Tournament World Cup of 1v1 VI - Round 1

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won vs tom this morning

won vs 64 Squares as well
Greetings excellent participants and bystanders of the sixth edition of the World Cup of One Versus One. I come here on this auspicious day to inform you of the imminent substitution in the Black and White feud in the remainer of this tournament's pool stage. More specifically, the enthusiastic and exceptionally talented Lumii, who has recovered from returned from her overseas adventures, is being substituted for the no less formidable player, Itchy, who has their own voyage ahead of them, and as such will be stepping back to aid their team from the shadows. To facilitate this substitution, I hereby inform the noble managers of the Asian continent, DEG and frostyicelad, and their honourable player-representative Palestine. Furthermore, knowledge of this substitution will be carried by town crier to all the good folk of the land, and by the royal emissary to the diligent host of this tournament, Rosa. I hope everyone shares my excitement on this momentous occasion!
won in 3 in the most serious tier ever made in the history of videogames and even humanity


Shoutouts to the best team ever (SEU in case anyone was wondering) and Dorron for being goated

Won in 4 vs bo_bobson27, ggs


Huge shoutout to the cone team, the ones who actually built the teams while i was busy. I talked to a few of them and turns out a lot of us are from Canada so we have a lot in common, I look forward to learning ss over the next few weeks.
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