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Why the MCU actually sucks

Hello frens,what im talking here is extermely controversial .
The plot is predictable as f.we all know that the good guys win in the end(except in infinity war and civil war maybe),they just use a shitton of cgi with extreme one-dimensional characters.I honestly have not completed a single MCU movie without falling asleep in between.
I would like to know ur opinions on this
remember that time they had an inexplicable performative shot that captured all the female superheroes in Endgame and then refused to pay Scarlett Johansson as much as a male lead in her character's OWN MOVIE two years after
Martin scorsese when asked abt marvel movies said this “ I tried, you know? But that’s not cinema. Honestly, the closest I can think of them, as well-made as they are, with actors doing the best they can under the circumstances, is theme parks. It isn’t the cinema of human beings trying to convey emotional, psychological experiences to another human being.”
Scorsese is my favourite directors, but that's bunk. The issue isn't that these films aren't incapable of conveying experiences, it's that there's an industry standard for movies that don't do it. It's why Ragnarok and Black Panther are genuinely good films whereas anything Joss Whedon touches turns into a flaming pile of shit


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Counter: ur wrong. They're fun. Action movies with little quippy one liners are fun. They've always been fun. Since westerns into movies like rambo, or movies like terminator. It's all fun. Anyone who disagrees, probably isn't having fun, and dislikes that other people are having fun in a way that they can't, because they're a curmudgeonly miser who needs get over themselves and go jerk off or something. Scorsese goes and jerks off by making weird catholic movies about the suffering of men who try to hard. Good for him. At least he has an outlet.


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Also plot predictability being a bad thing kills fiction, because no good story has ever gone "wow and now this totally unexplained brand new thing happens that is impossible to predict in literally any capacity."


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They might be fun cause they r just targetting casual moviegoers after all,but their characters r extremely one dimensional (especially the villains) which kinda sucks (maybe cause they r just targetting it towards kids and young adults).
If you think Thanos is a one-dimensional Villain, this conversation has lost all relevance.
They might be fun cause they r just targetting casual moviegoers after all,but their characters r extremely one dimensional (especially the villains) which kinda sucks (maybe cause they r just targetting it towards kids and young adults).
On the contrary. The character development is what sets MCU apart comparatively from other action flicks. The villains are pretty brainless with the exception of Thanos and Killmonger. However, the heroes (who we are supposed to relate to) are all multi-dimensional and imperfect.
I mean, it's just lowest common denominator entertainment. If you've read the comics maybe it's different, though, and they're more like a cool evolution of those from peoples' childhoods. Hard to say.

Personally I've been bored to tears every time I've watched one of the films. The characters are incredibly dull and predictable, but then again so are most characters in the 'big budget American blockbuster' genre. I wouldn't say they 'suck' because there's nothing inherently wrong with entertainment you can turn your brain off too - I do this with comedy instead of action. It's not really a surprise to me that something has to be as sanitised and unchallenging as the MCU to be such a moneyspinner - we do play pokemon after all.
Reminder that Shakespeare also wrote lowest common denominator entertainment.

While I wasn't personally much of a comics person, I do know somebody that was. If anything, it made cultural issues in the MCU more annoying for them because they know it was deliberately changed from the source to be less diverse. I'd say that sort of thing is a higher priority to fix than lack of character depth.


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If they win without plot armour it would've been better
Please man stop, i don't want to like all of your posts ahaha, IMO the MCU has spawned lots of amazing movies like the first two Iron Man movies, the GoG saga, CW, IW, and Homecoming the main problem i have with the other ones is that they pretty much follow a similar plot and they hardly bring something new to the table plus The first Thor and Doctor Strange had the potential to be S tier movies and they both blew it by following a super basic plotline, Thor 2 had the same plot progression of a dbz oav , Captain Marvel is ... and Far From Home is basically about Spiderman becoming Iron Man Jr (that's pretty much the main purpose of his character in the mcu) hopefully Sony finally makes a Spiderman 4 to show the new fans the real friendly neighbor we all love and appreciate.


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If they win without plot armour it would've been better
They could write it like that if they wanted, it’s just more exciting for the viewer if they win by the skin of their teeth than if they win by a comfortable margin
well from all the mcu movies i saw maybe only 3 or 5 where really good the rest of them where OK and the problem of being OK is that i paid for seeing them in the theater thing that made me automatically hate most of mcu movies
You would appreciate the MCU more if you look at how it changed cinema. A real cinematic universe has never been done before. Sequels and prequels basically tell one linear story, while spinoffs also tell another linear story that is completely separate from the original. A real cinematic universe like the MCU tells multiple linear stories that interconnect with other stories in some way and evetually converge into one big plot. For example, the Captain America trilogy's main plot is about fighting Hydra, but these movies ended up being connected to the events of the Black Widow and Antman movies. And all these movies contributed to the main plot that we see in Infinity War and Endgame.

Creating a cinematic universe is a risk in itself, both from a business and cinematic perspective. You need to make sure the writing is consistent with what's already established, leave room for future movies to explore, find multiple actors that execute the role well, and be entertaining enough that people would actually invest time and money to watch a good number of them. Most MCU movies feel generic because they need to follow a formula that appeals to the masses. A cinematic universe is not the place for people to experiment with a different formula for every movie. Only a handful of movies like Civil War and Infinity War (maybe Thor Ragnarok as well) had more original plots that isn't "good guy battles bad guy and wins" because writing those kinds of stories are harder than you think, not to mention the risk involve when not executed well (see Batman vs Superman). And even then, future cinematic universes with deeper and more original writing wouldn't be as successful without Marvel as they basically pioneered cinematic universes and showed filmmakers that people can invest into cinematic universes.

Besides, following a formula isn't always a bad thing. You don't even have to be an art major to know that 90% of art follows a certain formula. And I think that modern superhero movies are doing a good job in evolving and repackaging the superhero movie formula by incorporating other elements and genres.
Thor 1 is a soap opera where a cocky powerful prince goes on a humility journey where he meets a simple mortal woman. His backstabbing brother who's also competing for the throne finds out he's adpoted and when Loki confronts his father about it, the father gets a heart attack for some convenient reason.

Wandavision is a live action comedy with some horror and kafkaesque elements. Unfortunately, the ending is just another generic superhero fight scene, but the comedy episodes had some of the most original execution of a superhero show.

The Antman movies and Endgame are heist movies.

Thor 3 and the Guardians of the Galaxy movies are space sci-fi movies like Star Wars.

Shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, if you count them as part of the MCU, are CSI/detective/law type of shows.

Hawkeye looks to be a Christmas show. Even Guardians of the Galaxy is getting a holiday special.

The Captain America trilogy is my favorite MCU series because they are all feel very different from each other. The first is a war/historical fictionish movie that shows featutes you would see from a typical war movie like the application and training, the battlefield, and even the war bonds. The second is a spy movie where they go undercover and learn secrets about SHIELD and Hydra. The third is a political movie where we see two good people with different opinions break up over politic beliefs, and we get context on their beliefs not only from the previous Captain America movies, but from all the MCU events.

The MCU has plenty of issues like plot holes (although given the amount of stories with characters of differing power levels this part is quite unavoidable), some poorly written romance that never went anywhere, characters being inconsistent as the movies went on, jokes being too much sometimes, and of course the formulaic movies with one-dimensional villains, but their achievements and contributions to cinema can't be denied. That's like trashing Avatar for having a mediocre story when its 3D special effects is what carried it.


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although given the amount of stories with characters of differing power levels this part is quite unavoidable
in superhero stories, power levels are whatever they need to be in order for the plot to function. It's completely divorced from IRL physics and that's fine - you can consider the physics of the MCU to have somewhat more unpredictable power scaling laws when it comes to sentient beings. Alternatively, you can consider that power has no transitive property in this universe, i.e. if Thanos can overpower Hulk, and Hulk and overpower Iron Man, this does NOT mean that Thanos can necessarily overpower Iron Man (which is actually the case so bad example maybe).

You can also consider that universes where power lacks transitivity are the ones that are the most entertaining, and hence can be used to model the MCU on. Or put another way, the laws of physics in the MCU are plot-driven: if something isn't plotworthy, it's forbidden by the laws of physics.

Anyone who rags on the MCU because of power inconsistencies is like ragging on the Flintstones because animals can't actually be used as a replacement for household appliances: that's how the host universe works in this instance.
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