NOC What a Bastard! (Signups)

Prepare yourselves approved by shade

This is a 16 player NOC theme, that uses Bastard elements (

Daystart, with 96 hour (4 day) days, and 48 hour (2 day) nights.

Rules (inspiration taken from DLE and Whydon)
1. Don't talk to anybody about the game besides in the game thread, unless your role says otherwise. If someone attempts to break this rule, report it immediately
2. Do not talk to any eliminated players about the game. If an eliminated player attempts to talk to you, please inform me as soon as possible
3. If any person gets a majority of votes on them during the day the day ends and the person is lynched.
3. At end of days whoever has the most votes on them will get lynched.
4. In the event of a tied lynch, the player who achieved the most amound of votes first is eliminated
5. Once the deadline hits there is no more talking whatsoever. Even if I am not around to call deadline you should refrain from posting once deadline arrives. Votes made after the deadline will not be counted.
6. Do not screenshot or quote your role PM or results.
7. Do not edit or delete posts.
8. Don't like posts or make posts during the night phase or if you are not in the game/if you are dead.
9. Be nice, it's a game. Arguing is encouraged fine but personal jabs that have nothing to do with the game will not be tolerated.
10. Do not attempt to take advantage of any loopholes in the rules
11. Standard smogon and circus maximus rules still apply.

Role PM's will be distributed at 9PM GMT on Sunday the 15th (provided the PL is filled)

1. Blazade
2. Metal Sonic
3. Aubisio
4. Da Letter El
5. Jalmont
6. Haruno
7. XnadrojX
8. Hawkie
9. Flyhn
10. tonithetourguide
11. shubaka17
12. Champ1604
13. ItzViper482
14. MoodyCloud
15. acidphoenix
16. DeathByWobbuffet

1. Texas Cloverleaf
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