What is the first article from The Smog you've ever read?

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P. sure it was that one, and then I distinctly remember reading Doug's interview. I initially lurked around on Smogon because of CAP, and then I actually started contributing to Smogon when R_D would post those Recently in C&C news posts on the front page and I noticed a ton of spelling and writing mistakes in Heysup's stuff so I created an account and posted all of them in the Small Changes threads.
Mine was the grass type analysis, back when I was trying to beat the Platinum Elite Four with only grass types. I remember having no idea what STAB and OU meant and just overall have no knowledge of competitive pokemon. But I later saw more Smog articles, got interested, became a member of this site, and am now trying to write for the Smog. Things come will full circle when some other noob sees my article ( if it is accepted) and decides to get into this site. Life has a funny way of working.


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My first article mmm owo was a Smogon Tour. But the first article (and not topic) was a discussion upon Diggersby.
I think the very first thing i read was a featured NU RMT for BW2 so i could bring a decent team to the ladder. On the whole i would love to see the featured RMT section return as i feel it was highly informative and really provides a cool look into any metagame.
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