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Pretty much as the title says, what attracted you to the community? What made it most appealing to you? New and old users are definitely welcome to share their thoughts. Do you think you'll stay here long (if you're new)? Why or why not?

Thanks! :)

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For me personally, it was the NeverUsed community. I came here because I wanted to learn more about NU, I wanted to become involved with the community, and I wanted to have a chance to make a difference. I didn't really make a difference to the tier itself, but I did to the community, so I think that made it pretty worthwhile.
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What brought me in to the Smogon community was basically a gruadual transition from a Pokémon Showdown! ladder battler to a community member. Mainly it was Redew and Darnell that helpt me a lot during this transition, the latter becoming my mentor, and their encouragement and guidance pushed me to try and contribute to this community! :]
I was bought to Smogon mainly via transitioning from PS!. But it was also the amazing mentorship program that helped me become integrated with the community

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Sounds fun.

I originally started playing competitive Pokemon in the summer of 2012 and first made an account in November of that year (DONT WORRY MODS ITS BEEN TAKEN CARE OF). I was originally told of Smogon by a friends older brother, but I didn't pay much mind. I then found myself using the analyses to try to find in-game sets for Emerald and Pearl. Finally, in 2012, I was watching this YouTube channel called AdamantDitto when I discovered Pokemon Showdown. After a few more years, I registered this account mostly to participate in the CAP Project. I then became largely involved in the UU community and C&C (which reminds me j have a few analyses to work on)

I came to Smogon because I wanted to post a shitty RMT lol, I'm sure that's the case for a few others as well. I had been really into BW UU at the time, and I wanted to share my team with the world! However, I was a shitty user as well lol, but I chose to stick around because I became really into the whole Smogon culture and such. Shoutout to Redew for being one of the main reasons I chose to stick on Smogon, and also to Eevee General for being a wonderful dictator who's helped me in OMs :'].

p.s here's the RMT lol:〜クレセントチーム〜.3487887/


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Well, I had been more or less forced to make a Smogon account for the Pokemon XY room (RIP) and had lurked for so long, not using it at all. Eventually, something happened and I wanna say it was Redew or someone who (maybe Vacate #VivaLaVoltabsorb) showed me how fun the site could be, and from there I started enjoying and using here more.


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I first came to Smogon when a friend of mine wanted to show me the Chandelure analysis from BW a while back, and I joined to post in the XY speculation thread (lol @ joindate). After that, I became interested in C&C (I had a rough start at first), but I soon joined the GP and pretty much stayed since then!

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I don't remember exactly, but it's probably because I was starting to learn about competitive Pokemon and I used smogon's 4th gen analyses, and also read a couple of their guides. I especially remember one guide for Hail in OU written by Delko, and there was another guide for sun, and one for sand, but I don't remember who wrote them!
I made an account here in 2006 when Netbattle was still in existence, but that somehow got deleted. Eternal made me create another one to join the Smogon Frontier V in 2011, and ghosted my battle against reyscarface to help me win (he's pretty good at ghosting, ngl).
I just happened to sign up an account here and after a few months of being a driver I happened to have an interest in contributing to Smogon somehow, so I decided to post in this forum since this happens to be a fun section and the rest is history.
All thanks to Zebraiken

No, really. I was scared as fuck to join because I really thought that Smogon was full of really rude and disrespectful people that would insult you in public and is really clique-y, things of that nature. I'm really unsure about the exact details of our conversation, but I remember mentioning to him that I wanted to be a badged user just to be someone to be looked up to, and kind of encouraged me on that goal. It didn't just end there, though. I only really started to get "active" a bit after I got drivers on PS. Since we got rid of the old PS forums, I was "forced" to use this account if I wanted to contribute more to PS staff-y stuff, and well, here I am after summoning a huge amount of motivation to contribute to other areas of the site!
I heard about competitive Pokemon from my brother, eventually I wanted to test the teams I were making (which were utter crap), so I found PS and used that starting back in the summer of 2012. I eventually, though reluctantly, made a Smogon account because I wanted to RMT a team that needed to be fixed.
I actually only did stuff on PS for the longest time since Smogon seemed so large and I was pretty hesitant to join the community. However, The Player was made, and Vacate convinced me to try writing for them to see how it goes, and I agreed since it seemed like a good transition from PS to Smogon, with them both being vitally important to the project. I wrote a few articles, and soon I ended up branching off and looking through other parts of Smogon since it was such a large community, and things took off from there.

I also worship master Darnell

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I used to be part of the StarCraft II community and kept up with the competitive scene (or "eSports" if you will) so I subscribed to a lot of StarCraft II YouTube channels. One of the channels was CyberSportsNetwork who did coverage on lots of different competitive games. One day I came across this video of an interview with a VGC player at APEX. When asked about rulesets and websites he mentioned Smogon and SkarmBliss (rip) so that's how I found out about the site. I was unable to connect personally with anyone in the StarCraft community (which might be a surprise considering how easily I make friends here) and realized later that I actually despised it, so after I stopped playing the game I had no reason to stick around.

I got into other games, like Yu-Gi-Oh!, a bit after that, but after buying SoulSilver in July 2012 and loving it, all of my interest shifted to competitive Pokemon and the upcoming Black & White 2 release so I joined Smogon. I had a ton of trouble actually getting into the community so I pretty much only posted in social groups (if anyone here remembers those) for a while. In November of 2012 I discovered Layell's Orange Islands Movie Nights so that was kind of my gateway into the community. A few months later the mentorship program (rip) popped up and I met Superpowerdude and whole bunch of cool mentors and at that point I started getting into the community proper.

And that's really it. ;)
I was introduced to Smogon by a friend who told me about competitive battling. After me and the friend sort of fell out of touch, I explored Smogon some more, and I found out about the sim, which was Shoddy Battle at the time, and that Smogon actually had forums. After exploring the forums a bit, I discovered the RMT section, and that kind of drew me into it, but I never really posted anywhere. Now, my main draw is the Little Cup forums cuz Little Cup is the cutest ever, even though Celebi and Diancie are not allowed.....

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I actually started out (much like a lot of others) by using Smogon solely for the analyses in early BW, when I played on PO a lot. I fell out of playing Pokemon for a while for a year due to all the "Pokemon is nerdy 3 year-olds" being thrown around, but XY sparked my interest again, and I started to play OU on PS!, mainly to get a feel for the new mechanics and such before jumping into a main tier. A good friend of mine irl, BorealisTV, was on PS! as well and got involved in LC and persuaded me into playing the tier and chatting in the PS! room. Soon after, a lot of conversation began opening up regarding the Gligar and Swirlix suspect, so I got reqs, voted (with some really noob-ish reasoning), and from there decided to get involved in writing analyses. I sucked at first, but y'know, you get better as time goes by. I'd say go look at my oldest posts, but I actually made two accounts instead of getting a namechange and my first account is now banned :D


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I originally found Smogon back in 2006/2007, around the same time I found Netbattle. I was looking for ways to battle with actual teams online because I was tired of finding nothing but online Pokemon RPGs, and holy crap were they everywhere in the mid-2000s. Eventually I found Netbattle and started using that. At one point, I got myself into competitive battling, and after lurking Smogon for a year or two looking for analyses and other tips to help improve, I finally made my account. I was mostly competitive in 3rd Gen and a bit in 4th Gen, but I fell out of the competitive side during 5th Gen. I just didn't enjoy it. Once Gen 6 rolled around, I told myself I'd get back into it and stay in it. I did so for a couple of weeks with OU, but then settled into Little Cup where I've been since. I'm making attempts to play other tiers and become more well-rounded, but it's gonna take a while before I hit my stride.


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Originally I found Smogon in the early BW era in which I first started competitively playing Pokemon, that was when I'd read a bunch of UU and OU types of analysis, however I didn't really seem interested in the community as a whole so I just stayed away from it with the mindset "its just a bunch of elitists playing pokemon by their own rules" It wasn't until this year, where i had to make a forums account to PM scene and vacate an art portfolio for the player (ugh). since then, i've really enjoyed the community and contributing to it :]

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