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lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to
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Requesting extension vs H.M.N.I.P we planned for playing sometime this weekend and I haven't seen him around
End of Week 3

ScorpionZ vs. Sakis - No response. Sour Apples if you can find a sub, he's been gone two weeks.
Sour Apples vs. TadaRinri
Dak Prescott vs. TrueGodsLeftUs - Same here Sour Apples.
BlackJak vs. Seo. - No show
AV8 vs. iRKD - No response. Seo. find a replacement?
Jyph vs. xTech
Maskun529 vs. Sandman VILIX - No response. The Excadrill, find a replacement?
Catalystic vs. Demonic Ferro - Same here The Excadrill.
PsyZen vs. Zukushiku - Its Choco Bitch please find replacements for these 3, half your team isn't doing anything.
Diakou vs. -Tsunami-
AceSoul vs. Feliburn
vs. vakatalesau - Team doesn't care anymore apparently? Tricking you guys still playing?
Brandon~ vs. Tricking - No response
Dream Eater Gengar vs. Fatalitatis - Dead match. Neither contacted.
StarBlim vs. Sun - Called
TheThorn vs. Mega-Serperior-Z - Dead match. Set was decided and neither called activity after scheduling.
Sae Sae vs. ADF Test - called activity

ara vs. Asuka Langley Soryu - Up to Wednesday. Sakis, can you get him on Smogon?
Ridley. vs. H.M.N.I.P - Up to Wednesday.

Group A
Team Ass Players + Zer0 (3-0)
Mono Rigas Haters (1-1)
Real Nigga Business (2-1)
Guzz Lords (1-2)
Cheap Thrills (1-2)
Sour Patch Kids (0-2)

Group B
6 sir llamas that got zapped by a royale (2-1)
Mono auth/woa are corrupt (2-1)
shoutouts ramy (2-1)
duck (2-1)
Beans n Rice (1-2)
Gods United Today (0-3)

Group C
The Alliance Boys (2-1)
RBTR (2-1)
The Delcatty Girls (2-1)
Blacklisteds by Alliance (2-1)
Free Agents (1-2)

Group D
GoD Squad (2-0)
The Xaa Xatus (2-1)
WishiWash'd-Up Room Staff (2-1)
dogshit (1-2)
Cute Users + Finch's Eyebrows (0-3)

I'll (or 6ti will) compile replays for week 3 tomorrow night or something.
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Week 4
Some teams don't play this week because apparently 6-team Round Robins cannot be randomly matched. There are no "byes", their matches are delayed 1 week.
Group A

Sour Patch Kids vs. Real Nigga Business
ScorpionZ vs. AV8
Sour Apples vs. Hammy
TheWyvernKing vs. Paleo
Dak Prescott vs. Jyph
ara vs. BlackJak

Cheap Thrills vs. Guzz Lords
Sam Crowe vs. Oberyn
Demonic Ferro vs. Seo.
The Excadrill vs. double switches
Donut2907 vs. iRKD
Temperarious vs. xTech

Team Ass Players + Zer0 and Mono Rigas Haters don't play
Not Zer0 Sakis

Group B
Mono auth/woa are corrupt
vs. Gods United Today
Clearly vs. PsyZen
Eien vs. AceSoul
Zarif vs. Diakou
rnbs vs. Its Choco Bitch
Arifeen vs. The-Vale

duck vs. shoutouts ramy
dusk raimon vs. Zukushiku
Azelea vs. Lax
terrors vs. trash
KGBanter vs. -Tsunami-
TheAce22 vs. Feliburn

6 sir llamas that got zapped by a royale and Beans n Rice don't play
6ti Endal

Group C
The Delcatty Girls vs. The Alliance Boys
castaways vs. Chras
Brandon~ vs. Shadestep
Misaka Mikoto vs. Croven
czim vs. TheThorn
StarBlim vs. p2

Blacklisteds by Alliance vs. Free Agents
Mateeus_1 vs. Mega-Serperior-Z
Dece1t vs. Calucha
MiyoKa vs. SubMindRaikou
juleocesar vs. Lotus Wincon
Wando vs. lighthouses

ArkenCiel vakatalesau

Group D
WishiWash'd-Up Room Staff vs. GoD Squad
scpinion vs. Entei
Bondie vs. Balto
Acast vs. 1 True Lycan
Sae Sae vs. Ridley
Anttya vs. Wanka

Cute Users + Finch's Eyebrows vs. ABOMINEVOLI UOMINI DELLE NEVIS
rozes vs. Empo
Isza vs. Lavenderkarp
Sabella vs. Big the Cat
Finchinator . vs. H.M.N.I.P
Rare Poison vs. MONNA LUSA

dogshit and The Xaa Xatu's don't play
Thimo Attribute

Deadline: Sunday December 25 at 11:59 PM EST (GMT-5)
I know deadline is Christmas, let me know if you need extensions due to holidays.

Be aware of the recent banlist changes that are enforced for Week 4:
Don't feel obligated to post that you've contacted. Do post if you're calling activity
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