What are you doing while waiting for DPL to start?


What a beautiful face, I have found in this place
wondering what are the chances of me getting drafted are (not likely)

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Alright im intrigued, what are you working on here
I don't want to hype it up too much until I have something tangible to upload, but it's going to be an Excel-based teambuilder that I plan to build in several "modules." We have a lot of great resources for teambuilding (eg. the Damage Calc, the VR, the various compendiums, etc.) but they're currently working in isolation; you can't access them all in one place. This spreadsheet will be a one-stop shop for (mostly) everything...or that's the hope, at least. Other metas will be able to use this too, but I'm starting with DOU since it's the tier I know best.

Components already completed:

One-Click Imports of Teams/Sets
I wrote a macro that lets you paste an importable into the spreadsheet simply with the click of one button. The importable sets can either be complete sets or unfinished sets (eg. ones where you haven't picked EVs yet).

Exportable of Finalized Team
Self-explanatory - what's the point of using a teambuilder if you can't export the team to your clipboard after :)

An Entire Pokedex worth of Data
The base stats, weight, and typing of all 802 mons? Got it. The base power, typing, category and ability influences of every move in the game? Gottem. Items? Yup. Compiling data for this was a pretty big task, but suffice it to say I have pretty much everything I need in terms of data for this project to lift off.

Components near completion:

Type Chart Analysis, Defensive Typing
Factors in the primary/secondary typing and abilities of your mons, then tells you if you lack sufficient resists/immunities for any Type of offensive coverage. I actually wrote the formulas for this back in late-ORAS, but want to make a few tweaks I thought of since :)

Roles Compendium Analysis
Tells you if you have at least one "solid" mon for each role in the Roles Compendium. Again I actually wrote the formulas for this last year, I just need to redo the backend data so its relevant for SM.

Compenents in development; timelines TBD:

Damage Calculator Module
The intention isn't to replace Honko's damage calc, but this module will serve as the foundation for some of the more advanced features I want to implement into this teambuilder. I already have documentation of how the Damage Formula works, I just need to finish writing formulas for this then test them to make sure they're producing accurate results.

Spread Builder / Optimizer
Probably one of the features I'm most stoked to build; this will (imo) vastly reduce the time and effort it takes to calc out spreads for mons. This feature in itself will have several components involved:
  • Spread Compendium Library
    Contains fast access to all the spreads listed in the Spread Compendium. You can use them as starting points for spreads on your own mons, and/or use them to estimate what sets your opponent is likely to bring (aka what you need to EV against).

  • EV to OHKO/2HKO targets
    This feature will utilize the damage calculator module to determine how many EVs you'll need to OHKO or 2HKO a specific opponent, with a specific spread. Just like the "real" damage calc, you'll be able to toggle for variables like stat boosts, weather, screens, etc.

  • EV to survive attacks
    Again, this will utilize the built-in damage calc to suggest spreads that will let you avoid an OHKO or 2HKO from a specific opponent's attack. There will also be an "HP vs Def/Spd" optimizer, similar to what was seen in Level 51's latest RMT

  • EV to outspeed/underspeed targets
    This will pull data from the DOU Speed Tiers to tell you how many Spe EVs you need to outspeed or underspeed something, be it after an Icy Wind, during Tailwind, or just in general. I have the data for this already and this is pretty straightforward tbh - just need to make it happen.

  • EV Dump for leftover EVs :)
Offensive Coverage Analysis
Utilizing the type chart and damage calc modules, I'd like to implement a report that tells you overall how prepared your team is to land OHKOs and 2HKOs of prominent (and not so prominent) threats, ranging from Mega Kang to Celesteela, etc etc
Teambuilding Frameworks Analysis
Once the Frameworks thread is in a more polished stat, I'd like to add a "filter" that guides you through the process of each slot in a Framework. If Slot 2 in the Kang Frameworks calls for a strong electric type, you can now call on the various other calcs in this spreadsheet to pick the electric type that puts in the most work on your team.

Anything else that people request, assuming it's possible :)
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