Multi Gen Weekend Tournaments (Season 4) [Won by Blim]

Tournaments will be always held on 2 PM GMT+0 and other at 10 PM GMT+0 SATURDAYS.

It's the time for yet other installment of weekend tournaments! This tournament aims to be a casual and laid-back environment that promotes the growth of new players and spread familiarity of new and old ubers gens to new and old users alike.

How does this work? This tournament is a simple 16 weeks circuit leading to an invited playoffs based on the points.

1st place will receive 4 points. 2nd place will receive 2 points. 3rd and 4th places will receive 1 point. Rest of places receive zero points if that wasn't already painfully obvious. If you join in both tournaments in the same day, then only the best performance counts.

The tier ordering will be ORAS, BW2, and then DPP. This will be cycled five times throughout the circuit.

Playoffs is a invited tournament for the top 8 players who have accumulated the most points. The playoffs will be a bo5 with higher seeded players who will decide the first tier pick. The loser of the the game decide the tier for the next battle. All tier choices must be exhausted before they can be repeated.


Scouting is always allowed.
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6/18/16 will be BW. Also, I'm moving 1 PM GMT+0 to 2 PM GMT+0 and 9 PM GMT+0 to 10 PM GMT+0.

ADV was removed due to insufficient interest from userbase.


Banned deucer.
[14:33:01] @Orch: p2
[14:33:12] @Orch: if u get more than 10 ppl to care about adv
[14:33:14] @Orch: ill get it back in
gonu left
[14:33:25] +p2 ¦): do 10 or more people care about dpp tho
[14:33:27] @Orch: yes
[14:33:30] +p2 ¦): f
[14:33:52] @Orch: i originally wanted it to be oras only
[14:33:54] @Orch: but w/e

im too shit to make a petition here's a strawpoll instead
Hello fellow weekend tournament competitors! I've noticed an influx of users using alt accounts to compete in this tournament. So, if you make it into semis or better, PLEASE PM ME YOUR NORMAL ACCOUNT NAME.

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