What do you miss most from the Gen. I era?

Pretty much what the title says. For example, only having 151 Pokemon, the cooler sprites, the originality of the game mechanics, having only one Special, the faster-paced battles, everyone being into Pokemon... whatever. :)

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I loved the fact that when I was a little kid everyone came to me for video game advice. If anyone has seen "Grandma's Boy", you'll remember the part where the main character of the movie is sitting down at the kids table at the wedding and he's telling the kids how to beat the game the kid plays, that was like me just 30 years younger.

This was a rough time for gaming help - there were no online walkthroughs, the strategy guides you bought at $15 were a total rip-off because they would help you out through the E4 then just bail on you and not show you anything after that. My friends would ask me to get them a Mewtwo or how to find it and why I had stronger Pokemon; I'd teach them how to duplicate, etc, etc. The best was when my cousins were into video games, and not my little cousins I mean the one's who are now physically fit with hot ass gf's; they were gaming nerds at one time. I loved the fact that my one cousin I use to hang out with all the time when I was younger, he'd ask me to beat Gary because he couldn't. He had a pretty awful team, but he had a Slowbro and I honestly didn't know game mechanics until 4th gen - things such as: what type of moves were Physical/Special, DVs, Stat Exp, and all that other technical stuff the game doesn't teach you about. Luckily, as I said before, he had a Slowbro at a decent level (don't remember what level I got it at, but I know I raised to 60 something) and it did have Amnesia, Surf and Rest (and something else, can't remember, probably something it learns by level up) and that thing just wiped the floor with the E4.

When I beat the game he was all like "whoa, no way! Dude, how did you do it?! I've been trying for weeks!" and lol those were the days - technically, those were the RBY days. Ah, golden memories. And @ cantab, they will "slag it off" only because deep down they knew they grew up with it and still know all the Pokemon names they just don't admit it because Pokemon has turned into "remember Pokemon? Man, those were the days. I remember I had that Fire Pokemon... what was its name? Char... something." "Yeah I remember that!". Its kind of like how the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers turned out to be. Each generation grows up with something they love then grow up and say how foolish it was that they even played whatever it is they were into. Nowadays, kids don't appreciate what we had. You can play oldschool games like RBY on your phones nowadays, yet we had to hold those fucking 3-pound bricks they called a GameBoy. That son of a gun ate my AA batteries like there was no tomorrow. Where were wall chargers when we needed them? Lol.

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I should have been clearer actually. It's the current games people tend to slag off - usually from never even having touched them, merely seen a handful of the new Pokemon.
What i miss the most? Going into school and having 5 of my friends come to me and ask me what was the best starter, etc. i was playing pokemon 24/7 and i beat the crap out of them most times, i miss inviting like 10 of them over just to do tournaments, man i miss those days... when i could ramble on about what i knew about battling (i was 5 so i knew ack shit) and people would listen, now they would just think i am a moronic nerd :P. But what i hate the most the what another nexus has mentioned, the fact that when you want to talk abooutpokemon people disimulate that they don´t know the names, moves, E4r´s etc. just not to look stupid, I KNOW EVERYONE WHO´S PLAYED KNOWS PIKACHU´S NAME GOD DAMIT.


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Honestly, a thing which I miss a bit (in-game, not competitively) was the old DV/EV system. It sucks when you use a Roserade to fight against Rock-type mons in Platinum and she ends up with only Defense EVs and crappy SpA. In Gen I (and Gen II as well), the fact that every Pokémon contributed to all stats made playthroughs much more enjoyable IMO. You didnt have to worry about having an Impish Alakazam or a Relaxed Jolteon, too.

Indeed, while sometimes I still find myself play RBYGSC again (on emulators, obviously), I would hardly want to start again RSE (and especially DPPt).
It was a whole lot simpler then in terms of game mechanics and what-not. And just about everyone was into Pokémon so you weren't a 'dork' for being into it. I recall giving my friend £3 once for his Charizard that he duplicated. And I was probably 6 or 7 at the time so that was a lot to little me. xD

Pokémon pretty much made up my childhood. My poor parents spent so much money on a plethora of Pokémon merchandise that I begged to have. I was one of those kids who had R/B/&Y so I thought I was hot shit. But yeah, times were simpler then.
I really did miss the fact that everyone played and no matter where I went or what store I went, there was a kid that had a gameboy with a Pokemon Cartirdge in it. =)

Nowadays people are to afraid to admit they even once played...let alone talk about it in public...including myself...lol

The one thing I do miss the most is the fact that back then, we battled with our favorites, not pokemon based on their competitive stats...I think that was made it so fun because now you can't battle with an UU. While I'm not saying you can't but it's less likely and now all we have is a list of useless to most pokemon...
I miss the simplicity. There are way too many pokemon now, and there are more coming, but back then, 151 pokemon seemed huge.

I also miss how I was pretty much the go to guy with info for the games. None of my friends knew about the Cloning Glitch, Missigno., etc., and I would answer all of their questions, and would beat the E4 for them like it was easy.

Mostly, I miss how everyone I knew played the game, and how much fun it was to just discuss it.
Knowing where my cartridge is, because sadly, I cannot find my Blue and Silver versions now. =(
If it's any consolation your silver has probably lost the ability to save games and whatever you had on it is gone.

I miss not understanding the mechanics behind the pokemon games. I also miss making up rumors about how to get mew and celebi and spreading them. Yeah I was that kid.
I miss how simple the games were back then. Now i still like the whole EV/IV system but i liked it back when you could just train stuff without all this other stuff you had to worry about. Also the sprites were a lot cooler back then IMO and i liked having friends you could play the game with. I still do but not as many =/


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I miss decent villains. I mean, the first generation had Gary AND Giovanni/Team Rocket. In MAYBE a combined 30 lines of dialogue throughout the whole game they were much better developed than the villains like Cyrus who get like 150 lines of dialogue yet still are not compelling by the final battle against him.
like other people, I miss being able to play with my friends and being able to talk about it with people and stuff. I also miss being able to destroy everything with Mewtwo and not having to deal with so many after-game legendaries and crap like that. you got 3 legendaries that could be caught during the story and then afterwards you got one, which was perfect, instead of the like 10+ that platinum gives you. it was also nice when I didnt know about iv's and all that strategic stuff so I could just play for fun.
I miss the fact that I bragged about my 13 level 100's in my Yellow versions by repeatedly spamming the Elite Four with an Exp. All. Also, in gen 1, Mewtwo was THE best Pokemon, hands down.
The one thing I do miss the most is the fact that back then, we battled with our favorites, not pokemon based on their competitive stats...I think that was made it so fun because now you can't battle with an UU. While I'm not saying you can't but it's less likely and now all we have is a list of useless to most pokemon...
Personally I'd say the opposite. AIUI serious competitive RBY play always sees the same Pokemon with the same moves. Whereas in DPPt you can use UUs and NUs to good effect, because all Pokemon get a much better diversity of moves. A skilled DPPt player can battle competitively in OU with a team of all UUs and do well - that's not the case in RBY, ever.
Well, back when most of use were playing RBY we were far from skilled players. I can recall beating all my friends with my Jolteon, Blastoise, and Dodrio core. Of course no one was using Starmie or Eggy, and none of use could even catch a bloody Tauros.

I don't miss anything, because I still have my Blue, N64, and Pokemon Staidum. In fact, Dodrio tower here I come!
I miss the "darkness" or "rawness" of early pokemon. How the sprites used to look a tad more extreme and meaner and monstrous rather how safe they look now. Nowadays they try to curb everything to little kids. Back then we had Team Rocket with whips who wanted to hurt others and pokemon. There was Lavender Town and the creepiness of that as well as other things. The look of trainers like Pyros, gamblers, bikers, etc. Even the move animations were more epic like hyper beam and fire blast. The music IMO fit the game better.

I also missed the imagination and mystery of the early games. The graphics were technically/visually worse but I think they stimulated the imagination more then having everything layed out for you. There was no internet and little information so everything was more mysterious like with Celebi and other legendaries. Current Gens just don't have that same spark anymore.


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Is it wrong that I miss my working GB Transfer Pak working? I have my reasons...

Anyway, on a more serious note, I miss being known as really good in my town without knowing anything, to be honest. It was kind of funny to see someone into Pokemon that was new at school that liked Pokemon and when they tried to find someone that knew a lot and they got pointed to me, then they got surprised to be asking for advice from a 9 year old girl in pink most of the time. I'm amused by the strangest things, I swear...

Looking back I'm proud of not liking Pikachu but I loved my team of Blastoise, Fearow, Nidoqueen, Dugtrio, Vaporeon, and the Chansey I caught and stuck random moves on. I used a gameshark once in my life: to give a max HP cheat to my Chansey so I could use Rage to beat 4 of the 5 elite four members just for the laughs.
I was never apart of the Era. I am 12 now. I wish Pokemon was still cool, because I have to tell people I don't play so I am not made fun of. It really sucks. I can't even mention how gay Mr.Mime is on Facebook without being spammed to death.
i missed the fact that the gym leaders and the E4 were actually cool and intimidating. (pokemon stadium and pokemon stadium 2 added to that). Sure some of the more recent leaders are cool, but i like the originals better. I remember when i was like 6 and got to the E4 the first time, i was like "Ooh S*** im in for a challenge. " Now for the 3rd and 4th gens, I'm like "The E4....perfect punching bags."

I also miss calling Blue "Jackass" He was truly worthy of the title back then. The other rivals don't deserve it IMO.

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