We're FINALLY Getting Meloetta

I wondered when they would release this thing.

It'l be a while if we get it down under though we always miss out on all the cool stuff. We did just get Keldeo last week so I shouldn't complain. Mine's sitting in my PC box with Victini and Genesect as we speak.

Yay Meloetta.
I expect we'll either just get it on WiFi or possibly at GAME stores.

Interesting that the distribution is for BW as well as BW2. Nice to have the extra bites at the apple.
I usually just go in and get the mystery gift. Then again, I don't seem to go to one of those fabled horrible workers Gamestops. I like the staff at my local one, they're cool.

From the sounds of things, it works with all gen 5 games too. Looks like I'll be getting an trade-able one while I'm at it. I do enjoy when they do that, it means I can help people get one if they can't catch the event.
I've never had a problem with their employees, although one did ask me why I was standing around doing nothing in the shop with my DS out, which I pointed to the Keldeo sign, he then left me alone.

Anyway, this is awesome news. I can get two of them too, since I have White 1 and Black 2.


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Can I bring two games and just only my 3ds? Or do I need two devices?

I'm stoked. I just bought Pokemon white 2.
Nope, you can download them all using one DS, just switch the game cards out once you've got one.

I've got BW and BW2, so I'll probably end up getting four.
Turns Australia and New Zealand get Meloetta the same day as the states (says Bulbapedia) although only a few stores actually have it and none of them are near me. I can't see why they don't just put it over Wi-Fi.
I think they'll eventually release Meloetta over Wi-Fi, just not right now. The same thing happened with Keldeo - it was first released in GameStop/various corresponding store outlets, and then Wi-Fi several months later.
I guess the stores holding the promotions are the ones who will benifit from them. "Oh, while I'm here I can get that thing I've been meaning to get the past few weeks"

It would be nice if Melo came with a different attack (something like V-Create Rayquaza) or was holding something cool. Just to make the 2 hour drive to my nearest participating JB-Hifi seem worth the trouble.


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Does anyone else sit outside GameStop and download these things?

I try to avoid interactions with the workers inside. They scare me sometimes.
Yes. This all the way. haha.
Plus, a 20-year-old showing up with his shiny DS and Pokemon game is somehow less attractive than it sounds.

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