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Once upon a time, I was a lot younger.
My friends were on Scratch, and I felt I should be there as well.
One of my friends (my best friend at the time) was a great fan of the Rowlet evolution line (as was I), and his username was KingArcherOwl, with a fitting Decidueye as a profile picture.
He was tall, and I was much shorter. In a weird sort of way of making a reference, I decided I would use the username BestDartrix.
Unfortunately, I was very bad at googling Dartrix's actual name, and I misspelt the Pokémon as 'Datrix'.
It's stuck with me ever since.
my ps name is an uber rare cat from battle cats. man i was obsessed with that game years ago and grateful crane just so happened to be my first uber, hard carried be through most of the campaign.

as for my smogon name - well id like to say theres a deep backstory to it but id be lying. i just thought it sounded cool. i initially wanted "ReduxionReaxion" which sounds like a chemistry term and i was in chemistry olympiad and liked chemistry a lot. however that didnt roll off the tongue very well hence why i settled for this.
bit of a dumb story. my smogon nick "cqiqi" was something i just made up out of the blue one day in a cabela's. at first i only used it as a nickname for ghost types cos i thought it sounded spooky, but then i wanted a unique username for discord and cqiqi happened to fit the bill perfectly. then i decided one of my ocs needed a name, and so i named her cqiqi. so now cqiqi is my go-to username and the name of my first and main oc.
my other nick "tsty" is just tasty without the "a" lol :woop:


Banned deucer.
Back in 2013 (BW2) when you could exploit the DS wi-fi system and send your own .pkm files through the world, I made giant distributions over nights with 10-20k hits each. People just had to log into the wifi and instantly received a random shiny/event/perfect baby/etc. When I asked what my nickname should be they said Distrobro.


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Originally, my go-to username was Konijn, which mean rabbit in dutch. I used to play CS GO, and with my friends we were often joking about how I was the only one playing with a weapon called the R8, so it eventually it made into my name. Time passed, I joined Smogon, where people started to call me "R8" instead of "R8 Konijn" (which btw most people misspelt in a way or an other, I admit that was pretty funny). I got used to that and I felt like it "R8" alone looked cooler because I like short usernames, so I eventually namechanged.
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Self hatred, outside of smogon I also use names that are degrading in some way. But those aside one that has stuck with me for a while its "Xed", It started as a mix of XD and erick (My first name) but after too many lucky games I like to say its short for Haxed.

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