What was your most haxed moment?


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One time I was battling Tacho on wifi and he got 3 Flinches with Waterfall, 2 Paralysises with Thunderbolt and 2 useful CH'es. Needless to say, I lost.
My most haxed moment...?

Well, after a long and grueling battle against someone on Youtube, it was Weavile vs. Weavile, both were about ready to fall, and it all depended on who went first. I was confident that mine would go first, since my Weavile was the first one who had weakened the opponent's Weavile with Brick Break. After that, he switched and my Leafeon had to deal with the rest of his Pokemon (including a Metagross that was severely weakened and an Electivire). Leafeon defeated Metagross, and would have dealt with Electivire if he wasn't weakened. Finally, all I had left was Weavile, and... ah, I'll just cut to the chase.

We were both about ready to faint, I was confident that mine would attack first, we both used Ice Shard, and... I lost! It turned out they were at the same speed! >:-(

I never wanted to battle again after that...
Lesse here...

There was the time my Porygon-Z scored a critical AND froze with Tri Attack.

Then in another battle my Yanmega flinched a Swampert 3 times in a row with Air Slash. I finished it off with Bug Buzz because I was scared Air Slash would miss if I chose it again. <_<


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Has to be some sort of Garchomp using Sand Veil hax. Me missing say an important Ice Fang with Gyarados. Them kind of things, they suck, though they're occuring.
Ok this was easily my most haxed moment EVER. Nothing has ever even come close to this in my experience, though I have had other haxed momenets.

Anyways I was battling a guy on Shoddy Battle and was dominatiing. The battle was 4-1 in my favor and he sends out Miltank. I am not too scared because all 4 of my pokemon are at full health and there are not any switch in hazards.

Well IIRC I had Scarfchomp out at the time so I EQ which does about 52% damage. He then Body Slams, which gets CH and paralyzes me. So he Milk Drinks next turn and I get parahax next turn.

He then proceeds to sweep me because nothing I have can 1HKO Miltank. EVERYTIME he attacks he gets CH and every first attack gets a paralyze. (I am seriously not exxaggerating.) Whats worse is I am always paralyzed the second turn, so I can't hit him.

The really lame part is all of my poemon can 2HKO Miltank except Blissey. It really ticked me off, though he did admit he had never seen so much hax and wouldn't have come close to winning without it.

Well thats my hax story, I'd like to see some one honestly beat that lol.
Gengar Vs. Clefable

Gengar used Hypnosis, Gengar's attack missed
Clefable used some attacking move
Gengar used Focus Blast, Gengar's attack missed
Clefable used some attacking move
Gengar fainted.

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Gengar Vs. Clefable

Gengar used Hypnosis, Gengar's attack missed
Clefable used some attacking move
Gengar used Focus Blast, Gengar's attack missed
Clefable used some attacking move
Gengar fainted.
70% x 70% = 49% chance of scoring these two moves. Not that unlucky, but I know how you feel (lol 10 Overheats).
Well my brightpowder team , i swept 6-0 , and the opponent never laid one hit on me

then once , i came back from 1-4 , +6 swords dance garchomp , with 1% HP , chompbacked and won the game , it was pure fun
There was this one time when I had I suicune agianst a garchomp.I used ice beam and I missed while his chomp used sub.I used ice beam AGAIN and it misses while chomp uses swords dance.I use ice beam a third time and it connects but he used outrage and he got a critical.Then I sen out starmie and used ice beam but it missed aswell.I got 6-0ed because of that.

Also one time I lost blissey and zapdos to a scarfed togekiss since I kept on flinching.
Missed choice spec draco meteor 3 times against a 25% HP donphan... he went on to kill my about 100% HP salamence with ice shard >.> Salamence was my last pokemon and donphan his lol. Salamence was at -2 sp atk but woulda killed it off :(


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Hamstern I know how you feel... I made it all the way to Spencer and Horn Drill hit all three of my pokes, I was so angry I couldn't see straight, especially since my pokes rocked and would've destroyed spencer but in THAT battle they decided not to attack at all...


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I'm usually not "haxed" too badly, so I'll give an example of where I "haxed" someone. Generally speaking, because most "hax" moments occur during an attacking phase, and I am always attacking, I get these "hax."

My favorite moment, however, was when I was down to Garchomp, and he had ScarfChomp, Ice Shard Mamoswine and Starmie. Yep, you know where this is going.

I killed his fourth poke with Garchomp's EQ (who had Swords Danced the previous turn), and he sent out his scarfer. It was in the sand...and well, his Chomp's Outrage missed, and mine hit. Ok, not too bad.

He sends out his Mamoswine...his Ice Shard misses, and my Outrage nails him for the ko. Now my rampage ended, and I became confused.

He sends out Starmie. It misses with Ice Beam...but...I hurt myself confusion. Then, he misses with Ice Beam again, I snap out of confusion and Outrage him for the home run.

Horrible hax right here:

My Magnezone used HP Ice
It missed Garchomp.
It used EQ, killed Mag.
It was followed by 4 critical hits in a row. Killing each guy.
I now have 1 guy left: Tangrowth
I use sleep powder, needless to say it missed. Garchomp used EQ (locked into it)
Tangrowth survives just so Power whip misses. Garchomp then killed it.
EQ 2hkoed Tangrowth? LIES!!

Well, I usually get haxed when I face people I know, not shoddy. But, here's some examples.

-My brother likes brightpowder. A lot. He puts it on something different almost every battle. Once it was on Gastrodon. I kept trying to hit it with CBanded attacks but it missed until he stockpiled 3 times. Then he just stalled me out, and I lacked a PHazer. Next time, my Gardevoir predicted a Tcroak swith and used Psychic. It missed. He used Suckerpunch, it hit, I used Psychic again and it missed. I died next turn.

-He also likes Quick Claw. He thought Quick Claw Octillery was the best thing since sliced bread. This one time, I had Clefable out and started calm minding, but he came and critted with surf after going first. Fearing for my life, I sent in Miamgius and perish trapped it. At low HP, I used pain split but he went first and killed me. Later on in the match, it was Roserade vs Octillery. He went first and flamethrowers. I died. FInally, I send in Clefable to finish it but it goes first again and kills Clefable.

**Needless to say, I talked with him and asked him "kindly" to stop using hax items. Thankfully he agreed it was lame.

-Against my friend James, he was at a lower level than me, and I was at Rexall Place (hockey stadium in edmonton, no Wifi) so I battled him, but he was allowed to bring his Diagla. I SDed with Drapion, and criticalled almost every poke he sent out. Finally, Dialga comes in, it uses Roar of Time, but I survive with 2 HP and OHKO it with EQ.
On shoddy it was my gliscor vs his steelix. I had sandstream up. He used explosion and it missed me and left him dead. lol

Different game, my cradily is stalling out his starmie. He hits me with ice beam for ~20%. He then says "Now you freeze" or somthing like that, and I get frozen on the very next ice beam
olympic glory switched in Gengar (lvl 100 Gengar ?).
Paris Hilton: Moment of truth
Gengar used Hidden Power.(Ice)
Gengar's attack missed!
Garchomp snapped out of confusion!
Garchomp used Outrage.
Garchomp went on a rampage!
Gengar lost 82% of its health.
olympic glory's Gengar fainted.
Paris Hilton wins!
I have noticed Howcome all hax comes from sand veil pokes?
The Sand Veil Pokemon just happen to have very good qualities, other than their Sand Veil trait. For example, Garchomp is one of the best Physical attackers and Gliscor is one of the best physical walls. Sand Veil just makes them...more desirable, especially on sandstorm teams.

And as for my moment of hax, it happens to be in my sig. Even though Salaspectrum has already mentioned it, I think it wouldn't hurt if I share one of the best moments with those who haven't seen it yet.
Once, I froze a pokémon with ice beam. It thawed out at the first oppotunity. This happened twice in the same match >_>.

My Alakazam missed 4 focus blasts in a row. That's the same chance of hitting with four OHKO moves in a row iirc.
In Emerald, I was fighting through the Battle Palace (that ****ed up place where you're supposed to "trust your Pokemon and let the attack on their own" blah blah blah). Anyway, I was up against the Frontier Brain, and it ultimately came down to my Sceptile versus his Sandlash.

I'm thinking easy win here, one Leaf Blade and he's history. But for some reason, my retarded Sceptile only felt like using Thunder Punch, Endeavor, and Substitute. I sat there for what must have been over 10 turns while Sandslash used stuff like Sandstorm, EQ, and other useless moves, and not ONCE did Sceptile use Leaf Blade. I was so pissed when I lost.

I lose a battle due to 5 flinches in a row coming from Metagross's Zen Headbutt.

Another one, I have Gliscor out who Agility's, Cloyster comes in, I BP to PorygonZ. Ice Beam freezes, PorygonZ doesnt thaw.
Ladder pairs me with the same dude again. I get out PorygonZ, Nasty Plot up and concede an Ice Beam....and I get frozen and don't thaw again.

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