who would win in a fight- 1 billion lions or 1 of every pokemon (roughly 900)?

lions or pokemon?

  • 1 billion lions

    Votes: 43 17.4%
  • 1 of every pokemon

    Votes: 178 72.1%
  • neither of them are real...

    Votes: 26 10.5%

  • Total voters
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I think if you have 1 billion lions, one of them will probably be an alien like Goku or Superman, just like how the rate of super heroes in fiction is greater than 1:1 billion, so Lion Goku or Lion Superman just wins on their own.

I used to be a team pokemon supporter until I came to the realization of the superspecies factor. At least one of these lions would likely have super powers as this is a fictional universe and superpowers are cool.

We must assume that if these 1 billion lions are able to assemble, they must have set up some sort of civilization to be able to communicate this event, and for the massive amount of transportation and food required they must have mastered metallurgy and agriculture. This makes it likely that they are able to utilize substances such as radioactive material, ergo we have Spiderlion and Lulk. Now among these super powered lions there's probably one who can go through dimensions because of course there is. The number of lions makes it statistically probable if not guaranteed that at least one, likely at least dozens, of these lions have superpowers, some surpassing the greatest of Pokemon. + they don't believe in god so Arceus is doodoo.

In addition, we don't know what subset of lion civilization is partaking in the battle, they could feasibly all be super lions

1 billion is a really big number, ergo they have superpowers, ergo they win. The Lion Goku Theorem proves this. GG
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yveltal ggezes everyone

this video shows yveltal nearly killing fucking everyone. The only things stopping yveltal from killing everyone are the other legendary mons, who are on yveltals side this time.
We see the scale of yveltals destruction(the entire earth) so I think it would be fair to say that yveltal wins

The only argument I can see is that yveltal takes all life energy from POKEMON and that might not include lions but lions in a pokemon world would deffo be categorized as pokemon cuz mons like rattata and magikarp and spinda are all considered pokemon and they are all just stupid animals
easy, there are several pokemon who can just make a black hole and either destroy the whole planet or just kill a ton of lions near the black hole depending on what kind of logic you would like to use. in addition, how are lions gonna get to mons like Rayquaza and Deoxys because, last time I checked, lions can't fly.


It's mass.
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What the lions have:
Majority and a bunch of Disney songs

What the pokemon have:
1 of every mon can take out a billion lions with Hakuna Matata, 'It means no worries!'
- LC pokemon are generally weak but they can still take out a bunchwith perish song; Azurill, Cubone, Igglibuff, Popplio, Smoochum, Swablu. These pokemon can just go to some high place or lower (whether carried by a flying pokemon, an unfamiliar terrain or further water in general).
- Trap setting in general; Do lions have rapid spin or defog? Not really. How would they deal with an unfamiliar stealth rock, spikes or toxic spikes. Any pokemon that can set up its surroundings with these can easily weaken its lion enemies and considering they aren't pokemon, their weakness to it is much more. They'll easily take way more damage leading into their defeat if they even reach the pokemon they are up against.
- Stats; Pokemon can just... Belly Drum, Swords Dance, Nasty Plot, Iron Defence, Calm mind, Tail Glow, Cotton Guard, Coil, Quiver Dance, Geomancy, Shift gear, too many to mention them all. Any defence, attack, speed or special attack practically outdoes the lions. With the amount of pokemon getting these moves, there's no way the lions could even scratch them.
- Effectiveness; The best a lion can do is bite or scratch. For one, rock/steel types are generally too tough for the lions to provide any effect. They ren't the best of swimmers to water types can just sit in water while using surf, hydro cannon and so many other moves with an almost guaranteed unstoppable force. Can they even hit flying types - they are on the ground and are stuck grounded, flying or levitating immediately have an upper undefeatable hand. Theres literally like over 35 mons that can have levitate, not mentioning the flying types that can fly. Special attackers too here have the upper hand from such range by not having to get up close to decimate the lion population.
Status; Lions can't cure status, highly spread burns, paralysis, freeze, poison and theoretically sleep effect the games features and technically aren't natural and therefore are probably unrecoverable. Most pokemon have a way to spread status and thats pretty much an ultimate blockade.
- Some specific pokemon;

In the rare case that all pokemon are defeated - Yveltal; is practically unstoppable. If it gets taken out it'll just take out and then wait there for another batch of lions to attack repeating the cycle no matter what comes. Therefore, in the long run 1 of each pokemon would win guaranteed.
Excadrill with any sandtream setter; Excadrill has earthquake. And it has sand force or sand rush. Lets think logically here. Earthquakes in real life are extremely destructive natural forces.. That with excadrills abilities... is there anything else to say?
Dynamax; Dynamax in the case that the pokemon that is Dynamaxed can attack only one pokemon at a time - but this is versing a billion lions, they don't have the rules of pokemon on them. A Dynamax blow would literally destroy the lions. The highly increased size along with the max moves, and what are a bunch of small lions going to do to something like snorlax, give it a free nail trim? Yeah definitely something that shows a billion lions still stand no chance against even singular pokemon sometimes.
And then there's one more thing I guess; If you're thinking there is no way that the pokemon could defeat all the lions in their lifespan *cough* *cough*, oh look:

Yeah so that. Infinite pokemon that contain all the points above depending on the criteria. Pokemon win, gg


Where all is set.
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Can we disqualify most Pokemon because let's be real... many of them would cause human extinction by themselves if they were real and in our world.

Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Palkia, Dialga, Giratina, Arceus, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde, Solgaleo, Lunala, Necrozma, probably Zacian, definitely Eternatus cause human extinction on their own.

If Yveltal dies, all people are dead.
If Palkia dies, all people no longer exist.
These are as if they can be killed!!! Can Xerneas even be killed?

Uxie can make all people dumb
Azelf can remove people's willpower
Mesprit can make people edgy like Cyrus

What the heck do we do about Pokemon sitting near hospitals waiting for people to die just to burn souls? What about Magcargo and Camerupt, who trap 18,000 degree fahrenheit heat inside their bodies? What about Gardevoir, who is able to create black holes?

Enough about offense, we also have Zamazenta whose shield is impenetrable and regular mons like Metang whose body can endure a jet plane going on a full force crash without any scratches!

Macy's some kind of demon for being able to hug a Magcargo like that but that's in the Pokemon world. Humans are significantly more durable there.

There are Pokemon we have who can't even be taken down by 7.6 billion humans. They easily beat out lions unless we disqualify most Pokemon.
Can we disqualify most Pokemon because let's be real... many of them would cause human extinction by themselves if they were real and in our world.
That breaks the question. It's all pokemon vs lots of lions. You can't then say, "except for these that CAN cause extinction, but don't in-games/in-anime, because they would cause that extinction." Also, the fate of humans is not a part of the question.

tldr: no, we can't.
Another dumb but creative option to take out the lions: Hitmontop can start spinning at a super high speed, and then get some Whirlwind and Tailwind going, and you've got a Beyblade, except one that's kicking everything while moving incredibly fast, the lions will probbaly be unable to withstand this.
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