Tournament Welcome To SV Monotype - Round 1

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calling deadgame, both of us forgot to play and i dont want to call act for it either (nothing changes if we play)
Calling act gave them a window when I could play and didn't hear anything back while they've been online since the scheduling attempt.


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zIcarus vs TURISAN - Opponent never responded
Donut2907 vs OldGeorge - ^
Wait2Seconds vs Yanki Ken - ^
KSr vs Zobi-M - ^
King Choco vs SigmaX26 - ^
Neko vs MatLaTomate - Opponent gave win after missing time
Ashbala vs CaptainEikichi - Opponent missed scheduled time
Hurtadoo vs Jojo8868 - Deadgame
Clastia vs TheWyvernKing - Deadgame
Random Skrub vs Cherbou - Deadgame
Insector85 vs Adolin - Deadgame
Trouser Snakes vs stummyhurter - Opponent never responded
Payne Mortum vs Crashy - Deadgame
ArkenCiel vs Tipomonkey - Deadgame as ArkenCiel claims act on the pretense of not being given their opponents username, however responded to their opponents proposed time after the time had passed and gave no proof of trying to reach them on PS!.
Roidadadou vs Ultraman1 - Opponent did not respond
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