Tournament World Cup of Other Metagames V - Week 2

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Some people (Jordy) told me that they would enjoy a review about week 1 SS NFE games and to day I have a bit of free time so... yeah, let's do our best! I hope you enjoy it:

We know that both of them are playing SS NFE because they are using Piloswine, but other than that teams were quite different and not using Roselia which is, up to now, one of the best Pokémon in the tier. Both players were using Tangela which is a niche peak and offers Knock Off compared to Roselia, which is fine and helps Chloe's Lampent to open a path against opponent's Vullaby. However, Ho3n did not use it so, just from preview, Lampent can be scary and the main pressure point from Chloe. In contrast, Ho3n had a worse preview imo bc gLinoone and Gurdurr could be checked by Tangela and Piloswine slightly by Hattrem (but in short-term). What is important to note is which set is Tortle bc if it is SS Tortle then Ho3n has a slight advantage as once Vullaby and Ebuzz are low in HP then it sweeps. However, it is revealed during the game that this is tank Flip Wartortle, which is fine, but makes Ho3n's team quite passive and fat, relying on FSight + gLinoone/Gurdurr to make progress.

Until t7 everything goes quite fine but then Hattrem comes into town against KOff Gurdurr which, having Tangela, isn't the best way to go as now Piloswine can pressure a bit easier Hattrem. T10 is quite huge for ho3n as Chloe's Pilo gets worn down bc of FSight and receives rocks from ho3n. t15 Tangela reveals Sleep Powder which isn't bad and it is useful in this MU but it is a weird pick to choose in a Vullaby metagame with Overcoat as ability. But still, a fresh useful one for this match. After that, t19 ho3n reveals a luring gLinoone which isnt necessarily bad but it is a also a weird pick after Protect as gLinoone will remain burnt throughout the game but can be a cleaner with Facade bc of Quick Feet. After this, the match goes straightforward and ho3n only needs to close it just clicking without predicting.

These teams are pure SS NFE: 2 Pilos, 2 Vullabys, 2 Roselias, 1 Electabuzz. From preview, both teams seem to be quite equal and will depend how they develop through the game, Lepton seems to have a good breaking proint with Tortle and Raboot but Jordy has both of them quite well covered. Offense against something a bit fatty. Jordy might be using a CB Pilo which, if revealed, is a huge threat for Lepton as nothing really wants to switch into in the long run. t6 CB Pilo comes in and Icicle Crash to Wartortle (the main switch in) makes it a 3HKO, which is huge and gives a slight advantage to Jordy. t14 Jordy sacks Vullaby to give momentum which, imo, wasnt that obvious but it pays off as the correct move. t16 Vullaby is able to Knock Off Piloswine but now it is too late and Vullaby goes down too. t21 Lepton reads Jordy in the incoming Spikes and puts a bit of pressure to Jordy. From this point, everything is quite straightforward and Electabuzz shows why is one of the best Pokémon around: speed tier. Finally, Jordy reveals its wincon in t39. Clefairy is a CM Moonblast set which makes sense for the team and cleans the game after tanking Raboot.

No Ebuzz is weird but still we got 2 Hatts, 2 Vulls, and 2 Pilos. We are still on SS NFE. PD team has Vullaby and Roselia which pressure quite a bit Kabila's Vullaby and practically no Pokémon in Kabila's team appreciate switching into KOff/BBird from Vullaby, while also making progress with Roselia. Kabila's team had different paths to take from preview but mainly Thwackey and Tortle pressured the Roselia/Vullaby/gCors core and, if surpassing it, they could have a chance to claim the win. To sum up, PD was safe but needed time to win, Kabila had to pressure and break through asap. Kabila reveals tank Tortle which makes the team rely even more on Gurdurr/Thwackey to win the game which, imo, gives some advantage to PD rn. Also PD's Raboot seems to be CB which can be played bc entry hazard control from Hattrem. This Raboot is pressuring a lot tank Tortle with only U-turns. T11 Gurdurr reveals BU set which is perfect for Thwackey bc can pressure and remove the item from gCorsola and this Pokémon cannot Strength sap bc of Hattrem. This is getting a bit tough right now for PD. Kabila's sacks Vullaby to get momentum in t16 and game goes straightforward with Roselia trying to beat Hattrem without getting it (showing that this Hattrem was a bit spdef bulk-wise, which is great for Kabila's team and makes more sense with Aroma). Also, I had to say that Kabila's Pilo revealed with Icicle Crash damage to be CB rocks which can work in offensive teams like this one to put rocks if needed but still doing some big damage (a ton to both Hatt and Raboot). PD claims a faint to Tortle with Raboot on t26 and then Thwackey comes and reveals sub SD set which can be annoying for gCorsola if not running Haze, which it does!! This game is getting more and more complicated but gCors cannot recover HP bc of the Sub. After some tough lines, Gurdurr and Roselia pick each other the faint. PD does some good lines to put Thwackey low in HP and to stall the grassy terrain when entering Raboot (t42). From this on, both Vullaby and Raboot just turn around the field and claim Hattrem. This is getting heated before Thwackey enters again and claims gCors. Finally, some weird lines with Vullaby but that they are enough once Pilo goes down and Vullaby Defog the terrain to ensure the faing with both Piloswine and Raboot. THIS GAME WAS A REALLY GOOD ONE and both played it quite well although PD just shone in some important moments to claim the win.

Hot game between Elfuseon and Somalia. Here we got some more uncommon picks with Haka and Dwebble + Haka + Frax + Klang. From my point of view, Somalia really needs to break asap otherwise Elfu's Haka seem super dangerous once it gets some boosts on speed. Also, Raboot might be quite dangerous. Overall, I go with Elfu's team but the surprise factor can be a turning thing. Elfu's goes t1 with Haka to just claim the win/break havoc. However, this can be dangerous as all the other Pokémon are still quite healthy and we do not know if Gurdurr (which comes t2) has Mach Punch dealing a ton of damage bc of Scale Shot (which it does not so Gurdurr goes down). Then a bad roll for Elfu's Haka and goes down to the oppo's Haka. Next turn, gCorsola burns Haka which Somalia should have avoided. After this, some straightforward lines until t17 with a crit against Elfuseon's Vullaby. gCors, which seems to be the MVP of the team, burns Thwackey this time. gCorsola also beats Klang and Haka, finally burning Fraxure and claiming the win. This shows how good is gCors against some physical offensive teams. Somalia should have used Gurdurr to pressure gCors first.

And that's it for the first week!! I hope you enjoy the games and the review. Imo, PD vs Kabila and lepton vs Jordy were the best games in terms of entertainment and how close they were.

Thrilled for the last games of this week!!! See you Pokémaniacs :blobpex:
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