When Latinos Collide! An OU Warstory by ReyScarface and Mizuno

Great play by both players, IMO, it was just about the right length. And I don't know why everyone is saying 9/10. I've read most of the archieve and this warstory (comments and predictions), was a 10/10.
I don't understand the title, but whatever.
now that was a great warstory and battle,i dont really think that this should have end like this,i mean! serious! that stone edge should have killed it! oh well,bad luck to some people i guess....
Actually i'm slightly curious about this... Firstly, Mizuno already knew you were going to roost after the CC... so why didn't he SD one more time to reach +6? I doubt you were going to use Thunderbolt...

Other then that, it was an excellent story throughout.


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Great stuff! My favorite part was probably Lucarios ballsy second Swords Dance and the following Close Combat narrowly missing the KO. I'll leave this here another day or two in case anybody else wants to comment and then I'll whisk it off to the Warstory Archive.


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Impressive warstory, great mindgames.

As promised from two days earlier, here now shall the warstory lay.

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