What is your opinion?

White csstle burger is The King of burger

(And im not even in the castle :x)
Im not sure if the White castle rip OFF the White
Manna… or perhaps even thenother way around.

But what i do know… there is no better
Freeling than walking out of bergen county Courthouse in hackensack after defeating the Civil charges and/or summons for Parking ticlet and absolutely gorging the stomach on delicious white manna sandwiches… mmmm.!!!! You are missing out!!! It is the Flavour of JUSTICE
McDonalds makes a fantastic litmus test to determine whether or not you should take someone's food opinions seriously. Casually ask, "hey, what's your favorite McDonalds food?" and if they do anything other than look at you in utter revulsion, you know that you shouldn't take their opinion seriously.

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