What's going on in PS development?

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Hi all! I'm gonna be using this to create a clear list of what's going on in PS development. As it is, the PR list can be pretty unclear for non-devs, so this should be more convenient for most.
(Changes that aren't new features or are only improvements upon code are excluded, as only devs will care about those, and said devs can read the PR list)

In progress:
- Fix for excluding variables in /ms - Viett (aviettran)
- Allowing alternative parameters for /ds - fart
- A fix for /poll deletequeue when used from the page - Distrib
- Support for automatically setting modchat when all roomstaff are offline - Mia
- Support for more moderation commands offline - Mia
- Improvement to tournament creation UI (supports more settings) - MacChaeger
- Adding a global watchlist for punished users - Mia
- Support for saving hangman entries (for reuse) - Mia
- Server-side for multi battles - Spandan and MacChaeger
- Calculation of ELO on the server on ladder failure - dvdreedy
- Support for an interval to show recommendations in The Studio - Mia
- Support for showing more accurate punishment expiry times - Bardiches
- Adding a switchout message for Neutralizing Gas - DaWoblefet
- Friends list - Mia
- Support for persisting statuses - Mia
- Support for a per-user PM blacklist - Mia
- Support for persisting battles through restarts - Mia

- Refactors to /highlight - Kris
- Improved tournament creation UI (more settings, etc) - MacChaeger
- Multi battles - Spandan and MacChaeger
- More weather tooltips - Austin
- Offline pms
(in-progress, lacking PR, by Mia)
- Ways to flag tour/suspect accounts
- Tournament improvements
- Custom pokeball data

- Command for doing calculations on ps - (Austin and Kris)
- usage stats plugin (Kris and Mia)

When things are completed, they will be added to the PS update thread when the batch post is done.
Should be updating this weekly, so check back soon!
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