Winters Zombie's Retirement Plan! Distribution shall commence.

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Well, after being here for quite a while. My Pokemon career is seeming to go stale.
I do so little and maintain a dying thread, with a completely dead thread partner. After long considering I have decided to put my trading badge away (lul?).
I will still be around, but you won't be seeing me trading, RNG'ing, or much of anything else. I will be on solely for chatting, and helping out the various people who needs RNG assistance.

Rules to get this wonderful Pikachu, just post wishing me well with learning Korean! :D!
Simple as that, I will assign you to a distributor.
You are not to bother them about picking up this giveaway until this thread is closed.

So before I go, I will leave you with a very special Pokemon.

#25. Nickname 피카츄
OT: 수영 | ID No.: 41185
Nature: Timid | Ability: Static | Type: Electric
Hidden Power: Ice 70
IV: 30/2/30/31/31/31
EV: UT | Level: 5
Moves: Present | Wish
Notes: Only Korean Pikachu on Smogon! Fully redis as long as the Korean name is kept. Otherwise non redis. Emulator abused
*Stealing Buckert's formatting.*


- Jackie Chun
- Cereza
- Legendarymaster
- Zachilles
- Weezingftw
- Pippy
- Davidryan
- tinytyranitar_t

- Vulgo
- Dr. Alex
- Dano454
- Bluecaptain
- Texas Cloverleaf
- Tepig
- Phatty
- Sat

King N;
- Pink Floyd
- Lucariojr
- Gonzo206
- EriXtone
- coolbiz
- StealthX
- DoctorOctagonapus
- Politeod

- Ninjawes
- Crazypippo92
- Japan
- Tan
- El Dino
- Kuroki
- SheikTheGeek
- FlawlessAerodactyl

Princess of Johto;
- Auron87
- Battlestar
- Callmerandom
- Jucaa
- Gliiviire
- Kai Kusanagi
- Tsubasa-kun
- Pakasage

Even though we only traded once, it was a really awesome trade (your Shiny Ho-Oh). You'll be missed.

Good luck learning Korean!

I can help distribute if you wish. :]
Seem like a really cool person from what I've heard around here. Sucks to see you go(as far as trading, etc), but I definitely can understand. I'd help distribute if I was able to, but I won't be able to. Good luck learning Korean. You will be all the better for it.


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Meh, just made a new format and it is getting stolen already xD Too bad to see you go..
Good luck on learning korean :D But it's sad to see you go (it's not good when you see someone using "Retirement" on the topic title =/).
No more Winters Zombie D: QUICK, go to Winter's thread and begin pestering for trades forever and ever so it can't be closed!!!
@Buckert: You really do need to copyright your formatting.
No WZ you can not simply go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to help you with distribution though, but please do not go.
Good luck learning korean! I am learning Arabic, so I know how hard some languages are >.>
Its too bad to see you go...You should open up your own shop and RNG for people! That will keep you busy!! :D
Yo, goodluck with the Korean learning.. I've always wanted to attempt it, but didn't find time. Be very impressive if you pull it off.

If you need a distributor, let me know. Otherwise, I would definitely love one of these guys.
Good luck on Korean. I wonder why you need to learn it.
However I wish you the best

Also I loved your shiny snorunt giveaway. I still have it and need to train it.
Good Luck learning Corean... it's pretty difficult learning Foreign langauges, but i think it's the best, i speak 3 langauges and it's fantastic, for work and travelling too!
Have a great time!


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gl with korean stuff bro :) I still use the shiny Heatran you traded me on PBR and BW randomwifi, it's just so good.
Aww, that sucks. All of your pokemon are amazing, especially the Korean ones. And this Pikachu is no exception!

Good luck learning to speak/write Korean! I can help distribute if you still need a distributor :]
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