What do you keep in your pockets?

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Are there any items that you almost always bring with you when you go somewhere? For me, it's

1. Nintendo DSi
2. iPod Touch
3. Flash drive with Shoddy on it.
I suggest people say why, or this will get locked...

anyways, I have 3 things:
Cellphone (also serves as my MP3, and I listen to it ALOT)
Housekey (obvious)
Wallet (Captain Obvious strikes again)

meh, not much interesting :/
Trouser pockets: phone in one, wallet in the other. Which is in left or right varies. My key lives in my wallet.

Coat pocket (if I'm wearing one), shirt pocket (if I have one and not a coat) or trouser pocket with mobile (if I have no other pocket): mp3player, which is a stick type, and earphones when I'm not listening. Though lately I've removed all my music because of using it to store data :-(

DS only comes out if I think I'll be playing it. When it does, it goes in a coat pocket.
Well my jeans are too tight to carry more than a tube of lip balm or chapstick, but that is something that I must ALWAYS have on me.

Otherwise I have a bag for everything else, I like to keep my cell phone, iTouch, deoderant, pens, gum, and mostly just thugs to entertain myself with. Right now I also have a toy huskee dog in my bag.

Oh, and wallet of course.
Things in my Pocket:

Wallet (obvious)
Iphone (Phone, Ipod, and the other stuff its useful for)
Keychain with room key and flashdrive on it.

Always have these things on me.

Very common things but aren't always there.

Lighter (obvious reasons)
earphones (for when I don't have my headphones)
Ipod (even if I know I won't use it, I like to have it with me), cellphone (obvious), and wallet (obvious). Lately, I've been walking with medicine for my nose.
I always carry my handbag when going out, unless I'm just going for a drive and won't be getting out for longer than a minute. It's a nice handbag and has a lot of space, which suits me well because I tend to be a pack rat and keep lots of random crap in there until I sort it out.

I always have my iPhone on me, though, even if it isn't charged, and my earphones as well for them. My bank card and purse (it's pink and frilly and lacy and about everything you'd expect from me ._.) also come with me, so usually money (I don't spend much irl, so usually a fair amount, because I like to withdraw about $100 at a time just in case). My DS Lite too if it's charged and my brother didn't steal it. Lastly, I bring a small notebook and a pen, in case I need to write something down or just want to scribble.

Re. pockets, I pretty much exclusively wear skirts and dresses, and if I was wearing something with pockets I wouldn't be able to fit my stuff in there.
I keep my phone in my pocket constantly, so I can hear/feel when it's ringing, and my car/house keys stay in the other pocket. Otherwise, everything else stays in my purse pretty much.
Like jump said, I'm a huuuge packrat and always get made fun of for it, but dammit I challenge you to find something you need in a tragedy that I can't fix with something in my purse. It's like why they exist.

Chill Murray

get well soon jacoby..
Wallet ALWAYS goes in the right pants pocket. I have a replica of the wallet Samuel L Jackson sported in Pulp Fiction, which is a great conversation starter.

Left pants pocket will usually have a tube of chapstick and my cell phone. Sometimes a pen.

I keep my keys on a belt loop by my right pocket.

Jacket pockets are for loose change, pens, tissues, my glasses, and anything else that needs to be carried. My all-purpose coat has four pockets so I can carry quite a bit of stuff if I need to, though at the moment all I really have in there are my Zune, my glasses, and 50 old receipts.
I normally keep with me my phone and headphones, the phone is obviously used to contact people but also doubles up as an MP3 player. My wallet as this has my ID, provisional drivers license, debit card and some spare change. I always have my keys so I can let myself back in my house and a pen because I often find myself wanting to write something down so I can look it up at a later date.
I usually can't fit much in my pockets besides money or my iPhone. If I'm not wearing anything with pockets, then they go into my shirt. :] Definitely the coolest thing about being a girl, hands down. For all my other things, I keep in a bag.
Hah! I forgot about that since I started my job.

The bra/cleavage pocket always used to be my phone-holder of choice. Like sometimes I can't feel the vibration through my jeans for some reason ? but it never failed me there.
I guess not if you have competent pockets.
I picked up the habit in softball, our shorts and stuff didn't have pockets obviously so I'd keep my phone in my bra.
Sports bra + tight uniform shirt = no-fail phone holder
I always have my wallet, my phone, my keys and a special tissue to clean glasses (they're the four things i check before going out); and in my coat's pockets are a notebook and three pens, a plan of paris (i don't live in paris at all), headphones, ID and passport, some cash and a ripped page with ideas written on it.
left pocket:
2 pieces of ID, student card, debit card, subway card, loose change.

right pocket:
keys, ipod, pen/pencil

back pocket(when im going out):
cell phone, condom

EDIT: yes jumpluff that is weird. All of my girl friends have some weird obsession with keeping money and phones in their bras. maybe its an excuse to show a random guy at a club half your boob whenever you feel like it (im not complaining)


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I used to have this routine (edit: I guess it has a name) when I walked out the door to get on the bus. I'd tap my right front pocket with my right hand to make sure I had my cell phone, then tap my left front pocket with my left hand to make sure I had my iPod, then tap my rear right pocket with my right hand to make sure I had my wallet. Just a quick thing I did, and those three things were always there. These days my car/house keys have replaced my iPod, but those are (currently) already out in my car because it's freaking cold in the mornings, so now my routine doesn't work as well, cause my left hands just taps an empty pocket. :(

My coat has the respective glove in each of its side pockets, as well as a tennis ball stuffed in the right one.

If I ever have a bag with me other than my school bag (like one for soccer or running or something) my stuff will be in there instead of my pants.


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The only time I use my bra is for downtown (lip balm and cell)... Then again, 90% of the time we just give our shit to the boys to put in their pockets.

No, I don't think that's weird at all. I have some friends who use their cleavage for storage purposes religiously, and I have others who use it sparingly, and others who probably wouldn't use it even as a last resort.

As for what I carry with me in my pockets, umm... pretty much nothing. Haha, which is probably why I tend to lose everything. I do my quick check: card, id, keys, phone, lip balm... and then I go.

I always have 3-4 different purses/pairs sunglasses for backup in my car as I have a habit of forgetting to grab them in the morning (totally not a morning person).

I hate huge purses, I definitely don't live out of my purse or keep random junk in it... that's what my car/office/locker/friends houses are for! haha.

But I'm just weird. :)
dammit I challenge you to find something you need in a tragedy that I can't fix with something in my purse.
Well if THAT is your objective, all you need to carry is a roll of duct tape and a can of WD40.

Also I keep being confused - when Americans say 'purse', they mean handbag right? In Britain a purse is like the women's version of a wallet.
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