We must band together as a community, and force TPCI to ban Dark Void once again.

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what if he kicks the ghost
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Hold up, we've had this format for just a few days and we haven't even gotten Dark Void Smeargles on cartridges yet. It seems a bit premature to lobby for any rule change at this point.

I have never actually played in a VGC environment where Dark Void Smeargle was allowed, but there are several new checks to it that haven't really existed in the past that might have enticed TPCI to let it roam free again. You have a Fake Out user that not only brings Fake Out to the table, but hits really damn hard and breaks sashes at the same time with Mega Kangaskhan. You have more things carrying Lum Berries with the lack of gems / new accuracy of Will-o-wisp scaring physically based Pokemon more. You also have super charged priority with Talonflame that can smack scarfed Smeargles before they can do anything. Between all this, there's also the fact Smeagle has very limited offensive prowess and has to rely on stuff like Endeavor to hit things for reasonable damage meaning the partners that operate with it better have the offenses to make up for Smeargle's lack.

I mean, between all this I can see the room for it being too good, but is it really? I've stuck mainly to the cart / battlespot doubles for now and haven't played on sims where Dark Void is allowed once Pokebank comes around. Do you have any proof of people beating good opponents with extreme ease with Dark Void even when their teams are well prepared for it? Is Dark Void running rampant to the point where a large majority of teams are running it? Do you have any proof like battle videos, replays, or logs proving any of this? If not, pleading with TPCI to ban Dark Void seems silly at the moment.

If TPCI really find Dark Void overpowering to the point where it starts dominating events, they can move to ban it. For now though, just let it play out and don't jump to conclusions and say something really good is overpowered if you haven't at least tried to accommodate options against it on your team.
TPCi has already stated if it's "overpowering" then they are willing to take a second look at the ban, but honestly I can't see that happening. There are loads of counters to it now in Gen 6 with things like Prankster Taunt/Safeguard, extremely strong priority, strong and viable multi-hit moves, Lum/Chesto berries, fixed sleep mechanics, etc. It's gonna be a lot like how Breloom was last ruleset. Fairly decent when people are idiots with how to handle it, then as the year progresses players wise up and know how to beat it. And in the case of Smeargle, it really isn't as overpowering as Breloom was because Breloom was also scary because of it's offensive options with Mach Punch and Bullet Seed nailing a good bit of the common threats in the ruleset.

DV Smeargle is gonna be decent, but I really can't see it making further than a top 8 at a regional. People just need to stop whining about things to be banned and man up and learn to beat it.

And Celever, no 100 people is nothing.


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Dark Void's banworthiness has been questionable even in the past few years. None of the top-placing teams in the last year it was legal(2010) had Smeargle, either. After the arrival of prankster taunt/safeguard, your whining about Dark Void(when it isn't even legal in game yet...) has no basis.


Where'd they come from? And where are they headed?
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Yeah I can't say I'm a fan of Dark Void being legal either but this is far too early and far too ineffectual.
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