Tournament World Cup of Other Metagames V - Player Signups

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Hello and welcome to the World Cup of Other Metagames! Like the last four years, players from across the globe join together in groups by their region to face off against all other regions and prove that they're the best. For those who are interested in taking role as a player for the World Cup of Other Metagames, use this thread to sign up.

The metagames included in this year's WCoOM are:
  • SS 2v2 Doubles
  • SS Almost Any Ability
  • SS Anything Goes
  • SS Balanced Hackmons
  • SS Godly Gift
  • SS Mix and Mega
  • SS NFE
  • SS STABmons

Format of the tour:
This year, the format of the tournament will depend on how many teams we have. If we have 8 teams, we will do what we did for WCoOM 2 and 3, where we will have 2 groups of 4 regions each and have 3 weeks of group stages where the top 2 teams from each region move onto playoffs. However, if we manage to get 10 teams, we will be continuing the format we did for WCoOM 4.

Each team will need to pick up 8 starters and 4 substitutes for a total of 12 people. Captains are eligible to draft themselves as one of the 12 players.

Please sign up for any regions you are eligible for. Below find the tentative list of regions. Note that it is subject to change based on player signups.

Asia Pacific
US Northeast
US South
US West

The eligibility requirements are the same as WCOP 2022 and can be found here. Replace any instances of WCOP 2021 with WCOOM IV.

Please format your signup accordingly. Note that joke signups will be deleted.

Player Name: xavgb
Metagames Played: All
Country / Region of Residence: UK
Other Eligibility: None
  • Player Name: Your username.
  • Metagames Played: The OMs that you play or would like to play for your region.
  • Country / Region of Residence: The country or region where you currently reside.
  • Other Eligibility: If you believe you are eligible for a region other than where you currently reside, please list it here.

As the above list of regions is subject to change, you may still signup with your Country (or State if you reside in the US) if you do not qualify for any of the existing regions. Captain signups will close after one week. Player signups will run for approximately two weeks, until Captains are selected and teams are drafted. Contact either myself or another forum mod if you have any questions.
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