NOC Why Is There A Gun In My Popcorn? 2: Old Country Boogaloo [GAME OVER Town Wins]

Approved by Former, enthusiastically demanded by CaffBo.

Somewhere in the window seat of an airplane bound for Italy, Yeti crumples the newspaper and tosses it into the sickbag with a hearty laugh and a cry of "Cucks!"

The name of the game is Mega Popcorn.
11 Townies, 4 Mafia Goons, 3 Vengeful Mafia Goons.
No votes, no lynches, just guns and shooting.
During confirmation phase, the scumteam privately decides which Townie is the first in the game to receive The Gun.
Whoever has the gun is known as The Gunbearer.
At the start of any cycle, Mod announces who The Gunbearer is (and if they are a new Gunbearer, confirms them as Town).
The Gunbearer has 72 hours to decide on one living player to shoot, with other players providing input on/trying to influence the choice of target.

If the Gunbearer shoots a Goon, the Goon dies and The Gunbearer gets to use the gun again in the next cycle.
Unless that Goon is Vengeful, because then both the Goon and the Gunbearer die, leaving the scumteam to pick a new Gunbearer.
Should The Gunbearer shoot a Townie, The Gunbearer dies and the targeted Townie becomes the new Gunbearer.
And if The Gunbearer reaches deadline without making a shot, The Gunbearer dies and the scumteam privately picks a living Townie to be the next Gunbearer.

Read These Rules

1. Standard NOC rules: players talk in the thread/scumchat, specs talk in the spec channel. No deadtalk outside of spec channel and no post editing. You can't screenshot or quote your role PM.

2. The Gunbearer shoots their chosen target with the command Shoot: Name of Player, along with pings for the Mod. This must be posted by the current Gunbearer in the game thread. Once The Gunbearer posts the shoot command, they cannot change their action and the current cycle is officially considered ended. Depending on mod availability, there may be a delay between cycle's end and the result.

3. If you're not The Gunbearer, you may not send in any commands. You can however, talk to The Gunbearer or any other player in the game as much as you want until the deadline or until The Gunbearer shoots, whichever comes first. Suggest a target, argue a case, beg for your life, or just casually chat, whichever you prefer. You also have the option to post pseudo-votes and FoSes, which have no bearing on the game other than to show your scumreads.

4. This is a nightless game with a 72 hour deadline for each cycle. The only time it is not a unicycle format is if The Gunbearer is shot by a Vengeful Goon or dies by idling out. If this happens, the Mafia has 24 hours to pick a new Gunbearer. Please do not post during twilight phases caused by new Gunbearer selection or mod delays.

5. Mod reserves the right to adjust the 72 hour deadline to accommodate his own schedule. No player-requested extensions will be allowed.

6. Please inform the Mod if you are going to be unavailable due to vacation and/or limited access (V/LA) and provide on ETA for when you/your internet service will return. Players in V/LA Mode cannot be subbed out before the expected return date. Mafia cannot select a player in V/LA Mode when choosing a Gunbearer.

7. This is an 18 player game with an 11:7 ratio. 3 mafia players will have the Vengeful modifier. Upon further consideration, player count will not be tweaked to accommodate lower numbers, as it would unbalance the ratio of a setup designed to make a better balanced popcorn.

8. Parity is not a wincon for either faction in this game. The wincons are as follows:
  • Town wins when they eliminate all mafia or when it is 1 vs 1 with mafia. (1v1 with a Vengeful Goon ends in a draw)
  • Mafia wins when they eliminate all town or when the last living town player is Gunbearer and there are two or more living Goons.
9. Players may communicate privately with the Mod if they so wish. Nothing said by the Mod in one of these private conversations may be copypasted or quoted verbatim while the game is ongoing.

10. If you discover something gamebreaking, report it to the Mod. Mod reserves the right to prioritize forced subbing over modkilling.

11. I don't think it really needs to be said, but The Gunbearer (no matter who that may be) can only shoot one player per cycle and is not allowed to shoot themself.

12. Ignore the rules at your own risk.

Signups will remain open until we get 18 players.

  1. CaffieneBoost Duskfall98
  2. Aura Guardian
  3. DS.
  4. MewtwoHidden
  5. Whydon BLOODYRAIN10001
  6. Clarinet Hannahh
  7. Samoyed
  8. XnadrojX
  9. Fenrir Aesir Hitmonleet
  10. Asek
  12. Flyhn
  13. apricity
  14. tonithetourguide Cancerous
  15. MoodyCloud
  16. bonerman
  17. WaterLily3
  18. JALMONT Texas Cloverleaf
Sub On Deck: Nobody

Event Log
Confirmation Phase begins.
Blodds subs in for Whydon.
Asek shoots Bloods and dies. Bloods is the new Gunbearer.
Texas subs in for Jal.
Dusk subs in for CaffBo.
Bloods shoots Vengeful DS and dies in return. Twilight commences.
Clarinet is forcefully subbed for disruptive behavior. Hannah replaces him.
Mewtwo becomes the new Gunbearer.
Mewtwo shoots Goon Hannah. He retains control of the gun.
Mewtwo shoots Goon Hal. He retains control of the gun.
Mewtwo shoots Moody and dies. Moody is the new Gunbearer.
Moody shoots Bonerman and dies. Bonerman is the new Gunbearer.
Bonerman shoots Jordan and dies. Jordan is the new Gunbearer.
Jordan shoots Aura and dies. Aura is the new Gunbearer.
Aura shoots Goon Lily and retains control of the gun.
Aura shoots Goon Texas and retains control of the gun.
Aura shoots Cancerous and dies. Cancerous is the new Gunbearer.
Cancerous shoots Vengeful Magical and dies in return. Twilight commences.
Hitmonleet subs in for Fenrir.
Hitmonleet becomes the new Gunbearer.
Hitmonleet shoots Vengeful Samoyed and wins the game.
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