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Hey everyone, I'm stepping down from Ubers Leader to take a much needed break. The time I can spend on this website these days is far more limited, and I've come to realise I'm not well suited to leadership roles, nor do I have the same passion I did when I first started playing this meta. When I first started actively playing Ubers in late 2019 I heard mixed opinions about the community all of which were proven wrong. Thanks everyone for being so welcoming. And since then Ubers has progressed further in terms of metagame stability, the community atmosphere, and SCL, it makes me glad that I was given the opportunity to lead this tier. I have no doubt that the tier will continue to be successful in these ways and grow; I have full faith in Fc, the Ubers moderation team and room staff, and the tiering and viability councils to keep things going strong. I'll still be around on Discord if you need to contact me. See you all later


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i could not finish a funny. just like in upl, i've failed you yet again. i'm sorry ricemaster. now ff2 will steal your waifu, and fardin will miss being put in place by you. i cannot help with that. i'm sorry licemaster.

you did well as a tier leader, ty for your service, and gl with irl nicemaster.

say goodbye to deez...


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You’re a great guy, hope the break does you some good. I know you’ve been planning on doing this for quite a while so I hope you look back on it with a smile. You’re still the goat (14-0 vs fardin in ss ag) and I hope you remain that way


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I couldnt consider myself part of this community, but wanted to take part on UWC to see how the community has changed and I can say I was pleasantly surprised with the big positive change from how it was back in the day. Great job into continuing that path and hope you have a well deserved rest, life over everything as they say.

Best of luck.


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It is sad seeing such a nice person and competent tierleader go. But I wish you the best luck in your future and I hope you will be back again one day! Thank you for all the massive things you have done for the Uber community. This was gamechanging and truly impressive, all the work and accomplishments! Stay safe, Icemaster, and thank you once again! :)

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