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Nickname: I would nickname her Tia because it has tia in Latias.

Choice Scarf
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 Sp.Att, 252 Sp. Def, 6 Def
Nature: Timid

-Draco Meteor / Dragon Pulse
-Trick / Hidden Power Fire

Look familiar? this is basicly the Specs set, except with a Choice Scarf. Why, you may ask? Latias has a base 110 speed, and coupled with a Choice Scarf, Latias outspeeds +1 Salamence, +1 Gyarados and Scarf Flygon, all dangerous Pokemon that can destroy teams. What's better is that latias OHKOs all three of those Pokemon, while still being a major threat. Surf again is used for Heatran, and Trick may be used for crippling the terrible Blissey. But of course, you may use Hidden Power to hurt Scizor. But Magnezone's useful for that. This set is beaten easily by Tyranitar, so be sure to include a counter.

The EVs are use so that Latias can have more Sp. Atk. The reason why having the EVs on Sp. Def instead of Speed is because of the Choice Scarf. Choice Scarf raises the holder's speed by 50%, which is enough speed to go fast. And Sp. Def allows itself to last longer from other Dragon type Sp. Attack moves. Then, the next turn when you raise speed from your Choice Scarf, use Draco Meteor on a dragon Pokemon like Salamence, or Thunderbolt on a Gyarados, or use Surf on Heatran to KO them because you are fast with your Choice Scarf and with your Sp. Atk. That is why you raise 252 Sp. Def instead of Speed.
I would name it Zhenski or Qeyyum which are Bulgarian for "female" and Azerbaijani for "guardian", respectively. Female because Latias is the female twin, obviously, and Guardian because Latias makes me remember Pokémon Ranger:Guardian Signs.

Thanks for the Giveaway!
I would nickname it Bermuda because it has this little triangle on it's body. Once it's out in play you(r) lost.
"GoldenGirl" of course! Never watched the show, but the nick was in my mind before this thread even began. Also, something like:

252 HP / 252 Def / 6 SpD
-Calm Mind
-Dragon Pulse

(for Doubles, of course)
I luv Latias <3
Nickname: Yumi

Yumi means Dream in japanese and I think that it fit Latias . 3.

Moveset: Stalling Latias

Latias @ Leftovers
Timid 252 hp / 4 def / 252 spe
Roar / Dragon Pulse

This set aims to make Latias a supper annoying staller, is meant to be played with Toxic Spikes and Spikes support, with Charm she can perfectly outstall Tyranitar and most physical sweepers barring critical hits as they'll be unable to break Latias' substitutes, Roar is better for things like Jirachi, Ferrothorn and Scizor as they're immune to t-spikes but Dragon Pulse can be used to have some offensive presence, yeah :I is hard to make a set for Latias
My nickname would be Wyrmadame. A wyrm is a type of dragon, and being a female would often be referred to as "Madame". No reference at all to the pathetic Wormadam.

Burn that Pokemon!

Latias@Flame Orb
Timid 76 hp / 176 sp. atk / 252 spe
Psycho Shift
Dragon Pulse
Hp Fire

Basically you Psycho Shift the Latias check turning into an amazing wall, Recover off any damage you take, and sweep. I like it because it gives you status immunity without giving a moveslot to Refresh.
Nickname:#1-Hottie because its a girl and its Hot enough to sweep a team
#2-Midna after the female witch thingie that helps you out in The legend of zelda:Twilight princess.

Moveset-Latias@Life Orb
252 HP/204 Defense/48 Speed Timid
1.Dragon Pulse
3.Calm Mind/Recover/Wish
4.Thunder Wave/Swagger/Toxic
Its my own unique annoying latias spread and set. It can take really nice hits and also put a status or confuse them. Don't forget the attacking while their life goes down with the status making either a last minute kill or great lead.
Nickname: Funshine

Why?: Because everybody loves Latias, and everybody loves Funshine Bear. The coloration is nearly identical. Also, Fun-"Shine" is an accidental reference to the fact that Latias is shiny.


As for the moveset:

I am no good at this game yet. If I must make an original moveset for this contest, I will do one that fits the nickname without taking competitive viability into too much account.

"A Fun Day is a Sunny Day"
Sunny Day
Solar Beam
Dragon Pulse
252 Def/104SpDef/152SpAtk

Sunny day: Because in GenV, a match-up with weather is a fun match.
Solar beam: To take advantage of sunny day. Too bad this Latias is HP: Electric and not HP: Fire.
Dragon Pulse: STAB dragon move!
Recover: + Leftovers means that the fun can continue all day.
I would definetly nickname her Jetstream. I got the name from watching Sky High, and that's the alias of the main character's mom plus Lati twins look like jets. Latias looks like she stands for protection and justice, so this set I suggest represents that.

Thunderwave and Wish Support
Latias w/ Leftovers
252 HP/ 38 Def/ 220 SpD
-Dragon Pulse/ Draco Meteor

Most people expect a CM variant of Latias but this one helps deal with counters and supports the team. This Latias is meant to T-wave but make sure you dispose of ground types, if not use wish or reflect to soften damage if the opponent brings out the expected Tyranitar. Anything T-waved is at half speed, and Latias needs good bulk moreso than speed to outdo her brother.
Goldilocks because SHE is a GOLD dragon who's awesome. Goldilocks is awesome because she steals from bears.

MorgenStern = Morning Star in german. Latias' signature move is Wish, which could be viewed as wishing on a morning star.

Dual Screens @ Light Clay
252 hp, 252 spe 6 def Timid
-Light Screen
-Dragon Pulse/Surf/Refresh/Protect
This Latias sticks around forever and can set up screens almost always due to her amazing speed, bulk and ability to Wish, as well as cleanse her own status. Only run Protect with wish, otherwise it wastes valuable screen time.

Bulky wall breaker @Leftovers
252 hp, 252 spe, 6 Satk
Dragon Pulse
Refresh/HP Fire
Latias, despite not having taunt, works as an awesome stall breaker. She can heal off the light damage that walls do, toxic all but steels and completely stall them with Refresh, or can use HP Fire to beat pesky Ferro's and Skarmory.
Congrats on such a great Pokemon!

Now for my moveset submission:

Latias @ Life Orb
Trait: Levitate
Evs: 252 HP, 252 SpA, 4 Def
Timid Nature (+Spe, -Attack)
-Draco Meteor/Dragon Pulse

This set aims to strike a balance between offense, defense, and support. A timid nature with no speed investment reaches 281 speed, one more point than pokemon that aim to outspeed neutral base 90s by one point. Max HP lets it tank hits with its massive special defense and decent defense stat as well as passing the biggest wishes it can. Draco Meteor off of 318 Special attack with LO hurts anything that does not resist it and Surf provides great coverage. Wish has good synergy with LO healing away the recoil damage that Latias takes as well as being able to heal teammates that need it. Protect on Latias serves two purposes. First off it obviously allows Latias to heal herself with wish before taking more damage, but Protect's ability to scout is especially useful on Latias. When CB Tyranitar or CB Scizor switch in, protect lets you see if they are going to lock themselves into Pursuit, or use another move such as U-turn, Crunch, BP etc letting you plan accordingly. It also helps to scout which move Blissey/Chansey is going to use on you when it comes in, letting you switch in the appropriate pokemon to take the toxic/twave/ice beam. On offensive teams Wish support is very useful especially when dealing with stall. However, most people who build offensive teams find it hard to fit wish onto fast paced teams. This Latias provides offensive teams with Wish support, a lot of useful resistances with bulk to back it up, as well as keeping up the pace with hard hitting attacks and good coverage.

As for nicknames, I would go with Venus, The Golden Color of the planet matches the Golden Color of the Latias. Venus is also the Goddess of Love and Beauty in Roman mythology which seems to match Latias. The paradox of beauty and destruction that describes the planet holds true for Latias. Both are beautiful sights, but like the destruction caused by the storms of the planet Venus Latias rains destruction on her opponents with Meteors from space and torrential waters.

Another nickname I would go with would be Lucille. Lucille is the feminine form of the name Lucius meaning light. Latias' Dex entry talks about a command of light in a way that lets it become invisible. Lucille meaning light would seem to be appropriate given Latias' command of light.
Hi, I will name her: Freyja ('Lady'), because is the goddess of love , beauty, gold and war in Norse mythology, besides the name is feminine and unusual.
I would prob name her Oracia which is a femine name for gold in spanish or Rhiannon which is a horse goddess dressed in golden armor

EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Moveset: Draco Meteor / Surf / Hidden Power Fire / Psyshock
Item: Choice Specs
Acurra, or Natalia
i got the idea for this set from the battle tower in platinum, some of the pokemon there would paralize me, then confuse me and i didn't even get to touch them. i assume this would work with attract too, and with latias's special bulk speed she might be able to pull it off better than most others.

name: paratract
Natalia @ leftovers
ability: levitate
timid nature (+spe -atk)
- attract
- thunder wave
- pyschic/dragon pulse
- charm
EVs: 200 hp/ 4 def/ 52 spa/ 252 spe

however the coolest set ever would be; water pulse, dragon pulse, mist ball, draco meteor, but i'll enter the above.

Latias @ flame orb
Nature: Timid
Ability: Levitate
Calm Mind
252 Speed/252 Sp Att/ 4 HP

This is a Latias set I would like to try. Flame Orb will only be damaging Latias a little bit each turn, which can always be recovered with Rest. Psycho-shift is to cripple any annoying Physical sweepers your opponent may have. And once they are crippled or see a Latias come in, thinking its scarfed to get it caught on a weak move, you Calm Mind to increase special defense and do more damage. I would use this set in a doubles match, in where I would also use an Exploud with life orb and uproar. Uproar will wake Latias up immediately after a rest and it is STAB.

Nicknames: EuroTyphoo or EF2000

Reason: EuroTyphoo and EF2000 are both short for Eurofighter Typhoon is a relatively new Jet added to the Spanish Air force. It is sleek, fast, and unique fighter jet for the Spanish Air force.
Aiona. It refers to Aion which also refers to Eon, and since she's the Eon Pokemon, I figured it would work perfectly. As for the the "a" at the end, I did that because Aion sounds off, the Aion"a" felt just right. And I think Aiona sounds like a feminine name, and since Latias is female, it was a great match. :D
Latias ;)

Name - Kaida:
Meaning: Little Dragon
Origin: Japanese
I figured this name was more than appropriate considering her typing, size, and childish charm.

Timid @ Leftovers OR Expert Belt (for minor amounts of HP recovery that could be battle-turning and a lovely 1.5x Super Effective attack)

Ability: Levitate

EVS: 112 HP 204 SP. Attack 192 Speed


Calm Mind
Dragon Pulse/Draco Meteor


The general basis of this set is simple really and one of my favorites for her, set up a CM sweep while supplying my team with some bulk. Not only will she be able to thrash common threats like dragon Pokémon, but she'll have neutral coverage all around. Kaida would love either refresh or thunder depending on her usage; refresh allows her to remove any status ailments (such as poison for example) that would devastate her sweep entirely. Thunder is there in order to remove threats such as Dragonite, Charizard, Salamence, bulky water types, any flying type really, or true threats to her such as steel types. The most common steal threat is and always will be Metagross in my opinion for her...considering a probable choice banded Meteor Mash...which doesn't land nicely on Latias. Recover is quite obviously to keep her going in the long run and with the right team set, Thunder could be abused in rain, sunny day teams scare bulky waters from entering which may be problematic, and tailwind is always nifty for any sweeper truly.

Now why would I choose mistball for Latias? It is Psychic and there are few Pokémon that are threatened by this correct? I do not believe this whatsoever. I have Psychic type moves on a few of my team members (Lucario, Gardevoir, etc) and they have become quite resourceful. Not only does this add STAB and her signature move, it eradicates the enemy's special attack stat which may ruin their sweep or anything they have set up. Not to mention Heracross, any fighting type, and ghost types will be fearful of switching in on Kaida and attempting a revenge kill.

A quick note on levitate protects her from Tyrannitar's and Garchomp's rather nasty Earthquakes. Which in my mind, is rather useful.

Whelp, that's my creative idea for the Eon Pokémon and I hope she will be joining her brother on my team soon! The twins would be a lovely combination together. :D
Okay, here's my entry.

Nickname: Waizureddo, the romanji for "Wise Red" in Japanese, which reflects the colour of Latias, as well as the behavior, a wise wandering pokemon.

-Calm Mind
-Draco Meteor/Dragon Pulse
-Mist Ball

It's meant to switch in on a strong special attacker, Latios for example, phase it with Mist Ball, lowering their Special Attack. If the opponent switches out (likely if you're up against a special-oriented Pokemon, as Latias's Special Defense should wall it nicely), you can set up a Calm Mind, to lessen the effects of Draco Meteor's drawback and to boost attacks, or get in a Wish/Recover for healing Latias (or another Pokemon, with Wish). That's the general idea, but it doesn't have to be used like that. Other options may be to run T-Wave or Toxic instead of Mist Ball, to status the opponent to force the switch, however using that with Draco Meteor as a sole attack may be troublesome, causing Latias's only attack to be sharply reducing her Special Attack. Psyshock might also be somewhat beneficial to draw out a Special Wall, then attack it's Defense stat instead.

252 Special Defense, to wall Special Attackers.
100 Special Attack, to boost Mist Ball and Draco Meteor.
156 Speed, for the speed.

Life Orb, to increase damage output, and the recoil from Life Orb can be healed by Wish. There's probably a better one for this set, but this was the first to come to mind. Being new at competitive Pokemon, I'm not as good with items for movesets as I'd like to be.

Hope you like the set/name!

EDIT: spelled "which" as wcyich or something, as well as many other misspelled words. Typed this on my iPod, so I expected a words to be misspelled though. Couldn't stand it, being a grammar freak.
Ksenia In naming things I tend to lean towards things that are actually names. Though, it might get pretty hard to come up with regular names that have a distinct meaning. With Latias, however, it's too easy.

Whenever I see Latias, the name Ksenia instantly comes to mind. It's a beautiful and delicate name (of Greek origin and common in Russia) that just looks like it's meant for Latias. Also, I once knew a Ksenia whose features somewhat resembled Latias.. (Yeah, sounds creepy to me too, but it's true!) Ksenia means 'hospitality', which suits Latias very well, as she is benevolent and kind to all.

My second suggestion for a name is a rather difficult choice between the obvious and a bit more unorthodox approach to Latias' image.. Ok, I'll ditch both of my original ideas and go with a combination of sorts.

Morgana as in Morgan le Fay. Morgana itself is a beautiful name and very fitting too as Morgan le Fay is an astonishingly powerful sorceress (Psychic type & abilities!) in the Arthurian legend, and even though Morgana in modern pop culture is almost exclusively displayed as an evil megalomaniac witch who wants to rule the world, the original legend and literature (or at least some interpretations) are in fact quite different.

She is supposedly antagonist only towards Guinevere who banished her from the court and her acts against Arthur and the knights are merely tests for their courage. She is also known for her great healing powers as Arthur's otherworldly healer on Avalon. All of this is also very fitting for Latias as she is effectively a powerful sorceress with healing abilities.

As for my set I'd like to suggest something I've wanted to try out for a while now.

This is to be used in doubles along with a Bold max HP/max Def Guard Split Shuckle with the sole intention of making Latias a fast unbeatable tank who's also deadly to boot. You can also go for a Bold max Def/max Sp. Def variation to give Latias a slightly bigger boost, but this effectively makes your Shuckle pretty much dead weight after Guard Split.

Latias @Leftovers
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Timid
EVs: HP 252, Def 4, Spe 252
- Dragon Pulse
- Calm Mind
- Recover / Rest
- Thunderbolt / Psychic / Psyshock / Surf / Guard Split

First three moveslots for Latias are pretty self-explanatory maximizing tanking and offensive capabilities and the last slot depends on whether you want more coverage or a faster Guard Split to play things safer.

Even with lowered defenses Shuckle shouldn't exactly be dead weight after Guard Split either, because it still has enough bulk to stay around for a few turns and annoy with Toxic, Wrap (@Binding Band), Protect, Encore, Gastro Acid and Rest.

This is the Shuckle I would most likely use.

Shuckle @Binding Band
Ability: Sturdy
Nature: Bold
EVs: HP 252, Def 252
- Guard Split
- Toxic
- Wrap
- Protect
a good nick name would be shiro ryu(means white dragon)cause he's white and is a dragon and i have two movsets
the first one is sweeper set
latias@life orb
move1~calm mind
move3~dragon pulse(stab)
move4~surf/shadow ball/thunder bolt(the last move depends on what your team needs)

and the next set is more of a bulky latias

move1~recover(regaine health
move2~light screen/psychic(boost your speacial defence or another stab)
move3~reflect/toxic(boost your defense or stall your openet with toxic)
move4~dragon pulse(because its only resited by steele + stab)
those are the movesets i came up with but sense you have a timid nature i would go with the first one

set info (1)with the first set just set up calm mind and sweep
GirlPower is a shitty name but is appropriate, while a good name is Hengen, that in Finnish means female twin, but also Spirit
OK, this giveaway is over :D
It was SO hard to select the winners, seriously. If you won contact the distributors. if you didn't, I will be hosting more giveaways in the future. Thank you all!
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