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Why did you join Smogon?

I mostly joined because showdown was a really fun way to kill time at first and I have always loved Pokemon.

Eventually it became a game of statistics and data analysis and that's fun in its own way too.

Also the meme teams or cheese teams. I love winning with a meme team.


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To get free pokémon in the giveaways section and for in-depth analysis and the viability ranking list to help me when making teams for Pokémon Showdown and in-game.
I wanted to contribute to Smogon with something, fortunately I joined in the project about translation of articles of Flying Press/Smogon, and now I am translating the articles to Portuguese, I am happy about this.
Also, I would like to discovery new forums and have a good presence, like the Congregation of the Masses where I am new.


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To join a SM RU SSNL, and I got to Round 7 so not bad I guess!

After a few months I started to use it for the Translations Project and my art thread (check this one clicking my signature!!)

Then I stayed here to share my feelings on Other Metagames and the Suggestions forums mainly. And currently I am hosting a tournament and leading a National Dex project, so I guess i've done a lot of different things here!


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To find help when playing the Battle Maison after picking up my Generation 6 games again for a bit. I searched through a bunch of websites across the Internet with rubbish advice and was about to give up when I stumbled upon the thread about it here and realised that this place was different: it was where all the actually serious people playing facilities were. I beat the 50 consecutive games I needed after a bit of practise and carried on long beyond that using advice from the people's posts on there.

I knew what Smogon was for years before that, but not what it was like.

I lurked for ages and began to explore other parts of the site. I can't remember why I decided to eventually make an account.
I planned to get into competitive and take Pokémon battling seriously once I joined the Smogon forums, but I ended up chickening out because of low confidence lol. I'm here for the socialization forum now since I've got nothing else going on, but maybe that'll change over time
Pokemon Tournaments, and experiencing a higher standard of comp than general Showdown room tours, or laddering. Which I got, but dang this place can be a bit next level sometimes. :)
I actually had no clue why I joined smogon until I looked at my first message, and it was the day I joined to ask if we could have more sprites than the selectable ones on showdown. At the time I didnt know about secret sprites so it was resolved pretty quickly, but now I use it a lot.


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I tried to be cooler by not joining when the other cool kids joined, but I eventually caved, so I'm unfortunately only member #210


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i think i had found Shoddy Battle off of gamefaqs.com, and from there wiggled my way to smogon dot com

it's fuzzy now but i can't recall when exactly i joined IRC vs. when i was only posting on the forums and still using the battle simulator of the times, but i was 17-18yo at the time of all this!! i joined smogon in july of 2008, a month before my 18th birthday

now i'm 31 and revisiting the site because SW/SH has rejuvenated my love of competitive pokemon and playing the game in general, i am ecstatic that it is much easier for the average player to team build and EV train!!! long gone are the days when i would bashfully ask a super team builder on the forums here to breed me the team i had concocted... now i find pleasure in breeding my own pokemon to my desired standards~

i am eager for VGC tournaments to start back up again around the US and around the globe, even when i had stopped posting here i continued playing pokemon and interacting with many individuals i had met here originally!!! i have traveled the world because of pokemon, i've met so many people from this site and hope to still yet meet more, i truly don't know who i would be had i not found smogon.com, or been gifted pokemon for christmas in 1998


this picture is from 2012, in Kona, Hawaii. i was here for the world tournament that year, and had one of the best vacations of my life! i yearn for more camaraderie like i've enjoyed with mons, it's the one community where i have felt absolute acceptance <3333

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