[WGO] Scavenger Puzzle Weekend Signups

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This event has ended! Check out the puzzles from the event, or view the solutions and wrap-up.

* * * * *​

Welcome to the Scavenger Room's upcoming WGO Event, the Puzzle Weekend! Taking place from December 28 to 30, this event will feature several puzzles, similar to those found in the MIT Mystery Hunt or in Puzzled Pint competitions. Players will participate in teams to be the first team to complete the final puzzle and win the competition, and of course receive huge WGO point payouts!

Event Structure
The event comes in the form of a puzzle hunt, where teams compete to solve puzzles. It will comprise six puzzles, five of which are stand-alone and can be solved without input from any of the other puzzles. The last puzzle is a metapuzzle, meaning it will take input from the solutions of the other five puzzles, so be prepared! This event is targeted at beginner solvers and as such will feature fairly straightforward puzzles.

The puzzle hunt will kick off with the puzzles being released at 2000 EST on Friday, 28th December, 2018. It will run for 60 hours and conclude at 0800 EST on Monday, 31st December, 2018.

These times are equivalent to 0100 UTC on Saturday 29th and 1300 UTC on Monday 31st, respectively. Alternatively, here is a countdown timer so you can track the event time more easily.

Prizes for this event will be awarded in the form of points towards the currently ongoing Winter Gaming Olympics (WGO).

WGO points will be awarded as follows:
  • 30 points for each regular puzzle solved
  • 25 points for solving the metapuzzle
  • +175 point bonus for winning team
  • +125 point bonus for second-placed team
  • +75 point bonus for third-placed team
This means that the maximum number of points is 350! Make sure to sign up so you don't miss out on this bumper crop of points!

This thread will act as a signup thread for the event. Players will sign up in teams of three. To sign up, all members of your team must have Smogon accounts. One player must sign up with the following info:
  • Team name (optional, but recommended)
  • All members' Smogon usernames.
  • All members' PS usernames. You may only submit answers for the event from these PS accounts.
  • One Discord usertag (like Name#0001), to receive the server invitation.
    • You may sign up in a smaller team or solo, but the hunt is designed to be completed by a team of three.
In order for the sign-up to be counted as valid, the other members of the team must like the first member's sign-up post. I'll like the signup post once I've ascertained its validity.

Sign-ups will end on December 27, Thursday at 2359 UTC*, which should give everyone hopefully enough time to find a friend to challenge the Puzzle Weekend with. See you all there!

*equivalent to 1859 EST
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PS! Usernames: Cheese555, Gwynt, fearfire22
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