky enough to take it on w/mew and bro which isn't really reliable, or outspeeding with tini. Scarftini will lose to plenty of things like DDnite, DDgyara, DDmence, or the almighty SD fletchinder (I think talonflame's banned). Plus lum berries ruin your counter play. Especially with slow modest garde, the dragon matchup doesnt look too gr9. I know you built around specs lati but scarf lati and CB victini help to directly diminish this issue and could be considered. Or maybe that's total shit, I have no idea. Nice font
Interesting Team per say. My issue here is that steel just destroys your team and your worrying too much on dark when mega gardevoir sweeps a whole dark team and the sets arent really beneficial and 1 physical attacker? gg against sp.d pokemon with calm mind. My suggestions are:

Mew: 1 taunt and this pokemon is utter useless, you need a attacking move like knock off which would be much beneficial, so id say Knock Off > Defog, since it could help to knock off some annoying items like life orb or leftovers.

Latios, choice specs latios is ok but after a trick you might get a shitty item and it wont work on megas and tricking into special attackers would be much waste. My suggestion is Life Orb > Choice Specs and Defog > Trick. Life orb gives your attacks crazy damage and defog can help with that mew that gets raped by a taunt.

Hoopa-U: the set is decent but you need a physical attacker and that speed wont outspeed lots of things, i guess you can keep sub and gunk shot, but Hyperspace Fury > Dark pulse would be way better as you can enter into subs and do some major damage, and i recommend adding at least some attack evs. Also leftovers on a hyper offensive pokemon, really? I suggest a life orb > Leftovers so you can do some extreme damage to complement the sub and your attacks.

Just some suggestions with the team, it could help the team a lot, but just my imo.
Hey, pretty solid mono psychic team. This might be a bit late, but here are some tips.

First of all, on Victini blue flare>zen headbutt. Zen headbutt hits really weak considering victini only has base 100 attack and victini is considered "good" because of its wide movepool and strong stab moves like bolt strike and v create respectively. Bug is a problem because after using v create your speed keeps lowering so to pretty much destroy bug, add blue flare to just sweep through it after rocks go up.

On hoopa, why run hp? I think you should invest all evs into spatk and if you were to add some hp I would recommend taking evs off of speed until it hits 263(Outspeed base 70s like bisharp and loom etc.) To go with kaiser's stallbreaker steel set I think drain punch>gunk shot because you don't seem to struggle with fairy too much. (victini and garde and mew) Drain punch also hits heatran which is usually a pain for steel and can provide some recovery.

I agree with Rhalekin's suggestions on your mew and latios set swap, those would benefit your team a bunch.
sorry to play spoiler here... but this team seems like the most common of psychic teams I see... theres almost nothing different about it... Mew does rocks and fog, Gardevoir is dark killer..
the only MAJOR difference I see is trick Latios, and Hoopa U that is mixed... but Hyper space hole would help more cause of Psychics ghost weakness...

sorry you two just it doesn't look different from common, overused psychic

also Void was fun wasn't it?, same with distortion XD

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