Let me just start by saying that yes, I have used this set effectively for a very long time and find it effective in XY RU as well, and no SubSeed is not good just annoying


- Is now a Fairy-type, this grants it an excellent new STAB and many new resists
- Fast, outspeeds most of the tier
- May seem weak, but it's just strong enough
- Access to Prankster and an excellent support movepool in Tailwind, Encore, Leech Seed, Stun Spore etc
- Annoying

Offensive Support
name: Offensive Support
move 1: Moonblast
move 2: Giga Drain / Energy Ball
move 3: U-turn / Hidden Power Fire
move 4: Tailwind
ability: Prankster
item: Life Orb
evs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spd
nature: Timid


- Moonblast is your best STAB move, which actually hits hard off 77 SpAtk
- Giga Drain is your other STAB that gives recovery, but is usually pretty weak. Even if this set is trying to kill itself at the same time, you sometimes want to stick around a bit longer to do more damage
- Energy Ball fixes this, being stronger but it lacks the recovery
- U-turn provides momentum and makes this thing incredibly annoying
- Hidden Power Fire is the only way to break Escavalier and others
- Tailwind is why this works. Set it up as you're about to go down and give a teammate 3 turns to break, if you mess up, you have to switch out or abuse it yourself, wasting valuable turns

Set Details

- Prankster + Tailwind is why this works for obvious reasons
- Life Orb is 100% necessary to provide a power boost and to kill yourself faster
- EVs provide maximum power and Speed, same with the Timid nature

Usage Tips

- Freely attack. Be reckless so you die as you set up Tailwind
- If the opponent switches to a slower Pokemon you can not kill, you have 2 options, U-turn/switch or set up Tailwind and take the chance to break with the other Pokemon
- You will always be walled by Fire-types, but the whole point of this set is to do as much damage as possible and get out not caring about recoil so do that

Team Options

- Slower or powerful wallbreakers that appreicate Tailwind, this can be anything, but the main requirements are strong, spamable STAB. Examples:

Other Options

- SubSeed
- Memento
- Encore
- Stun Spore
- Defensive
- Hurricane?

Checks & Counters

- Considering this set is a supporter that doesn't care if it gets walled because it can U-turn or just die, it doesn't have that many concrete checks and counters
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It's only OO worthy. Defensive/SubSeed sets are just plain bad and imo this is its best set, which doesn't have room for Encore, Tailwind is its most notable niche, not Encore.
It has nothing to do with SubSeed. Encore + U-turn is crazy good at stealing momentum from the opponent which alone makes a Support/Defensive set worth a look. Not QC tho so take this with a grain of salt.
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It has nothing to do with SubSeed. Encore + U-turn is crazy good at stealing momentum from the opponent which alone makes a Support/Defensive set worth a look. Not QC tho so take this with a grain of salt.
I know, I'm probably going to end up giving it a set, I'm just saying that the one there is the main reason to use it.


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No, Encore is definetly one of the biggest reasons to use Whimsicott, if not the main reason. Prankster + Encore is a really awesome combination and, as Punchroom said, it can help steal away any momentum with that and U-turn. If it were up to me I'd make this the main set.

Whimsicott @ Leftovers
- Encore
- Moonblast
- U-turn
- Stun Spore / Taunt
Bold Nature
252 HP / 228 Def / 24 Spe (enough to outspeed Adamant Hitmonlee)

Whimsicott is a pretty good defensive mon since it can Encore to mess up the opponent, Grass/Fairy is a pretty good typing, it can keep up the momentum with U-turn, and priority Stun Spore can help stop something rampant. Priority Encore is honestly great as it can help a partner set up on something without having to resort to memento, and Whimsicott has decent enough defenses and the typing to act as a defensive pivot.

Honestly, the offensive set doesn't seem very appealing to me and I'm hesitant on approving it. 77 base special attack is low, especially with Whimsicott not getting very strong attacks and its STABs not covering that much. To give you an idea, you have only about a 50% chance to OHKO 0/0 Gallade (while I know that it is bulky, its an uninvested Gallade and you have full LO investment) . Also since Tailwind already is not a very useful strategy in general, "the main reason to use it" is pretty insignificant. You just don't get long enough to abuse it in a single player match and it can easily be stalled out in the three turns you have. Trick Room or Sticky Web is a much better strategy than Tailwind, as Trick Room can use bulkier, stronger Pokemon whereas there is no time limit on Sticky Web while it accomplishes something similar. Maybe an offensive build with Encore/U-turn/Moonblast/Giga Drain could work but definitely not Tailwind unless you can show me it in action.


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Yeah I like Worldtour's set but with Memnto slashed in somewhere as well, it allows setup opportunities for a variety of frailer setup sweepers. Tailwind is way to short and not worth being slashed imo. I'd say Encore, U-turn, and a STAB are essential, and then you've got room for Stun Spore, Taunt, Memento, or perhaps a second STAB.

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