WEEENER -- my top 50 team

You didn't only rip this from *Darkrai* lol


You probably didn't do this on purpose but anyway on to the rate.

I think this team can have trouble with Tyraniboah. If it gets up a sub its basically game over for you unless Garchomp gets Sand Veil hax.

Focus Punch=Tyranitar, Heatran and Magnezone

Crunch=Celebi and Starmie

Ice Beam=Chomp

To remedy this I would say a MixPert could go nicely in this team. Countering Weavile who could give this team some trouble as well.

Another problem to this team could be DDLO Gyara. So maybe reflect on Celebi over HP Ice. Grass Knot will do more to YacheChomp anyways.

Hope I helped:pimp:


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Errr sorry I dont think the op knew that once a pokemon was used in another team it couldnt be used in his own >_>. It's not like those Pokemon are OVERUSED, right?

You seem to have a problem with LOGyara, even with Celebi (2HKOed) and Starmie (OHKOed). What I suggest is to change your Celebi's set to Recover/Reflect/Grass knot/Thunderwave to take on LOGyara better.

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