SM OU [White Album] A Kyurem Stall team

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  • Choice Band Blissey

  • Kebia Berry Special Azumarril

  • Sharpen + Last Resort Porygon2

  • Memento Mega Latias

  • Self-Destruct + Belly Drum Snorlax

  • Wishpasser Mega Absol

  • Why not all of them?

  • Latias doesn't learn Memento you moron

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Hey guys! This team right here is my most recent one, with decent ammount of success in mid ladder (cuz I suck). I originally wanted to create a more offensive oriented team, but I'm happy with the more Stall oriented team that it ended being.
Teambuilding Proccess
Kyurem itself was a recent discovery in USM OU. Seemingly having no niche over it's black version, Kyu was overlooked for almost one and half year. SubRoost combo, paired with Pressure is one of it's main assets, being able to set up on Chansey thanks to it's 101 HP subs paired with reliable recovery. It's ability to PP stall is specially good against fatter teams, while it's decent speed, good Special Attack and coverage in Ice Beam and Earth Power let's it mess with balanced teams that relies on Tran, Bulky Grasses and/or Zygarde.
To cover Kyurem's weakness against faster wallbreakers, Chansey and Mega Sab where added, the former being the blanket check to many special attackers, and the latter the fighting type answer. They also appreciate Kyu doing well against Heatran, certainly a hard mon to handle for this core.
To cover Kyu's weakness against entry hazards, I decided to implement two defoggers, one that deals well against Tran (EQuake SpD Mew) and other able to beat Ferrothorn (Zapdos). These two also have the added benefit of being able to either cripple or beat Mega Medicham and Kartana or Scizor, respectively.
Given the tendency the team have to be settup fodder, I decided to add the best Unaware user to further increase the team's bulkiness. I decided to go Spite instead of Soak+Toxic, since that way I can take advantage of the burns that Mega Sab & Mew spread.
However, the team had one glaring weakness to MMaw, which forced me to run Mega Aggron instead of Mega Sab. Now that 4X fire-weak Steels are covered by Agg instead, Zapdos was replaced by Gliscor. Mew's set also was changed, to handle Mega Medicham better.

Special Setup Sweepers

Given Pyuku being physical based instead of special, these three are able to hit it on it's weak point (specially since they don't really mind getting burnt). Special mention goes to Tapu Lele, which can carry Taunt and/or Fightinium Z.
Mega Gyarados
Mold Breaker ignores Unaware, meaning that this is the only physical Setup Sweeper able to break past Pyukumuku.
The only counterplay I have for this guy is trying to get as many Metronome boost as possible before it gets into the battle, otherwise it can singlehandely sweep my entire team without much problems depending on the set.​


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