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Hello everyone! I'm fairly new here so I was wondering what the rating meant. I know it is a representation of how good you are, but I was wondering what rating is considered low, medium, high etc. And also at what level you've proven you got a decent team.

And this is for the playpokemon showdown website.
For us VGC players, rating isn't that significant given that the ladder itself is bo1 and bo1 gimmicks, together with good luck, can get you higher than a player with a good team and normal luck. However, it shows how consistent you are, which is something one always wants to know when taking or giving advice.

Imo only big live events or consistent wins on NB Lives show whether you have a competent team or not, but as for showing the player's skill in ladder:

1000 - 1300: Low Ladder
After this point you rarely see non-VGC teams which are ez af to beat.
1300-1500: Mid Ladder.
You get to face decent to good VGC players here, and sometimes even known Nugget Bridge users.
1500 and forward: High ladder.
The best of the best lurks around here in terms of players. Memes intensify sometimes around this area.
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