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Here's where I'll list the leader of a certain translations project, their members, projects that are on-site already, and so on. You may contact the leaders of the project if you are interested in helping them. Remember, though, your ability to speak Chinese, French, or whatever it may be, will be tested, so make sure you're extremely well-versed in said language! Once you are an approved member of a particular translations team, your name will be edited here.

These are already on-site, but further developments can be made on these on-site translations.

Spanish Translations
Leader: Joim
Additional Members: Ryanor, Death Phenomeno, Ghost Curses You, hyogman, M Dragon, Thormag, Aza, zero2exe, dragonpokeZ, Hot N Cold.

French Translations
Leader: Agammemnon
Additional Members: Maaf, Aqualouis

Japanese Translations
Leader: ChouToshio

Approved / Currently On-Going Translation Projects
These are already approved and the people involved with them have begun working on translating things.

Chinese Translations
Leaders: New World Order, Omicron
Additional Members: Zystral, V0x, D4RR3N, sirndpt, sandshrewz

German Translations
Leaders: Limi, Moo
Additional Members: Cherub Agent, Basti

Pending Approval
These aren't approved yet, and the user who first expressed interest in doing these must PM me explaining what they intend to do, and the members who have agreed to help if possible.

Korean Translations
Leader: lordkira
Additional Members: N/A

Italian Translations:
Leaders: Haunter, Braseg257
Additional Members: N/A
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Bloo, I feel honored that you made me co-leader of the German project, but it was Moo and Limi's idea. I was only the first (and last) one to sign up. Limi, like me, is fluent in German, and Moo is pretty good at it, but more importantly Moo can HTML. Therefore, I think that if Moo wants to be leader with Limi he should take my place. I don't even have a badge, so I'm probably more "Additional Members" material. If he doesn't want to though, I'll stay, no problem. Thanks :)


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As long as we get it done, I really don't care who's in charge. It doesn't make any difference anyway!
sirndpt and sandshrewz are additional translators for the Chinese translations project, and Komodo will be joining as artist/HTMLer


I saw it isn't requested but maybe a Dutch Translator is useful? I myself am fluent in English and have Dutch as my mother tongue.
Hi, I'm new to Smogon. I see that you're looking for translators. My mother tongue is Chinese(I'm Asian) so I might be able to help. What would be covered under translation? Could someone fill me in?
By the way, what I'm learning in school is Simplified Chinese, though I can help out if you guys prefer traditional Chinese. Not much difference to me.

Edit: I realised that Ground types are mentioned as 地上. I think 土 would be better though as its meaning is closer to Ground. Since 土 means earth...but that's just my opinion. :)
If there is any need for support in German, i'll appreciate to help you. I am playing Pokemon since about 2 years competitve and i really like this page. I am from germany so i speak german fluent and I know all Moves, Abilities and stuff in both languages. :)

Greetz PaiN

Hi, I can help in Chinese Translation.
Both Traditional and simplified.
I understand simple Japanese too.

The typing for Normal in the type chart 一伴 means common or 'the rest', 普通 fits better for the type.
地上 means floor, the word 地形(ground formation) or 地面 (surface) might be a better alternative.

Please let me know how can I help on this project =D


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If anyone's interested in helping with the Spanish Translations project, you can go ahead and contact Setsuna and I (Bloo) via PM or VM, whichever you feel more comfortable with. Contributing to these is a good way to get more involved with the community, so don't hesitate to contact any of the project leaders if you feel you could be of help. Of course, you should be very fluent in the language you're applying for. If you know HTML or can draw, you can ask to be an HTMLer / artist for one of the projects too. Anyway:

@fusionzekrom & SirSalute:
I would start off by contacting the leaders of the Chinese Translations project: Omicron and New World Order. Send them a private message indicating your interest, and they will take it from there.

@IamPaiN: The same goes for you: contact the leaders of the German Translations project: Moo & Limi. Shoot them a private message saying you're interested and they'll let you know what to do if the project is still active.

@mikeweltevrede & Prominence: Before doing that, I would try contacting Delko. I believe he speaks Dutch, and he's a well known community figure that could be able to help you guys get the project started if he's up for it. Also, since no-one has ever tried bringing up a Dutch project up before as far as I know, you should read this thread carefully and follow the directions outlined there.

@TripleRhu: You should contact lordkira and see if he still intends on getting a Korean project started. I'm not sure what the status of that is, so it'd be good if you could find out from him. It'd also be useful to read this thread and pay careful attention to what's explained there.

Thanks for showing interest, guys! If there are any more questions, please feel free to contact me.
Hi, I can help in (european) portuguese translation (I'm a native speaker). I am new the forums and to competitive battling, but I wouldn't mind helping with the translations. I don't want to be a leader.
Hi , I'm recently registered to the forums but I'm not new to the site. I see you're in need of Spanish translators for your page , spanish is my mother tongue so if you need any help somehow , I'm willing to help on the project but i don't want to be a leader.
Hi Smogon Community, i can help with the Spanish translation, Im bilingual (English and Spanish) and Pokemon Fan.

Smogon has helped me a lot while playing pokemon always guided me to know what to do with the pokemons i like, so im in debt with it :naughty::naughty::naughty:.
I am assuming that you guys don't need anyone who's learning the language first-level. I can put together sentences in Chinese, but that's it.
chinese, english AND french are all three my mother tongues(i speak and write all three fluently) so i could help out in french translation too
Hi! I speak Chinese and I have been in the Chinese competitive pokemon community for many years, I have access to the official Chinese translations of pokemon terms. Since the Chinese already have their translation, I think it would be better for us to just use their version instead of making up our own. I hope I could help!

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