Tournament World Cup of Other Metagames III - Player Signups [CLOSED]

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Winners of the First World Cup of Other Metagames

:regirock: berry
esteemed Other Metagames Chatroom Moderator and Circlejerker

I would like to present our WCoOM III Roster.

Three Year Legacy

Northeast co-manager, 2019 Other Metas Circuit Champion, OMPL VI Champion, mad bald person (malder)

:charizard-mega-x: Sabella
actually has a real trophy

:eevee: Betathunder
professional non-sober randbats player

Second Year Veterans

:charizard-mega-y: MZ
PU Leader, OMGS Winner, OMPL VIII Champion, didn't know he won OMPL VIII until he saw this post

:dragonite: Zesty43
Smogon Premiere League and Snake Draft Player

:shedinja: sugarhigh
Balanced Hackmons innovator, OMPL II Champion

:riolu: MetaRiolu7
OM Snake III Champion

New to Northeast

:excadrill: Ho3nConfirm3d
ZU Tier Leader

:pikipek: LuckyPiper
new to us!

:toxapex: power
powerlessly, former Northeast manager

bassoon player, won some trivia thing

:drampa: drampa's grandpa

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to all WCoOM players this year. Good luck, and have fun!
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Not WCoOM III Managers Power Ranking

1. xavgb
drampa's grandpa 26/11/2020
stresh isnt managing?

With great knowledge of almost all metas in WCoOM, stresh would be a clear choice for manager of pretty much any region he signed up for. Being able to build for at least 5/6 metas to an extremely high level and be a top player in any of them, as well as his prominent position in the community giving him a great knowledge of the players puts him head and shoulders above all the other not managers.

2. Lasen
Lasen has a great knowledge of the OM community - of the kind that can only be built up over countless tactical voice calls - and the personality, not to mention dashing good looks, of a true leader which is enough to put him near the top of this ranking. However his building and playing abilities aren't up to the same standard as stresh's so he has to be ranked lower as such.

3. Mark K
Mark has good team leadership qualities and a solid knowledge of OMs which would surely be an asset to testing and prep, if not enough to build for the whole team himself. However for the particular role of Europe manager he had one unique weakness, being from Brazil. Unfortunately for him the gamble on The Immortal's substandard Geography knowledge didn't pay off and the cunning host saw through this deception with the aid of google maps.

4. Chloe
In the words of a wise man:
Chloe...what is wrong with you.
Despite this Chloe has some redeeming factors such as her inspirational qualities and her adept skills at espionage, being able to keep up the façade of not being a weeb despite all of her clandestine anime watching activities.

5. aesf
Aesf has no lack of skills at mons, particularly in AAA, but his lack of leadership ability shows itself through his inability to find a co-manager who wouldn't also sign up with ITH. This clear lack of authority is a crippling blow to his chances of becoming manager.

6. sl42
While a competent pocket monsters player and charismatic leader, sl42 would be totally incapable of being manager due to no-one being able to remember his transient new usernames for long enough to tag him in tournament posts. Truly sad to see such a talent wasted to the addiction that is poor name choices.

7. anaconja
Last but not least - or that's what I would have said if that wasn't the opposite of how PRs work - is anaconja. People often ask the simple questions What (,he's signing up to manage)? How (could anyone think he'd be a good choice)?
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