Tournament World Cup of Other Metagames III - Finals [Won by UK]

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Scheduling should be done on Smogon VM walls, plain and simple.
If there is no communication on VM walls and a game goes undone, it will be left to the RNG to decide the winner.
If there is communication on only one user's behalf, the win will go to them. Feel free to call activity in this thread beforehand.
If there is a very healthy back and forth regarding potential times and one user is a no-show, a captain may take the opportunity to sub out the no-show competitor; if this is not done, the user that showed up responsibly will be awarded the win.

TL;DR: VM your opponents, schedule your matches, and be reliable. If you're not reliable, let your captain know so they can sub you out ASAP.

Use these VM's to initiate discussion about bo1 or bo3 as well!

Exhibitions of unsportsmanlike conduct with regards to World Cup of Other Metas III will be met with an infraction at the discretion of the WCOOM III hosts. This is unlikely to include interactions within a team's private chat unless there is reason found to make an exception. This rule is meant to protect other users from being publicly flamed/bashed/provoked by another competitor for the duration of and following the tournament.

All players must complete their matches by the given deadline. Any incomplete matches by that time may be subject to activity decision (MAKE SURE YOU POST ON YOUR OPPONENT'S VM WALL); otherwise, they will be decided via !pick publicly in the Other Metas Room. All matches should ideally be done on your most notable alt (the one you registered for WCOOM III with) to avoid confusion and the replay must be saved and posted in this thread. The replays will be archived in a separate thread, and will be used to calculate usage stats.

Captains, if you wish to make any substitutions, you must post here tagging both the player you're subbing out, the player you're subbing in, the captains of the opposing team, the substitute's opponent(s), and myself. This is to assure that everyone is in-the-loop and that the OP is updated accordingly to reflect the new match-up.


Canada vs UK

SS Almost Any Ability: Jrdn vs Racool

SS Balanced Hackmons: GL Volkner vs willdbeast (sub)

SS Camomons: Karl Dude Guy vs Chazm

SS Mix and Mega: ToxaNex vs Hamhamhamhamham

SS NFE: Zap vs Jett

SS STABmons: Hys vs PA (sub)

Deadline is Sunday, January 17th, at 11:59 pm US Eastern (UTC -5).
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Actual predicts:

SS Almost Any Ability: Jrdn vs Racool - Always been high on Jrdn in AAA and his recent showings have been absolutely stellar in a plethora of metagames. Racool is no slouch, of course, being one of the poster-boys for prepping well when needed, especially in AAA but I haven't seen much of them recently so all signs point to a CAAAnadian victory. It's gonna be a super entertaining match. 60-40
SS Balanced Hackmons: GL Volkner vs xavgb - Stresh is the GOAT and GLV is just gonna post another fucking quitpost shouting out all of his homies, his grandma, the nation of Canada, his dog that died when he was 5 leaving him scarred for the rest of his life and we you will all eat that shit up like we you always do. Also bolding stresh cause he has to win something after he gets kicked out of play-offs in CAP Snake due to BIG RABIA LEAD. 5-95
SS Camomons: Karl Dude Guy vs Chazm - Chazm is my friend and an expert player but holy shit dude, stop bringing the same type of greedy-ass builds. Bolding Chazm cause I am not too big on Karl being able to punish the OONGA BOONGA Bri'ish spam that we will see for yet ANOTHER week. 30-70
SS Mix and Mega: ToxaNex vs Hamhamhamhamham - Tox isn't even remotely bad at MnM, beating down some good-ass players this year round. Ham x5 will of course bring his A game, like he always does and miraculously get some turbo outplay over Tox but will succumb to slightly better piloting. 60-40
SS NFE: Zap vs Jett - Bolding my friend, no offense to ZAP but I've never watched NFE and I don't plan to start now.
SS STABmons: Hys vs w0rd - W0rd has seemingly overcome the slump from the Misdreavuses and is now piloting STAB with his 5000 IQ to (almost) his former glory days. Hys is a cool dude but he's been lackluster this tour. Who knows, maybe he'll figure out that UK is actually bringing Hone Claws Power Trip Umbreon or Gravity Clefable into Zap Cannon Xurkitree and win. 30-70

Shout-out Europe.
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SS Almost Any Ability: Jrdn vs Racool : HL match of the tour. Racool continued their winning streak since ompl after a solid win in semis vs a strong opponent in tnm. However, jrdn himself is in a very hot streak rn, being undefeated here and recently won the live tour playoffs. This is as close as it gets , both players have great success in this tier in tours but gotta give very slight edge to jrdn who imo isn't afraid to use something bold in the builder as seen with his match with rozes.

SS Balanced Hackmons: GL Volkner vs xavgb : It's hard to vote against stresh in any tier tbh and bh is no exception.Man can play almost every tier at top 3 level and deservingly won the circuit. His recent win vs dimrah in tiebreaker shows stresh is very up-to-date with meta despite not playing it as regularly. Volk has also been solid this tour and can very well take this altho stresh still remains the favoured one in this mu.

SS Camomons: Karl Dude Guy vs Chazm : UPSET ALERT. Chazm has been playing decent and afaik hasn't lost after week1. However he was using very similar builds uptill semis and got v lucky vs tnm in his tb game. kdg meanwhile is a good player themself and I think jrdn support in camo is something that will help kdg win this uphill battle.

SS Mix and Mega: ToxaNex vs Hamhamhamhamham : Wierd mu ngl since I don't have much clue about either. Toxanex hasn't impressed me much altho this is def due to them being very new to mnm. On the other hand, I haven't seen hamx5 play a single game of mnm this gen. just going of the basis that I feel ham is the better player of the two and Uk also has the better mnm support altho it will be interesting to see if nex brings HO 5 times in a row or Canada comes up with some other spicy tech.

SS NFE: Zap vs Jett : Jett hasn't exactly had a great tournament so far , despite them being a very good nfe player. Zap on the other hand has picked up nfe greatly and has been the person to beat in this tour , coming off wins vs friso and then beating hoen in semis twice. great disparity b/w the records of these two players but it should be closer than it looks , esp if jett brings their A game.

SS STABmons: Hys vs w0rd : Stabmons slot of these two teams haven't exactly had a great tournament - Canada being winless here and Uk only having 1 win. I've seen w0rd being held in great regards by many players in the om community despite their not so good record in ompl so I'll give the om legend an advantage over hys - who himself only picked stab since this tour started I believe.

Hopefully I'm wrong and this doesn't up in another tie. Rooting for Canada tho


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maple syrup vs crumpets and tea
other metagames livetour circuit champ 70-30 rustcool: love racool but she is past her prime imo, jrdn has been absolutely dominant in AAA, and racool didn't even play in this tour until poffs

goose lips 40-60 the bonsly: i think at this point it's just about who's less burnt out on bh and volkner is definitely burnt out on bh. not counting volk out because I think he's the better BH player by a small margin, just this tour has drained him

man person guy 60-40 magernalover69: I haven't rlly been super impressed with either of these players in camo throughout this entire tour, they've been ok/solid but nothing super special. gonna give it to karl because of Jrdn prep and Chazm has a tendency to tilt a bit vs players he underestimates

is this guy's name a pun on toxapex? wtf? i hate toxapex. 20-80 bikes 142km: ham is simply the better player here and he has wayyy more experience in OMs and mons in general

zip zap zoop 50-50 flying objectt: coin toss, idt either of these players is weak by any standards but I just simply do not know enough about nfe to actually judge a good game.

another 3 letter name to remember 35-65 om b00mer: neither of these players really have a positive record this tour (Hys is newer to OMs and w0rd hasn't had a good record since he came back really) but I'm more confident in w0rd's ability as a player

hoping for a tiebreak just to see GL Volkner in more pain
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SS Almost Any Ability: Jrdn vs Racool
(25:75) Definitely gonna have to give it to racool here. Jrdn has consistently been active all gen, whereas racool has come back for just playoffs. Definitely think racool is gonna quit once finals wrap up, whereas Jrdn is here to stay.

SS Balanced Hackmons: GL Volkner vs xavgb
(100:0) No question. God :xavgb: has been a dominant force in OMs all gen, whereas we all know GL Volkner is gonna bless us with another juicy quit post once this tour ends. Definitely favoring volky here for more likely to quit

SS Camomons: Karl Dude Guy vs Chazm
(60:40) I've never heard of Karl, whereas chazm has been around forever. If i had to pick, id say karl is more likely to quit after WCoOM

SS Mix and Mega: ToxaNex vs Hamhamhamhamham
(50:50) Hard to pick here. Haven't heard of toxanex, but they seem like they're in it for the long haul. Conversely, hamx5's activity ebbs and flows with the tournament season, but they've consistently been around as long as there are matches to play. Hard to say which of the two is gonna quit post tour

SS NFE: Zap vs Jett
(80:20) Zap is my homie but idk how active they'll stay in OM since to my knowledge they are more of a mono player. Jett on the otherhand seems fairly active in NFE, so i doubt they'll be leaving anytime soon. Gonna have to give it to zap for more likely to quit

SS STABmons: Hys vs w0rd
(45:55) Tough call. W0rd always disappears until another major tour, but I can never say with confidence which tour is their last. Hys on the otherhand (to my knowledge) has just joined the OM scene, so its hard to say if they will stick around for long. Ultimately choosing word due to the consistent disappearances after major tours.

in all seriousness, gl all looking forward to a good final!
Best of luck to both of the teams that reached finals, you both put up a challenging fight when we had the chance of facing you :blobnom:

I want to thank our team for their commitment and the good experience that they allowed me to have as a manager! I really had a blast, I feel like we deserved slightly more, but I’m still very proud of what we accomplished! Now for individual shout/outs:

Jordy: I did not know you well prior to this Wcoom, but I’m glad I got to manage by your side! Your inklings on the best potential LU really carried us to play-offs, I don’t think we could have made it without your competence and your great choices. I finally understand why xavgb is such a fan of you ^^ Best of luck in SPL!! (1)

Mark K: If you had not convinced me to go for the manager spot against your own interest, I don’t think I would have. I’m glad I did, but at the same time regret that it has meant that you were robbed of an opportunity to shine at something that you’re amazing at, twice in the same year. Hopefully, 2021 is the year for Manager Mark!

Lasen: Same as above, I’m really sorry my friend. Thanks for sticking around with us, taking care of our morale, and making us laugh! You were fascinating as always!

dimrah: I’m glad I got to team up with you again, after OMPL. You’ve been a discrete presence, but you were there nonetheless, you prepped well and took care of a metagame that no-one else could have, so thank you!

Eeveeto: You were phenomenal. A spectacular 4-0 (games post-defeat do not count u.u), you built all of your own teams and have like 25 to spare, you overplayed every opponent so effortlessly, it was really a pleasure to spectate your games! Best of luck in SPL!! (2)

frisoeva: Thank you for playing at your best every week in spite of your seriously busy Pokemon schedule. You brought us very important wins early on. Best of luck in SPL!! (3)

MultiAmmiratore: Sempre spettacolare, mi dispiace non aver potuto testare spesso con te ma le volte in cui ci siamo riusciti mi sono divertito molto, e vederti in azione è da brividi! Prep impeccabili ed hai sempre giocato davvero bene, oltre ad aver aiutato anche in altri tier! Ti ringrazio davvero tanto del tuo impegno :)

Terracotta: Ti abbiamo affidato un meta difficile, con relativamente poco supporto, e te la sei cavata veramente bene, a mio avviso. In particolare, nella preparazione dei team, hai saputo sfruttare diverse minacce poco esplorate in modo creativo!

tlenit: I’m really sorry we weren’t able to slot you in; I wish we could have seen you in action. I guess I’ll resort to looking at your games in tiers at which we already know you’re great. Thank you for filling the ranks, being present and supportive, and being ready to sub when it could be expected of you!

TonyFlygon: Equally sorry that we did not showcase your unfathomable BH abilities :0 Thank you for sticking with us and showing renewed interest in the OM scene. It was a pleasure having you on board! Best of luck in SPL!! (And 4!)

The Number Man: Dulcis in fundo, the player that I have adored from week 1 till the unfortunate Tiebreaker game. You have been so helpful to everyone else, always present, kind, and reassuring. You took all of your preps and games extremely seriously, at the point of becoming frustrated with building, but you persevered even then! And again, you really showed unparalleled enthusiasm from the get-go till the finish line, with over 1400 messages in our discord (that’s almost 1000 more than me, for perspective). I am really, sincerely glad that I got to know you and manage a team that had you in it!

A few words to our many helpers that took their time to support our group of players as best they could: I think you made the ride more enjoyable whilst actually enabling our success, so thank you all for it! More specifically…

Ainzcrad: Thank you for helping out with plenty of tests in plenty of metas, your versatility has been a great value for many of our players!

Alternatif, Atha, Dragonillis, LBDC: Merci d’avoir proposé d’aider ou d’être venus quand je vous ai demandé, mon opinion de vous en tant que joueurs et connoisseurs des OMs est très haute et avoit pu bénéficier de votre aide a été rassurant. Je vous souhaite une année pleine de succès en OMs, tant en tours individuels qu’en teamtour :blobnom:

IoSonoNeon: Mi dispiace di non averti potuto offrire un posto in LU, e forse non è stato facile per te integrarti, mi rendo conto. Spero che comunque sia stata un’esperienza che ti abbia insegnato qualcosa sugli Oms, e che tu possa toccarli con mano da più vicino in futuro :)

manu 11: Thank you for helping TNM in AAA, he deserved to have trusted, helpful and competent friends around!

Marsopa Trump & Test Rex: I really enjoy your presence in any server, you’re always so kind and so funny Rex, never change!! :heart:

ojr : gm Ojr :3 I definitely wish I had listened to Marjane and I had included you in our LU. You were incredibly involved with our NFE every week and selfless in providing useful, capital assistance to Friso! Thank you!!

Siamato: Un de mes joueurs méritait l’assistance du meilleur, et le meilleur a repondu à mon appel sans hésiter :heart: Je suis navré d’avoir perturbé ta retraite mais ton aide a été formidable. Les tests que tu as offerts, ton approche au tier et au teambuilding nous ont vraiment permis d’arriver en finale avec un team solide, un bon match-up, et le sentiment d’avoir atteint un build digne de l’importance du match. Je t’en suis vraiment reconnaissant, et je suis très content de pouvoir te considérer un ami!
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