Who Needs Team Preview Tournament - Finals! [Won by DracoMalfoy]

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Who needs team preview Tournament
Approved by Earthworm, co-hosted with Mr_Br_kill
Tournament Rules
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5

In gen 4, there was an almost magical moment. It was the lead war. Both sides tried to set up Stealth Rocks, and tried to stop the other from doing so. Those first 2-3 turns were magical, and the winner of the lead war had great momentum. Pokemon like Aerodactyl, Smeargle and Azelf were OU, and Machamp shined brightly. But after the lead war was said and done, the fact you didn't know your opponent's team made things like Heatran better and Gyarados + Electivire possible. But gen 5 introduced the team preview and the, "Wi-Fi Clause," ruining suicide leads everywhere, showing your late game sweeper and making prediction from the start much easier. But what would gen 5 without the Wi-Fi clause look like? Would there still be lead wars? Or would the meta game not change at all? Would there be more late game sweepers? The tournament will test your predictions skills, and will add a new tactic: hiding Pokemon. This is the...

Who Needs Team Preview Tournament!

Tournament Rules
*Gen 5
*Single Elimination
*No Wi-Fi Clause

Standard Rules
*Sleep Clause
*Evasion Clause
*OHKO Clause
*Species Clause
*Battle Timeout
*Uber Clause

DracoMalfoy vs DarkLoic

There's no deadline, just try to have the battle done as soon as possible. Good luck to both finalists!
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