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What are the Translation Projects?

The Translation Projects' main purpose is to provide quality content regarding competitive Pokémon in different languages. The Smogon community is huge and composed of members from various countries, and many of them might struggle to understand the content that the site provides well enough. By translating articles and analyses, we hope to help those users that might feel intimidated by the language barrier or just prefer reading in their native language. Our translations are not meant to be a substitute for The Flying Press, but rather a complement!

What do we translate?

At the moment, we translate articles from Smogon's Flying Press, SM analyses (OU, UU, and Monotype), SS analyses (OU, UU, and Monotype) from the Dex, and Facebook Spotlights.

How can you contribute to the Smogon Translation Projects?

Everyone is welcome to contribute to a Translation Project. Keep in mind that translating requires time, effort, and of course knowledge of a foreign language, but it is also a very satisfactory activity. We also want the translated material to be of high quality, so using Google Translate, AI generated content, and similar methods is strictly forbidden.

If you want to join a Translation Project, don't hesitate to contact the leader of the Project you're interested in!

Can I earn anything for contributing to the Translation Projects?

Yes you can, you actually have three choices:

- Contributing to the Flying Press article translations leads to the Smogon Media badge

- Contributing to the analysis translations leads to the Contributor badge

- Contributing to the Facebook spotlights translations leads to the Social Media Contributor badge

- Doing all three!

The number of translations isn't fixed; it depends on your motivation, the quality of your work and your activity in the project (Translation, GP, Help).

Who are the translation projects staff?

Translations Leader:
Translations Co-Leader:

Leader: Eledyr
Co-Leader: Hiro'

Leader: Grillo
Co-Leader: Lu

Leader: WigglyTree

Leader: Sificon
Co-Leader: Siegfried

Leader: MrPanda
Co-Leader: Pubo

Leader: Egor
Co-Leader: Mister Tim

Leader: AL
Co-Leader: hi.naming is hard
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