what songs do you listen do when you're doing work and shit like that


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i have a playlist of a few combined ambient albums which is usually what i go for when studying / writing etc. brian eno has a bunch of good stuff eg music for airports, music for films, and ambient 2 the plateaux of mirrors
I listen to Fubikiru's (did I spell that right?) Touhou orchestral covers. Nice because there are several songs in one video, so I can just click and then not have to worry about getting distracted while choosing a new song. Personally, when trying to focus, I find that its best to listen to music I am familiar with rather than music I have never heard before. Am a big Touhou fan so I know all of those songs by heart now.


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For anything that doesn't require thought, sleepycabin so that I can listen to people yell about pointless things


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i let the pace of the work dictate the pace of the music i listen to! or the tone matters most, like more high-pitched or low-pitched.

high pitched: Oracle of Ages/Seasons Zelda OST

low pitched: i really like the artist "clipping." One of my faaaavorite tracks of theirs is called "Run For Your Life" and has lots of neat ambient sound production. good headphones are a must!

in general i do my best to avoid anything too lyrical, unless it's super rhythmic, like clipping. then it becomes white noise, which is what i'm after... white noise colored to suit my mood.


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Look up lofi 24 hr streams or really long playlists (like 10 hours) on youtube/spotify and just leave them on, i can't focus otherwise


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the hollow knight OST in general is really good!!! tons of super relaxing tracks, as well as some with a kick in case you need to get a little extra done and want some adrenaline
there are also some HK ambiences on youtube that isolate specific aspects of the ost's instrumentals, which lets some really nice and relaxing aspects of things like greenpath and fungal wastes really shine.
here are some of my favorites:
I am going to be called a basic bitch for this, but I genuinely listen to GameChops's Video Game Study Lounge. I don't normally listen to lo-fi, but their music is energetic enough to help me focus without being too distracting

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