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I post a lot of teams because almost none of them are very good. This team, however, I feel is probably the best suspect team I will make. It is filled with gimmicks, surprises, and twists, but I do not care because all of them work enough so that they aren't worth changing, and they do their job quite nicely. These gimmicks allow some of my pokemon to act as lures to take down opposing pokemon, though not always in a textbook sense (is there even a textbook definition for lure lol?) So far it has peaked at 4th on the leaderboard at around 1600 (finally cracked it!) under the account 'LEROY JETHRO GIBBS'.... though it could probably do better if I was a better player (consistently!)

Team NCIS!


Abby Sciuto

Tyranitar @ Focus Sash
Sand Stream | Mild
180 Atk / 116 Spe / 212 SpAtk
- Fire Blast
- Ice Beam
- Crunch
- Stealth Rock

This is a pretty weird lead Tyranitar, specialized to hit the common threats who will switch in thinking they can get a set up or whatever. Fire Blast will always 2HKO Metagross (through Occa Berry) with the special attack investment.This is more of a benchmark investment than anything else, as Tyranitar can't "beat" Metagross if it chooses to attack first. I also have enough speed to outrun most Metagross (and then obviously Skarmory and Scizor). Still, it is helpful to be able to do nonetheless. The special attack also allows me to OHKO non-Yache Berry Garchomp and Scizor, and to always 2HKO Skarmory and have good odds of 2HKOing 252/88 Hippowdon (Tyranitar will always 2HKO Hippowdon without SpDef investment though).

Crunch is mainly filler, allowing me to hit Rotom-a (and this is always a good thing for my team, because Rotom-a is a giant dick in the shape of a toaster/fridge/lawnmower/etc).

Even so, the moveset is pretty odd. Fire+Ice+Dark doesn't have the best coverage in the world. Every time a Gyarados or a Heatran just switches in for free, I cringe a little. For this reason, I'm considering Stone Edge over Crunch, but only enough to give it a brief mention.

Focus Sash is also a relatively strange choice for an otherwise bulky pokemon, but it allows Tyranitar to act as a lure for whatever comes in after I kill a lead Azelf (or something of that nature). It is so funny to kill a Scizor who wants to U-turn, and then proceed to kill a Garchomp because Tyranitar has Focus Sash (though of course missing sucks!). It is true that Stealth Rock will commonly be down, especially as Tyranitar does a poor job against many SR leads like Aerodactyl and Swampert and "Infernape", but I have Starmie to help me spin away rocks... and to a lesser extent to switch into some of those leads Tyranitar dislikes.

Tyranitar supports my team with Sandstorm, as well as being a check to Latias/Rotom-a, and a lure for... lots of pokemon. Supporting a team that has 3 members who aren't immune to Sandstorm seems... strange, especially seeing as one lacks Leftovers, but this also applies to opposing pokemon as well, giving pokemon like Rotom-a and Choice Latias a hard time surviving. This is very, very good for my team (do you know how annoying Rotom-a is to take down?! I may just suck at it but whatever, it's helpful!). It also sets up Stealth Rock for my team, granting the team more KOs, as well as helping Celebi to wear down stall.

Abby Sciuto is a forensic specialist at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service headquarters at the Washington Naval Yard and demonstrates mastery in a large number of areas of criminalistics, including ballistics, digital forensics, and DNA analysis. Special Agent Tony DiNozzo describes her as "a paradox wrapped in an oxymoron smothered in contradictions in terms. Sleeps in a coffin. Really, the happiest goth you'll ever meet." Her gothic style of dress and her interest in death and the supernatural enigmatically contrast with her generally hyperactive demeanor. She is depicted as fiercely loyal to her team and even considers them family, which frequently leaves her highly distressed when one of them appears to be in danger.

Abby has a gothic style of dress, including black dresses and t-shirts, mini-skirts, and goth jewelry, including anklets and toe rings. She wears pigtailed dyed hair, and has at least eleven tattoos on her neck, arms, back, ankle and other places. Like Gibbs, Abby enjoys caffeine, primarily in the form of a fictional drink called "Caf-Pow".


Tim McGee

Celebi @ Leftovers
Natural Cure | Modest
232 HP / 32 Spe / 244 SpAtk
- Leaf Storm
- U-turn
- Recover
- Hidden Power [Fire]

My team's second gimmick, a modified version of the 'Tinkerbell' Celebi set. I originally wanted Thunder Wave, but decided both U-turn and the ability to hit Skamory (and Scizor obviously) was much more beneficial. Celebi is a nice check/counter to pokemon like CroCune, Gyarados, and Manaphy, which is nice. It is also the more everlasting of my two Ground-type resists.

I chose Leaf Storm, because Energy Ball sucks, while Grass Knot obviously isn't that powerful against Manaphy. U-turn lets me wear down pokemon like Blissey, and is really just a good move in general to help ease switching prediction. HP [Fire] allows me to nab another quick OHKO on Scizor (With only one Bug resist, and 3 Bug weaknesses, Scizor could potentially be a giant pain in my team's ass). Recover grants me some longevity, and can be helpful when I need to stall out a ScarfChomp locked into EQ or something.

I have Leftovers over the common Life Orb for Tinkerbell because I needed Celebi to last, (and even with Recover LO makes that hard). It has proven to be worth it.

I don't like that Celebi invites a free Heatran switch, but with Stealth Rock wearing it down, and Starmie/Garchomp/Gyarados who can come in and threaten it, it is usually not a problem.

Celebi supports the team through its ability to act as a pivot switch, allowing it to come in on bulky waters and then draw in pokemon that my team can deal with. It also is a good switch into Shadow Ball-less Rotom-a, and between that and its ability to hurt Skarmory, is a good pokemon for breaking down stall (though this admittedly is hard to do because my team is bad at dealing with stall...).

Special Agent Timothy McGee, or "Probie", as he is commonly referred to by Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, is part of the investigative team led by Special Agent Gibbs. He gained his field agent status when he was transferred to Washington from Norfolk. In addition to responding to crime scenes and conducting investigations, McGee also serves as Gibbs' computer consultant and sometimes assists Abby Sciuto in the forensics lab when necessary.

As the junior field agent of the team, McGee is often subject to ridicule from DiNozzo and Ziva David, and, to some extent, Gibbs. McGee's most notable nicknames come from DiNozzo, either "Probie," due to his junior status on the team, or "McGeek," alluding to McGee's intelligence.


Jethro Gibbs

Garchomp @ Haban Berry
Sand Veil | Jolly
168 HP / 16 Atk / 252 Spe / 16 SpAtk / 56 SpDef
- Dragon Claw
- Earthquake
- Fire Blast
- Swords Dance

You may be questioning this set, but why would you ever question Gibbs? The EVs are very strange, but I have had a lot of success with this set. The 168 HP allows Garchomp to survive 2 Bullet Punches from Scizor all of the time. The 56 SpDef EVs, along with the 168 HP, allow Garchomp to always survive a Timid Specs Draco Meteor from Latias (provided SR isn't up...). This bulk will also allow Garchomp to survive 269 Ice Beam/etc. IIRC it also survives HP [Ice] from MixApe, though I haven't had to use Garchomp to do that after some team changes. I also recall it surviving an Ice Punch + Bullet Punch against a Shuca Metagross, though I'm not certain how much attack that Metagross was running...

I decided that going with max Speed instead of Attack was better in the long run, since Garchomp still hits like a truck, but it NEEDS that extra 2 base speed to outrun a lot of pokemon (as well as to tie opposing Garchomp in a "pinch").

The second thing that may pop out at you is my choice of Fire Blast over Fire Fang. I've found that Skarmory is a big pain to this team because it only needs to come in on one of my pokemon for it to do its job, (although it can come in on 2...) and if the opponent has Rotom-a, those Spikes will not be gone for a long time. Fire Blast, with the tiny EV investment, allows Garchomp to 2HKO the stupid metal bird, although I still struggle against the Special Defensive version... If Skarmory comes in on a Dragon Claw or an EQ, it will never Whirlwind, and will rarely Roost (especially as DClaw allows Garchomp to bluff Scarf). I can then proceed to Fire Blast for the 2HKO. If Skarmory had come in on SD, it would just Whirlwind Garchomp away, not allowing me to 2HKO it. Fire Blast also OHKOes Forretress (and has a fairly big chance to OHKO Scizor), something Fire Fang also cannot do. It is true that Fire Blast will only barely 3HKO Bronzong, but Bronzong is easier to take down as a pokemon, and was only a little over half as common as Skarmory last month...

I went with Dragon Claw for a reason I already touched on. Bluffing a Choice Scarf is sometimes an option, and I take advantage of it when I can because it will cause someone to switch out Latias and go to Heatran or Magnezone, who will be promptly OHKOed by Earthquake. Then Latias comes back in, I survive whatever they attack me with, and KO with Dragon Claw. This scenario isn't perfect, but similar things have happened a lot. Another reason is, with my minimal Attack investment Outrage wouldn't even always OHKO opposing Garchomp =(

The only scenario I have yet to see where the lack of attack has been bad was against Blissey. But then again, Blissey cannot really do anything to Garchomp, and if it tries, it is still very crippled by a +2 EQ.

Garchomp supports the team via its ability to beat almost anything, as well as act as a Skarmory lure. You may be wondering why surviving Latias' Draco Meteor is helpful to my team, but I only have one Dragon resist, who really isn't that bulky, and can only be switched in to Latias so many times. It can be argued I have Tyranitar as well, but Tyranitar has no HP or SpDef EVs, and will more often than not be crippled by something else beforehand. The ability to just take it out unexpectedly is a lot nicer...

Garchomp's bulk also lets it be a nice check/switchin to other pokemon, like Lucario, who I don't have many other great switchins for (as well as even Tyranitar on occasion...)

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs is the senior special agent on the NCIS team, and is in charge of Special Agents McGee, Tony, and Ziva. A former Marine Scout Sniper, Gibbs is portrayed as a consummate organizer, disciplined and demanding. These traits often put him in a stand-off with other authorities when pressure is being asserted at his team. Gibbs has been married four times, and divorced three.

Gibbs displays a continuous urgency about the investigation he pursues, specifically when being given technical information about, complex subject matter. The typical repsonse to such information is "Give it to me in English", thus forcing the expert to get to the point. He also displays elements of sarcasm particularly in relation to someone in his company stating something obvious, the typical sarcastic answer "Ya think?" is his preferred retort.

One of Gibbs' "trademarks" is that he will often slap the members of his team on the back of the head when displeased with their performance, though he does this mainly to Tony as opposed to other members. When asked why he slaps his team only on the back of the head Gibbs responded that "a slap to the face would be humiliating, back of the head is a wake up call."


Donald Mallard

Starmie @ Leftovers
Natural Cure | Timid
136 HP / 156 Def / 216 Spe
- Hydro Pump
- Thunderbolt
- Recover
- Rapid Spin

One of the only pokemon on my team running a fairly standard set, Starmie is very helpful. The ability to counter pokemon like Gyarados and Infernape, who really cause my team hell if played correctly, as well as spin away Stealth Rock (and other entry hazards), is a godsend. Lacking Ice Beam is sad, but all the other moves are practically mandatory.

I went with Hydro Pump over Surf for the ability to hit Rotom-a, Scizor, and Tyranitar harder. Thunderbolt makes Starmie a good pokemon to switch into Manaphy, as many do not run Energy Ball/HP [Elec] and thus cannot hit Starmie hard in return. It is also my last ditch effort against pokemon like CroCune if Celebi is dead...

Starmie supports the team by spinning away SR for Tyranitar and Gyarados, as well as Celebi to an extent. It is a nice switchin to Infernape/Heatran/Gyarados, who give my team slight problems. Also, working in conjunction with Celebi, Starmie can actually stall out some variants of Blissey, which I have done before. The two also act as a pseudo status-absorber for stupid pokemon like ScarfSmeargle and whatnot.

Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard is the Chief Medical Examiner at NCIS. Dr. Mallard is a Scottish-born doctor, who has been long-time friends with Gibbs. He has a "second talent", as Gibbs calls it, to be able to read people, which he expands by studying psychology. In cases without actual bodies, he assists by using his psychological training to decipher the clues left by the perpetrators. Dr. Mallard is an eccentric character who often talks to the deceased and rambles to the living with many long personal remembrances or historical accounts, but is a kind man at heart.


Tony DiNozzo

Metagross @ Leftovers
Clear Body | Adamant
144 HP / 232 Atk / 132 Spe
- Agility
- Earthquake
- Meteor Mash
- Ice Punch

Agiligross is the pokemon on my team that is commonly the one to finish off the last few pokemon (followed by Garchomp and then surprisingly Celebi). It is also one of the few 'straightforward' pokemon on my team. Lacking Thunderpunch or Explosion is sad, but I've found all I really need I have. Metagross has the ability to survive a Garchomp Earthquake, which means ScarfChomp or YacheChomp will not stop my sweep.

The Speed EVs allow Metagross to outrun Heatran post-Agility. Meteor Mash and Earthquake let Metagross rip shit up, while Ice Punch hits Latias and Garchomp (and is my best move against Rotom-a and Skarmory unless I'm going for a MM boost).

I decided that Leftovers was the best item, to help me not get picked off against Scizor, and because the recovery really does allow Metagross to take random hits. I didn't like the drop in HP Life Orb gives, and Shuca Berry didn't seem worth it.

My team is really centered around weakening the pokemon that can stop Metagross, so Metagross itself doesn't do too much supporting. It is my only Dragon-resist however, which really speaks for itself in terms of 'supporting'. Metagross is also probably my best switchin to Tyranitar, because even DD versions won't hit it for too much damage while I can MM or EQ back...

Anthony DiNozzo is a streetwise, promiscuous former homicide detective. His behavior is chauvinistic and he will flirt with nearly every woman he encounters. He does not respect personal boundaries, thinking nothing of rifling through his colleagues' possessions and confidential information. This behavior occurs specifically if the action will result in the discovery of a source of amusement. He has an expensive taste in clothing evidenced by his love for designer names, particularly Ermenegildo Zegna.

Although Tony is in his thrities, he typically shows teenage behavior. He is very loyal to his co-workers at NCIS, particularly his supervisor, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Tony delights in quoting movies in everyday life, often finding parallels between them and current situations, as can be seen in many episodes throughout the series. He often mimics the original actor when quoting them, such as Sean Connery's James Bond.

But really Metagross and Tony have no connection other than the fact they're both cool!


Ziva David

Gyarados @ Choice Scarf
Intimidate | Jolly
32 HP / 252 Atk / 224 Spe
- Waterfall
- Payback
- Ice Fang
- Stone Edge

The last member of my team, Gyarados, is yet another gimmicky surprise. Choice Scarf Gyarados is a surprising, yet adept revenge killer. It originally was a Choice Band Gyarados, put on the team to weaken Rotom-a and other pokemon, but I changed it to Scarf Gyara once I saw that pokemon like LO Starmie could really run over me. This revenge killing quality is the only reason I have Gyarados here... though I cannot help but feel some other pokemon would do this much better....

Lacking EQ isn't fun, but I thought that Stone Edge may be better as means to hit other Gyarados (among other things), and the other moves are for the most part mandatory. Payback could be replaced with Bite, but on the switchin it hits harder than Bite (and the next turn the damage output will still be higher...), not that either of them really 2HKO Rotom-a anyways (and Bite only hits as hard as Waterfall, though it is more helpful for revenging Starmie).

The Speed allows me to outrun Timid ScarfHeatran and everything below it. I originally had Adamant, but I eventually got fed up with being outsped by lead Aerodactyl and +Spe Heatran.

Gyarados supports the team via its revenge killing ability. It gives me added insurance against many pokemon, like Lucario, Garchomp, Latias, Tyranitar and Starmie. It is also my primary switch into Garchomp, as it rather easily beats SubSalac and will show me whether or not Garchomp is running Outrage.

Officer Ziva David was a Mossad agent from Israel sent to NCIS following the murder of Special Agent Caitlin Todd by a rogue Mossad operative named Ari Haswari. She was Ari's control officer and half-sister; they shared the same father, who was the Deputy Director of Mossad (he has since been promoted to Director). NCIS Special Agent Gibbs is cornered by Ari, but then Ziva emerges and kills Ari. After Ari's death, she asked to be assigned as a liaison for Mossad at NCIS, where she subsequently joined Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs' team, even though Gibbs opposed this at the time.

Ziva is Jewish, though the episodes' plots rarely draw attention to this, and it is only lightly touched on during the series. She is consistently seen wearing the Star of David on her necklace, but does not appear to follow Orthodox Jewish strictures (for example, she works on Saturdays). De Pablo describes the character as someone who is "completely different from anyone else on the show" and that because "she's been around men all her life; she's used to men in authority. She's not afraid of men."

When her younger sister, Tali, was killed in a Hamas suicide bombing, Ziva was already a Mossad operative at the time and states that she was in the Israeli army for an unspecified time, whilst claiming that no one recruited her, that she volunteered for Mossad.


Beyond the gimmicks, this team has a few quirks, such as not having any PHazers or priority. This turns certain pokemon into bigger threats, like Ninjask and Aerodactyl... and while this is not a huge weakness, if things like that could be fitted into my team over any pokemon while still doing the roles that they already perform... that'd be awesome.

The team one last time:[a]jumps[/a]
(PS: NCIS is the best show fuck you all)

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Threat List:

- If the pokemon that is out can actually take it on (like say, a healthy Metagross or Tyranitar with sash intact), I'll let my lure do their job. Otherwise I will go to Gyarados. If I know it's a ScarfChomp... things are different but I can still beat it rather easily.
- Gyarados is usually my best switchin, but again, if it comes in on Tyranitar/Celebi (who isn't at -2!)/Garchomp, I'm just going to go for the OHKO. If Scizor is an SD variant, I occasionally have to sacrifice a pokemon to get Garchomp or Celebi in to take the boosted Bullet Punch and OHKO.
- I can fairly safely switch in Tyranitar (and I will do so until I know it isn't CM or whatever), or if I know it is choice locked I will either go to Celebi (surf)/Garchomp (tbolt)/metagross (dragon move). I can always 'revenge kill' it with Garchomp or Gyarados if it isn't Scarfed.
- Tyranitar is difficult to switch into initially. Usually I will go to Metagross to weaken it and then Gyarados/Garchomp to finish it off, but if it is CB I will end up probably sacrificing whatever is in and then setting up with Garchomp or Metagross....
- Starmie is my initial switch. From then on if it is Tail Glow, I will attack with Tbolt (and if they run HP [Elec] or Energy Ball I will revenge kill with either Celebi or Garchomp). If it turns out to be CM, I try and force it out, and then Celebi because my switchin from thereon. Manaphy is rather difficult because it can take out a pokemon just by being on the damn team (and yeah people say a lot of pokemon do that, but Manaphy doesn't leave room for a new pokemon to set up on it after it kills something).
- Metagross usually leads, and I will attack it with Tyranitar. If it also attacks me turn 1, I'll go to Gyarados or Starmie and finish it off while resisting Bullet Punch. AgiliGross is hard, but I don't really let it set up (I just attack it with whatever is in), and then will 'revenge kill' it if I have to with Celebi (or even Garchomp in a pinch if it isn't LO). Gyarados can also safely take most attacks, provided it doesn't have ThunderPunch! ShucaMetagross can be dealt with in the same way.
- Starmie counters Gyarados pretty hard, and Celebi and even my own Gyara make decent switchins in a pinch... SS tends to wear down LO Gyara fast.
- Skarmory hopefully is taken out/weakened by Garchomp or Celebi (or even Tyranitar...). Starmie makes a good switchin because it can spin away entry hazards Skarmory decides to put up, and can hit it hard with Thunderbolt.
- Despite being solidly countered by several pokemon on my team, Heatran is one of the biggest threats because it can switch out of them and come back in easily against Celebi/Tyranitar/pre-Agility Metagross. Still, Garchomp and Starmie make good switchins, while Gyara can revenge all versions (and really switch in, but it dies quickly so I dislike doing that).
- Magnezone has never been a problem. All my pokemon hit it hard (with the "exceptions" of Starmie and Gyarados), and Celebi can take HP [Ice] rather easily. Tyranitar is usually my first switchin if it still has some health left though, because it is the most expendable member of my team.
- Rotom-a is difficult to switch into, but my first switches are Tyranitar and Celebi, who both hit it very hard. If it lacks a way to hurt Celebi (ie: no Shadow Ball/Overheat), I will continue to use that as my first switchin, but if it has no Will-o-wisp, I will switch in Tyranitar. If for some reason it has Shadow Ball+WoW, Tyranitar is still my best switchin, though Garchomp is a close second best... ResTalk Rotom-a is a big pain for me to take down...
- Jirachi is another difficult pokemon to switch into. My inital switch is usually Gyarados or Starmie (if it leads I lean towards Starmie). If I find out it has CM, Metagross and Garchomp take it on reasonably. If it turns out to be a Scarf variant, I use Metagross and Gyarados. Against parahax Jirachi I use Metagross.
- Gyarados is my primary switch, but Garchomp is a very potent revenge killer (and switchin) as well. Lucario cannot set up against anyone on my team safely, which is why it isn't much of a threat.
- Rapid Spin Starmie is no problem for me, but LO Starmie is a serious pain. Only Celebi is a "safe" switchin, but Ice Beam still does boatloads to it. Thank god for SS damage to help wear it down. Gyarados and Tyranitar (if it still has Sash) are good choices to revenge kill. Luckily lead Starmie is much less of a pain...
- Lead Azelf is no threat to Tyranitar. If any other Azelf exist, they are still easily taken down by a combination of Tyranitar/Metagross/Gyarados...
- Infernape is solidly countered by Starmie, especially Lead Infernape. Gyarados can also switch into it pretty easily.
- Metagross/Garchomp will be able to set up on Blissey, and even Tyranitar can throw down SR (if it wasn't able to previously) and Crunch it (although it doesn't 2HKO iirc -.-). Celebi is good at wearing it down with U-turn as it switches in. Admittedly Counter Blissey is annoying...
- If it leads I just attack it with Fire Blast. Starmie usually makes a good switchin to spin away rocks, as well as Celebi. Really the only thing Bronzong can do to me is explode.
- Really I haven't played too many opposing Celebi, but my own Celebi is the best initial switch. From there I U-turn out to Tyranitar or try and stall it out with HP [Fire]. Tinkerbell isn't overly threatening to me because of Tyranitar+Garchomp, and I have Metagross who can easily take a Leaf Storm.
- Swampert is a poor lead matchup for my team, so I usually just go to Celebi and then either U-turn or Leaf Storm. Swampert is usually paired with a Ghost-type, so going to Starmie isn't always a great choice, though I will occasionally.
- Roserade is another difficult lead. I will usually sacrifice either Tyranitar or Metagross to sleep, and then go to Garchomp to kill it while it tries to TSpike... Sacrificing Metagross to sleep seems strange, but I can't do that with Starmie or Celebi, and Gyarados is usually too important.
- I wasn't aware people used Salamence, but it is still easy to take down when you're prepared for Garchomp. Gyarados still works as a revenge killer, though obviously not as well against an LO Outrage. SS wears Salamence without Roost down too quickly, and those with Roost are usually bulky variants who Gyara outspeeds after a DD. Also, Metagross can take an LO EQ, and Garchomp can obviously take anything Salamence throws at it.
- I usually have to sacrifice something, but Tyranitar is a good inital switch. If I see LO recoil, Gyarados revenge kills... LO has trouble against my team though, because it can't OHKO most pokemon before dying itself (though HP [Ice] Gengar could be VERY troublesome...). Scarf Gengar is a bit harder, though Metagross can take hits pretty well, while Celebi and Garchomp don't mind Thunderbolt.
- Celebi is my initial switch. Garchomp can sort of work, though I have to come in on Rest if Suicune has Ice Beam... Starmie can pray for crits.
- Starmie makes a good switchin, but usually Forretress dies to a surprise Fire Blast/HP [Fire]. If it lacks Earthquake Metagross can set up against it.
- Vaporeon is pretty easily handled by Celebi and Starmie. I can also set up on non-Ice Beam variants with Garchomp, though I dislike doing so.
- Zapdos is pretty hard to switch into, but I usually go to Tyranitar first. If it lacks Heat Wave, Metagross works decently. If it lacks HP [Ice], Garchomp can beat it. SubRoost with Toxic is generally a pain though. Gyarados can revenge kill it if it is not behind a Sub.
- I just don't let Kingdra set up. All my pokemon hit it hard enough that it generally isn't a problem, especially with Tyranitar to remove Rain. Celebi is probably the best switchin, though against DD variants I use a combination of Gyarados and Metagross. Garchomp can get a surprise KO against it as well ^_^
- I hate lead Aerodactyl, because it damages me no matter what. Gyarados outspeeds it, so I usually attack turn one with Tyranitar and then either predict SR and go for the kill or switch in Gyarados on EQ and KO it.
- Starmie and Gyarados are good switchins. Celebi, Tyranitar, and Metagross can also really threaten Gliscor, while Garchomp can set up on non Taunt versions. Still, I lack a reliable way to beat the SD+Agility BP variatns.
- Against lead Mamoswine I usually attack while they usually SR. Then I go to Gyarados. If Mamoswine isn't a lead, I suppose Starmie and Gyarados can switch into it and beat it easily enough... though it is still obviously risky as Mamoswine hits like a truck.
- I don't have any great switches into Snorlax, though if it lacks EQ Metagross works well. Garchomp can also sort of work, grabbing an SD and then hitting it with Earthquake, hopefully not being paralyzed...
- Lead Empoleon is dealt with by Celebi, and if it lacks Grass Knot I can use Starmie. SubPetaya Empoleon cannot beat a combination of the two either...
- Hippowdon is almost always a lead, and is almost always 2HKOed by Tyranitar's Ice Beam. Celebi and Starmie can work if for some reason it is still around after the first few turns.... (and if it is weakened after the first Ice Beam and decides to switch out, it cannot come back in on Garchomp!)
- Weavile is beaten solidly by Metagross. Gyarados can also beat Weavile by outspeeding it and using Stone Edge/Waterfall...
- LO Jolteon is a pain, but Tyranitar and to a lesser extent Celebi and Metagross can take hits from it and hit it hard back. Gyarados outspeeds it and can Waterfall it if its weakened.
- Smeargle tends to be a Scarfed lead, so I usually just go to Starmie. If it Spores, I go to Celebi. If it SR's, I spin. If I figure out it isn't Scarfed, I end up having to sacrifice something else to sleep, and then I go back to Starmie.
- Tyranitar is my initial switchin to Cresselia. CM variants are rather easily taken down due to Cresselia's poor recovery+limited coverage (Metagross beats Ice Beam+Psychic really easily). Reflect variants are slightly harder to beat, but still Tyranitar does fine. Against Psycho Shift variants I go to Starmie and/or Celebi.
- Tyranitar is an OK switch in, as it can OHKO Abomasnow with Fire Blast, set up SR against it, and negates Hail. Metagross can easily beat it with Meteor Mash. If Abomasnow comes in against Celebi, Celebi can beat it with HP [Fire]. Even Gyarados can beat it with Stone Edge if I need it to.
- DynamicPunch+Sub+Payback is kinda hard to beat, but Celebi and Starmie make good switchins, as does Gyarados. Machamp has a hard time coming in against my team, because even Tyranitar can hit it very hard with Fire Blast if I predict it and all my team members outspeed it. Still, if it does get in it can be a bit troublesome...

As a note, I took my images from gtsplus, and got a lot of the NCIS character descriptions from wikipedia...
I really like this team.

It shows a lot of innovation, which is good to push the metagame further. A couple of issues though:

First off is how I feel that this team is terribly weak to stall. You do have starmie, but without LO to push Hydro Pump into the 2HKO range against Rotom-a that won't do you much good. However, you do have an unusual amount of lures to bait that in so it balances out. It's just that a lot of the usually hard-hitting pokemon(Garchomp, Gyarados) don't have as much investment in attack power as I feel it should, making yourself overly vulnerable to spikes and set-up. Again, your Garchomp is an excellent lure to bring out Skarmory and destroy it, but honestly by posting this team I feel you make the overall effectiveness of it quite..... hindered.

It's about time someone else used Leaf Storm + U-Turn Celebi, though. Can you KO incoming Scizor with Hidden Power not using a Life Orb, though? That makes that slightly difficult to handle but I still love the set, since it's more designed for Bulk than just straight-through powerhousing.

I'm happy that someone made a team that isn't Garchomp weak, however. You just have a good bit of power from a bunch of sources that doesn't give it an opening. I like it because your not relying on any particular "counter" to beat it.

Anyway, like the team and glad it had success for you. I wouldn't have posted it, but I guess if it got you 7th it's probably being spread around already so might as well spoil it for everyone eh? ^_^'

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Yeah, I'm for the most part done with this team, so I may as well just blow it for everyone!

Celebi has to have not used Leaf Storm to OHKO Scizor, but yeah, it does OHKO 252 HP Scizor. Sadly it doesn't always KO Scizor that are more bulky than that... (iirc someone like atticus was using a bulky sd scizor and I couldn't OHKO it).

I do have a lot of problems with stall, especially if they have ResTalk Rotom-a. However, the standard 252 HP Rotom-a is still hit quite hard by Hydro Pump (40.46% - 47.70%). ResTalk Rotom-a (252/136) is hit for (35.53% - 41.78%). Obviously that isn't that great, but since they won't be recovering with Leftovers after a few prior switchins they will be 2HKOed thanks to SR. I am able to get entry hazards off the field, but not as successfully as LO Starmie, because it requires much more prediction... So yeah, the team has big stall problems (I swear the bane of this team is SpDef Skarm+Rotom-a...), but I am able to beat it I suppose.

Perhaps I should run a few more offensive EVs on Starmie and Garchomp...

Anyways, thanks for the rate! ^^
ok ok -.-
I also really like this team (I suggested the last member, how could I not?) I really like everything, and I would not want to change anything on the team. The only real weakness I see is SubSalac Garchomp and Tail Glow Manaphy. Both have chances to set up, (Chomp gets Celebi and half of Gyarados's attacks, Manaphy gets half of gyara and could create unpleasant situations for metagross who hasn't used Agility yet, and possibly Celebi with -2).
I know you really like Hydro Pump on Starmie, but why not try Surf? Celebi's HP Fire hits Scizor, Rotom-a will probably end up getting hit too hard by Gyarados to be able to stop Starmie as well. Surf gives you a much more reliable attack to hit Garchomp in sand in, a sand that you are creating. I would also consider more SpA on Starmie as already suggested to power up Surf a bit more. But yeah, using Hydro Pump in such a fast paced metagame is something I don't really like.
I really like Haban Berry but I would at least consider Yache Berry on Garchomp. Seems odd suggesting a way to help beat Chomp more reliably and than suggesting losing a Dragon-resist berry, but Yache Berry gives you a much easier time with Ice Beam/TG/EB/Surf Manaphy. You handle Latias very well anyway with Metagross, Tar, and Gyarados. Another suggestion is also using more Attack EVs and keeping Haban, gives you a much better chance to beat both Manaphy and other Garchomp if you can ko them with Sand and SR support.
This might be one of the best Suspect Teams out there right now, I found it hard to suggest anything to change. But you wanted me to rate it so... =]
Hello, I jsut dropped by to point at my avatar and how it ravages your team. Let's run through the same process I give to other teams. Note: we'll assume the set being run by the MixVire is Ice Punch/Thunderbolt/Flamethrower/Cross Chop with the standard nature & EVs.

Tyranitar: OHKO'd by Cross Chop.
Celebi: 2HKO'd by Flamethrower.
Garchomp: OHKO'd by Ice Punch.
Starmie: OHKO'd by Thunderbolt.
Metagross: 2HKO'd by Flamethrower.
Gyarados: OHKO'd by Thunderbolt.

Electivire can be killed by Garchomp, but why would he switch into Chomp in the first place? If Garchomp has taken any residual damage prior to the switch-in, Electivire's Ice Punch guarantees an OHKO. With no residual damage, there is a 94.39% chance of OHKOing Garchomp. Metagross can OHKO with his own Earthquake while surviving a Flamethrower, but unfortunately, it puts him in a bad position, as the average 237 damage (correct me if I'm wrong) is just begging for a revenge kill or switch out. Also, you don't have Explosion, so, you can't take someone with you. Gyarados may outspeed Electivire w/o a Motor Drive boost, but none of the moves there will OHKO. You could consider changing one of them to Earthquake to solve this MixVire threat once and for all.

Again, Rotom-A is also a smexy counter to Electivire, if wish not to take off a moveslot from Gyarados. I'm too lazy to explain again how he counters him so well, but basically, Will-O-Wisp takes away his Ice Punch and Cross Chop (Or just Cross Chop if he's running 1/3), and absorbs Tbolts and Fthrowers like Blissey would. He can't entirely retaliate, but can just spam Shadow Balls or Trick a Scarf onto him (but it isn't advised, save it for another threat). So, yea.

That's all I can give ya. Hope it helped.
just wow.

Starmie, Garchomp, and Gyarados are all faster than Electivire. Metagross is 2HKOed by Flamethrower while Electivire is OHKOed by EQ. Same case scenario with Celebi. Sand stream is going so your losing anywhere between 16% and 6% per turn, depending if your using LO or expert Belt. Gyarados has intimidate, which can be abused to stop you from OHKOing Tyranitar(after like 3 possibly. not the best case scenario, I know). Then there's the fact that there's only one electric attack that he uses very sparingly because of a Grachomp filled metagame. Conclusion? just no

Edit: Garchomp also has sand veil, and you have a 20% chance to miss tyranitar. Metagross can actually take a flamethrower and then agility, making it faster than you, kill you, and attempt to sweep as well. It's more of a liability. and if he changes the Haban berry to Yache on chomp then he gets another check to beat electivire.
Pfft, who uses Electivire? Anyway, this looks like a very solid team that I may have to steal if I want a chance to get voting privileges.

Might I suggest Expert Belt over Focus Sash on Tyranitar? Almost all leads carry Stealth Rock, and can't ohko Tyranitar anyway, so it might be a worthwhile option. It boosts your super-effective hits, so stuff like Skarmory is hit harder. If you go with this, I'd change Fire Blast to Flamethrower so you won't miss versus stuff like Scizor, which is always annoying. Just some nitpicks. Very solid team and good luck!
just wow.

Starmie, Garchomp, and Gyarados are all faster than Electivire. Metagross is 2HKOed by Flamethrower while Electivire is OHKOed by EQ. Same case scenario with Celebi. Sand stream is going so your losing anywhere between 16% and 6% per turn, depending if your using LO or expert Belt. Gyarados has intimidate, which can be abused to stop you from OHKOing Tyranitar(after like 3 possibly. not the best case scenario, I know). Then there's the fact that there's only one electric attack that he uses very sparingly because of a Grachomp filled metagame. Conclusion? just no

Edit: Garchomp also has sand veil, and you have a 20% chance to miss tyranitar. Metagross can actually take a flamethrower and then agility, making it faster than you, kill you, and attempt to sweep as well. It's more of a liability. and if he changes the Haban berry to Yache on chomp then he gets another check to beat electivire.
If you actually read my post you'd know that I said that Garchomp and Metagross OHKO with their EQs. I definitely noted that. So why are you just repeating it as if I hadn't?

As for your edit, I understand that, but 80% acc is still good, take Stone Edge on Tyranitar for example: it's his most reliable attack, as it has fairly good coverage, and gets STAB. Same applies here: it's his most reliable attack to get rid of Blissey and TTar, while maintaining good coverage, but does not get STAB. They both have 80 accuracy, though. Same with Fire Blast (@ 85, but still), Focus Blast (@ 70, but standard Gengars pretty much always carry it), and Draco Meteor (@ 90, but I've never seen it miss, not once). The chance of missing; 20%; is still a low chance of it happening, but yes it is viable. What I'm saying is if you're RELYING on it missing, then that team is otherwise screwed.

Also, at least consider a Motor Drive boost given by Starmie. With that, he will OHKO Garchomp, but Metagross still checks him if Vire uses Ice Punch on Metagross on the switch.
Electivire is not a concern for my team. There's a reason it didn't make my threat list

(hint it probably has something to do with the fact that Electivire was used 13 times last month on the suspect ladder, and only like four of them ran the Flamethrower that would cause Electivire to 'ravage my team')
I know, I just like pointing it out, but I'm going to stop unless it's seriously a problem (as in, unstoppable w/o Motor Drive), and start informing the host about other threats and flaws. Let me start with you:

For a safer lead, Hippowdon is usually the best for setting sandstorm up and being a bulky lead, and a little offense, overall. Then again, your TTar is nice with your bait gaming, but I like safe options, especially because Metagross leads growing more and more popular, can KO Ttar with Meteor Mash/EQ + Bullet Punch, while your Fire Blast is Occa'd. Though the same can be said for Hippow (Ice Punch + Ice Punch), he can 2HKO with EQ (or OHKO, idk), but at least he gets a turn for getting Stealth Rock up before death (whoops, I just read your analysis of LeadGross on the Therat list; sorry!).

Hmm...other than that, it's hard to tell which set of what pokemon can be an actual threat that you haven't mentioned, or a good replacement for one of yours, as your team has nice synergies/counter-switches.
Electivire basically sucks, Hippowdon is miserable on this offensive team.

Solid team, I think for Starmie you would do well to throw a LO onto her just so that Hydro Pump has a good chance to 2hko Resttalk Rotom (78% w/ SR), and with just 48 EVs of investment into SpA, you can make it 100% with SR. It'll also help a bit against Scizor and Tyranitar. Durability may become a slight issue yes, but you still have Recover and Starmie usually wants to be taking resisted hits anyway.
Nice team overall, I don't see any huge weaknesses at a glance. However, I would highly recommend a Choice Scarfed TTar. I've been using one on the Suspect ladder and it is amazing. I realize that you probably don't want to give up TTar as your lead, but it would be well worth trying this guy out.
Electivire basically sucks, Hippowdon is miserable on this offensive team.
To most people he does, but when they meet him unprepared, he can wreak some havoc without Motor Drive boost unless you know how to counter him properly. But, that's not what I'm responding to mainly.

Hippowdon isn't that miserable, if anything, he's a good addition. Maybe not as great as his TTar, but he can do one thing for his offensive back-ups: temporary stall. Basically, Hippowdon can run the set of Stealth Rock/Roar/Ice Fang or EQ or Stone Edge/Slack Off to find out what the opponent has as pokemon, and at the same time deal damage to them with Sandstorm and Stealth Rock. To me, this seems to really help the rest of his team, because, as you said, it's an offensive team; and offensive pokemon love Stealth Rock support/residual damage, which Hippowdon delivers and serves hot 'n' fresh. I've had my Hippowdon leads use 12 Roars before going down due to bad prediction, or meeting an Ice Beamer for the first time. Not only does Roaring allow scouting and tons of residual damage, it also allows Hippowdon to kill whatever he thinks it can; and getting rid of a pokemon is always welcome. This is especially effective if you conceal your attack until you meet that pokemon that thinks they have you, but you have them. For example: Salamence is Roar'd in. He knows 3 moves: Roar/Slack Off/Stealth Rock. Now, he refers to the standard set and sees Earthquake as an attack move. Since he's flying, he's not worried. Too bad I carry Ice Fang. He uses the turn to set up only to be OHKO'd by Ice Fang, or even Stone Edge.

So, Hippowdon is a great lead on an offensive team like this, IMO. Since it also seems he wants Sandstorm up, Hippowdon gets that up, and scouts + damages + threatens the opponent's team/pokemon. I believe that Hippowdon can work very well with the right prediction, squeezing as much residual damage as possible, and KOing threats. So, I reccomend him to replace TTar, but it is not my decision. However, please consider it/test it (because if you won't, I sure will!) and see if he fits your team/playstyle or not, because he defenitely seems like he can replace TTar. Btw, "you" and such was directed at the Original Poster, not the persion I'm quoting.

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