Tournament World Cup of Other Metagames III - Player Signups [CLOSED]

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In consideration of the signups, the division of US has been altered. The areas of North East and West have been expanded to encompass the Midwest. The updated map is below:

If you have previously signed up to play for Midwest without mentioning your State, please edit your post accordingly.

Additionally, I have seen a few signups simply mention USA. If you have done this, I advice editing your signup to include which US team you are specifically eligible for so potential captains are aware.

Thanks to everyone that has shown interest in participating in this tournament!
  • Player Name: Blinkboy
  • Metagames Played: NFE, stabmons (with support)
  • Country / Region of Residence: Ireland (europe)
  • Other Eligibility: whatever south africa would fall under
  • I know i wasnt very reliable in om pl and want to right that wrong. Ive also just had surgery so cant do anything besides mons. Will help prep and build if on bench.
Not open for further replies.

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