Who is the GOAT mafia player?


just who is the coon?
A thought that popped into my head when my friends were talking about lebron vs. jordan, lol.

In my opinion, I'd say gmax. I've personally seen how he can take over a game (pokemafia) and i know he's done some wild shit before that (viva and dbz(?)). Obvious knock on the resume is that hes never won a big game as a wolf like some of the other contenders i.e. jackal in apoc.

If there are any people that are still here that have been around longer than me, chime in pls

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Agreeing on gmax. I can think of no team that he was on where he was not the de facto leader. He was incredible with negotiations, had an amazing game sense to know what was likely going on, would always spearhead talks with his team about how to best use the night actions, and would use any and all tools at his disposal to get information. You don't get the term gmaxing named after you for nothing; he started the trend of checking and abusing idle times. I can think of no games that he was in where he was anything less than the second most important member of his team (and this qualifier is pretty much solely because of Eo's moling in Absolution, a game where gmax was still critically important). Dude was scary good.
Gmax is definitely a candidate. Winning as a wolf doesn't mean as much to me as being a good team player, especially since the former can be pretty luck reliant and the latter is useful in more different games. However because my ego has been hurt I do want to mention that I was a big part of why Gmax won Big Bigest Mafia and we were pretty much co-leading the toys.

Gonna throw billymills out there because that one time he won as wolf felt a lot more legitimate than when JackaI/Shiv pulled it off since they were often given broken roles as well as the advantages of pregame deals. However, a big knock on billy's resume compared to Gmax was that his worst fuckups (dbz) were so much worse than any game Gmax has ever played afaik.

Also want to mention Brain. Even though I don't think he ever won, he has pretty much invented a lot of strategies and lines of thinking that have been imitated throughout the times that mafia was heavily played. From the moment we first played mafia, Brain was a big player.


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imo gmax for best player and Mekkah for best host are pretty obvious; billy is about as scary a player as anyone when he is interested but I feel like he doesn't give a shit about as often as he does these days xD If you combine player performance and host performance (as a sort of all-around impact on mafia list) then I'd give Mekkah a slight edge simply because he hosted so many influential games over the years.

I think the discussion gets more interesting if you extend it to a top five or top ten list, but I have a final in four hours so...
I haven't followed mafia in a while but gmax was pretty good when I did. Billy too but he had a 50% chance of being billyrolled every game.

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