Tournament World Cup of OMs - Player Signups

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talk to me nice
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Player name: Estronic
Metas: all but could use passed teams or atleast help building teams, would be awesome to make this a learning experience
Eligibility: US Northeast
Significant Time Missed: school but who cares

scuffed up like our weather
edit: just wanted to say that i mostly just want to have fun and learn some new stuff about these OMs, so if you're into that cool, if not than that's unfortunate for me
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Cotton Candy Thighs
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Player name: Official Fissure
Metas: STABmons, Mix and Mega (Probably, but not really)
Eligibility: US Midwest
Significant Time Missed: I'm a busy boy right now so I'm not that active on PS, but I'll definitely show up for a scheduled time slot.
I'm prioritizing having fun over winning (I'll still bring competent teams though). If that doesn't vibe with you, don't draft me.


Retirement house
Metas: 1v1, BH (I was taught by pazza in bh so that pretty much means I'm the best)
Elgibility: US South/North East (where the hell is west virginia anyway)
Time Missed: haha imagine having a life
ngl I'm prolly only like the 3rd/4th most experienced 1v1 player for south so only draft me if osra/tda/joker (I think he's a south boi) don't sign up
god remember when I could ladder #1300sNATION
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