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Approved by Da Letter El. This game has very little to do with Wayne Brady and even less to do with any sort of coherent theme.

This is a free-for-all mafia-style game for 24 players. This is NOT a good game for someone who is new to Smogon Mafia, as it varies greatly from the base game

To add anonymity, each user will be granted an alias. A list of aliases will be provided at the start of the game. All lynch votes and role actions will target aliases rather than users.

While you are alive, you may speak to anyone about the game via any media you see fit, WITH THE EXCEPTION of screenshotting or any other method of showing the exact image on your computer screen to another player. When you die, you may NOT speak to any living player about the game. Once dead, a player will stay dead. In addition, dead players may not "like" posts.

The Cycle System
This game is unicycle, meaning it does not have days and nights, but "cycles" which combine the two. Lynches and role actions will happen simultaneously. This game will start on Cycle 1, and all roles will work as normal.

Role PMs
Every player has a role PM in a private conversation with a host. Feel free to copy/paste your role PM as soon as you get it - it's Cycle 1 instead of 0, after all. Do NOT invite other players to your PM conversation. You should also leave any actions you have in the PM conversation.

To lynch another player, post Lynch USER or some variant of this, where USER is the player you wish to lynch. You may also If you wish to change your vote, you may unbold your previous vote and post a new one, edit your original vote, or post Unvote followed by your new vote. I will be lenient on the text of the lynch vote, but NOT on the bolding or the vote change protocol. The player with the most votes will be killed. In the event of a tie, no one will be lynched. When majority vote is reached, there will be a one hour grace period in which any player can change their vote - this is to discourage stealth lynching. Votes on a player not in the game will not be counted.

HP and Attacking
This game runs off a hit point system. A user is dead when his hit points are reduced to zero. Each role has a set number of HP at the start of the game. Each role also has an attack power. Each cycle, in addition to your normal role, you may send in an attack target; said target will lose HP equal to your attack power. Lynches will automatically kill a user, regardless of how much HP they're at.

This game does not have items. Don't claim thief.

The order in which actions will occur has been predetermined and will not be revealed to any players.

Deadlines will be a strictly enforced 48 hours. Extensions will only be granted if there are a large number of important actions are missing, or if you have extenuating circumstances that I might be sympathetic to. Deadlines may be shortened to 24 hours as the game progresses to speed things along. If you think you can pull off a stealth maneuver, go for it. Deadline times will be listed in Central Daylight Time (GMT-5).

This game is semi-open themed. All roles are characters who Walrein likes, most of them fictional.

There are none. Each of the 24 players tries to fulfill his own win condition. In addition, all win conditions are similar: each requires the elimination of three other players.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is required for this game due to its convenience in real-time communication. The official IRC channel for this game is #thegame on the SynIRC network. If you don’t have an IRC client, the Smogon homepage has links to a few good ones. If you do not confirm your IRC access to me during the signup period or on Night 0, you will be subbed out. You may send night actions over IRC, but please make sure I'm active first so I don't miss it. The IRC channel for this game is #thegame - to confirm you've read the rules, please join this channel.

I really don’t wanna have to godkill people. If you receive a result that forces you to do something under threat of godkill, please comply. If you just forget and it’s harmless, I’ll likely simply nudge you to remember. Godkills WILL occur in the case of blatantly disregarding the rules. Screenshots and deadtalking will also result in instant godkills. If a player is godkilled in the middle of the day, all votes on him will change to votes for no lynch.

The host reserves the right to sub out anyone he feels is an obnoxious idiot. Please don’t make me do this.

Sometime after the game ends (preferably relatively close to the end of the game) I will write and post a postgame analysis, which will feature a recap of events and analysis of the players. Please talk to me about any goings-on during the game so that I can write a better postgame. In addition, please add me to any private IRC channels or spreadsheets you create; my email for spreadsheets is

Signups (24/24)
Steven Snype
Slim Guldo
More Cowbell
Da Letter El
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