What would your custom avatar look like?


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I would have Captain Falcon doing his knee is one direction, with Falco doing his dair in the other direction bcus those are my mains in melee :). Don't exactly know how plausible that would even be for a custom avatar but I can dream right

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my dream custom would look somewhat like these. took my favorite gen 2 skier sprite and revamped it to gen 3's style.

i made these shitty prototypes a while ago. :smogduck:

- i love sprite revamps/devamps. different styles of pixel art come from different time periods, use different techniques, have different limitations, and have different reasonings, etc... revamps/devamps answer "what if blank came from blank" questions. i love that.
- regice has been and will always be my favorite pokemon.
- i've gone by KEEPING IT ICY on showdown.

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