Big Wayne Bradiest Mafia - Game Over - 13 Winners


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Ok so something came up. I got the piece of evidence that:

"IlluminatiWolf is one of VelvetScarletina or MR SANDSMAN"

From UncleSam

From another person, who is enemies with Velvet Scarlatina, got a negative enemy check on IlluminatiWolf.

Then acidphoenix told me that despite being mortal enemies with Sandsman, he ALSO got a negative enemy check. Therefore we've got a few potential situations here:

The least likely: UncleSam is lying.
The probable: acidphoenix is trying to save his own ass by lying.
Or funny and potentially also likely:


Edit: please post opinions


/me huggles
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Walrein my client Yeti is currently stuck in meetings and will not be able to be there in time for tonight's update. She would like to issue a statement at the time saying "you're on your own you cuck!"

She'd also like to announce my victory despite any volume problems with my voice. That is all for now.
I love how I was right about twin moling us and just forgot about it cuz Blazade trusted him

Edit: Knew I was bound to get confused, twin was one of the deaths lmao


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At least no one won off of me dying.

But I died. And that means it is time for another... VeryPinkSmogonFic. You brought this one on me, UncleSam.

I was in my room, coughing up a storm. That was a night ago.

"I'm going to die tonight unless if I get protection and healing..." I sadly moan.

Because of this, I get up and go to the person that I feel will most likely find me protection and healing... UncleSam.

"Hey, UncleSam," I say, still in the sad tone of my bad health. "Is there any chance that you could find someone to heal me and protect me tonight?"

"Of course," he says. "I will find someone to do it."

This made me super confident, for some reason. I was going to get healed! I was going to get protected! I was going to not die!

Days pass in my bad health, waiting on news of UncleSam trying to find healing and protection for me. "It's been so long," I think one day. I decided that it was time to go check on UncleSam.

He told me that he still didn't have protection or healing for me yet, but he'll try and find it still.

I was still confident, for some reason. Why was I trusting this nerd?

My health continued to descend into madness. Now, I could barely walk, and I was close to blind. I needed to check on UncleSam one more time before the deadline comes... on my life.

I rush into UncleSam's house... and find him furiously masturbating to a copy of his role PM!


"Well... um..." UncleSam says, embarassed.

At this point, it was too late to hide the "protection" and Vaseline sitting right next to his computer. I collapsed right then and died.

e c k s d e e gg lol

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