Who are your favorite Pokemon Let's Players

I would like to watch some new commentators for inspiration for my own, smogon crew who are your favorite youtubers?

I know of PokeCinema, big fan of him.
This guy is pretty good. Every last bit of this video is masterfully made and fully encapsulates the magnitude of a Nuzlocke challenge. You feel like you're right there, in the heat of the action. Of note are the parts 00:30 and 8:44, but you have to watch the full 10 minutes to truly feel the magic. It is the epitome of LPs:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csifqDsfUVc

I like BikdipOnABus and Datai (even though sometimes datai uses really weak Pokemon like Ariados or Mawile which can make his videos boring to watch), and also Slowflake because of his commentary.
Fighting gym leader Watson, all his pokémon fainted apart from zigzagoon named slavinator.
Sends slavinator out.
Says:"Go Slavinator, slavinate him!"
Opponnent imediatley faints from poison.
Imediate ear deafness.

Also catches Groundon in a nest ball and hurts veiwers hearing.
Even though I'm not on his forums, I am addicted to Mariland. I've watched his whole emerald nuzlocke, his wedlocke is just so darn interesting and his white 2 has gotten off to a good start! :)
I've been watching a couple French LPers to help me practice the language (or at least have the sounds of the language in my head). I like Gallious; NewTiteuf is pretty good too.
Not really Let's Plays, they are post-commentries, but BrainScratchComms have gone through Yellow and Crystal, and are going through Leafgreen. They are funny and amazing in general. If you haven't heard of them, go check them out. Click on Lost Impact, damn it while you're at it. :)
Pokemon Lets Play?

Hey guys! I have a youtube channel that is quite new. I haven't really uploaded anything on it yet but want to begin. First, would you smogonites actually watch it if I did? Second, I would like to begin with a Let's Play because I enjoy watching them and I'm sure you do too. Third, what game should I LP?(Pokémon Game DUH)Also specify if you would like Nuzlocke and with what rules please. Lastly, would someone be willing to make an intro for my videos or teach me would work as well. I would like it to fit in with my channel so basically Riolu related. Thanks for reading and please answer.
My channel url: http://www.youtube.com/user/RaginRiolu?feature=mhee
I haven't really found a Poketuber who I like... I enjoy JWitz's but not enough to watch constantly. I got into someone who -I think- was called SilverNinetails or something like that... it had to do with Ninetails.

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