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Which mons would be OP if we had 5 move slots

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Not sure if this is the right sub or if this had ever been posted before. If it doesn't belong here, I apologize and ask a mod to kindly move this to the right sub :)

Basically title!

Every format is welcome to be discussed here. I'll start:

Latias - Mega-Latias

The CM/Stored Power Set is insanely strong coupled with her ridiculous mixed bulk. Roost becomes mandatory to help her recover while setting up. Her last move will usually be either substitute or another attack such as Dragon Pulse or HP Fighting. If she runs Sub, she is icecold stopped by all Dark types. If she runs Pulse/HP Fight, she becomes weak to Toxic and strong physical revenge killers who can hit her for super effective dmg. Having access to both aka 5 move slots, would make her incredibly hard to stop.


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Hi, this thread dosen't really belong here. I'm not sure where it would go though, maybe the Other Metagames forum if its a pet mod. Though please read the rules of that forum before posting. If its not a pet mod, I don't think theres a forum for theorymoning on smogon, maybe it would be better to try and drum up a conversation in a room such as lobby on showdown. Thanks for your understanding.

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