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Welcome to the World Cup of Pokemon 2024! A unique team tournament on Smogon's trophy circuit, WCOP brings together the best players from a country/continent/region (yeah, it's a little confusing sometimes) to fight for glory and the blue trophy. This year will be a little different from previous years, with 5 SV OU slots and UU + Ubers + SS + SM + ORAS. Still plenty of Great Tusk, though.

Last year saw Spain narrowly defeat Europe after a long path featuring tiebreakers at literally every round. Will they make it two in a row? Will US Northeast live up to their expectations? Will a qualifying team come out strong and win over hearts like Bangladesh last year? Tune in to find out! This is the place to discuss metagame trends, analyze games, and look at cool sets. Any discussion related to SV OU in WCOP 2024 is welcome.

Introduction thread
Administrative Decisions (links to start of 2024 decisions)
Usage Statistics

Main Event Round 1
Main Event Spreadsheet
Qualifying Spreadsheet

SV OU players on every roster: managers italicized, starters bolded

Main Event (rosters not finalized yet)
  • BelgiumEoward, Rubyblood, Mada, Uxilon, Eoward, Fant'sy Beast
  • EuropeWe Three Kings, Leni, Alhen, Eeveeto, Lily, TheFranklin, Twixtry
  • FranceBIHI, Deckline, AK, Antonazz, Hiko, Carkoala, Welli0u
  • GermanySylvi, mind gaming, Trickster, Fogbound Lake, xdRudi.exe, Conflict
  • IndiaDj Breloominati♬, Piyush25, MAVERICK SHOOTERS, vk, myjava, freezai
  • Italys7a, paolode99, Kebab mlml, Niko, zS, Pais, Laroxyl
  • Oceaniafalse, Tom Bus, Chloe, DugZa, Leavers, March Fires, ninjadog
  • Spainreiku, Dorron, Dasmer, Garay oak, Malekith, SoulWind, Trosko
  • United KingdomGlue, Gingy, xavgb, Ahsan-219, Stareal, Trogba Trogba, Baddy
  • US MidwestGroudon, ausma, oldspicemike, zioziotrip, S1nn0hC0nfirm3d, heileone, kythr
  • US Northeastobii, Sabella, blunder, Finchinator, INSULT, lax, Star, CTC, Srn
  • US SouthDave, kumiko, aesf, GXE, hellom, TPP, Xrn
  • US Westvelvet, Smudge, emforbes, ima, PZZ, shiloh, Vert
  • Asiadevin, Mimikyu Stardust, JJ09LIE, Typical_bastard, devin, sugarhigh, Xiri
  • Brazil Rewer, Sahki, Ash KetchumGamer, elodin, Luigi, mncmt, Thiago Nunes
  • Canada3d, Baloor, Potatochan, sunsets, Career Ended, HYpertonix
  • Chile Vileman, Mister McLovin, zMisaka, Lazuli, Mako, Raptor, darkman64, 1LDK
  • ChinaMetallica126, Nashrock, hi.naming is hard, Soul king0, Chaos23333, Raceding, cscl, cen344uu
  • AfricaZoyotte, Hats, yovan33321, KeshBa54, L lawliet, Yves Stone, Lokifan
  • Bangladeshfeen, Xboy, Mushfiq, Kaif, SKC44, Let's Rumble Shall We, Dhrabb, Calambrito
  • Brazil — Rewer, Sahki, Ash KetchumGamer, elodin, Luigi, mncmt, Thiago Nunes
  • Chile — Vileman, Mister McLovin, darkman64, Lazuli, Mako, Raptor
  • Greece — Christos, nikitas, anan2004, apollonas77, Fear, GLFGno7, Solo Laddering
  • China — Metallica126, Nashrock, hi.naming is hard, cen344uu, Chaos23333, Raceding, cscl
  • Africa — Zoyotte, Hats, yovan33321, KeshBa54, L lawliet
  • Latin America — Ann, Posho, bbeeaa, Storm Zone, Gtcha, Luirromen, Fakee
  • Asia — devin, Mimikyu Stardust, JJ09LIE, sugarhigh, Xiri
  • Mexico — Railgun, Ikaishi, Mrbanana45, Srita Kaguya, Eddie1840, ZeroKitss, MrBanana21
  • Netherlands — Drud, Quinn, Ivar57, Luxanse, PoseidonWrath
  • South Korea — Fluore, marilli, quokkadayo, ckcake1, gudwbs, moomlight
  • Portugal — UltiNooba19, sayyonara, Wait2Seconds, Msousagamer, Chlora, I Feel Stabby
  • Bangladesh — feen, Xboy, Mushfiq, Kaif, Calambrito, Let's Rumble Shall We, Dhrabb
  • Argentina — Enzonana., JustFranco, ACR1, haxlolo, Ravenna, HolaSoyBalto, Maxisc23
  • Canada — 3d, Baloor, Potatochan, sunsets, HYpertonix
  • Switzerland — elednb, Sificon, Basil103, Frablz, Gman, jyusaan, Pan.
  • Austria — Drachenkeule, tr1x, bausparvertrag, Sieeeffmon, Liones, RoFnA, mj
  • Venezuela — Raahel, Long Spirit, Juseth sepulveda, Mashin Sentai, Hashg Skynyrd, ApacheRomero, disgusting
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Yesss it's time!!!
Qualifying rosters to watch:
Asia- JJ09LIE had a strong 7-4 record this season in SPL and looks to continue in their wcop debut. Mimikyu Stardust posted a respectable 3-3 in SPL and looks to improve on their 1-2 record from wcop'22.Devin, sugarhigh, and xiri are all returning players from some years ago so this team has both experience and current meta relevance.
Latin America - Storm Zone has been on a tear this year and the addition of recently freed bbeeaa makes this team the one to beat for sv. And they're already up in standings.
Canada- simply the best team around and especially cool. They will win

EDIT: i forgot Brazil due to the extended mental effect of many users typing swift portuguese while their opponent tries to focus on not getting smashed
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Qualifying R1 ends soon but I wanted to quickly highlight this team of six that's been used twice now by team Latin America to success:

:slowking-galar: :cinderace: :landorus-therian: :kingambit: :zamazenta: :kyurem: (this is my very low-effort recreation, not all moves/Teras were revealed and the EVs are almost certainly off, use at your own risk)

There isn't any particular gimmick - it's just six great mons that cover for each other well. The only boots on this team belong to Cinderace and Kyurem, so the former's Court Change is valuable to keep the team healthy: Landorus-Therian appreciates being able to U-Turn in and out without taking rocks. Water Assault Vest (I think it is, at least, the calcs certainly look that way) Slowking-Galar stops the team from losing to special wallbreakers like Walking Wake.

Here, bbeeaa weaves around Basil103's mono-Protosynthesis +Speed sun team, notably using Water AV Glowking to full stop Walking Wake and Hatterene, and even survive a blow from Banded Tera Fire Band Gouging Fire. In its second use, Gtcha whittles down ckcake1's defensively inclined build with U-Turns, Future Sights, and Sludge Bombs until Zamazenta and Cinderace can clean house on an enemy team that has taken one too many body blows.


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RE: 1LDK world cup heat set reports

In the last year I did some heat reporting in world cup, not all matches, but the stuff I found cool, now I won't be able to do that, because Chile is now in Main Event, so I have to help, nevertheless, I hope that the person who takes up the mantra makes as good of a job as I did, maybe even better


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RE: 1LDK world cup heat set reports

In the last year I did some heat reporting in world cup, not all matches, but the stuff I found cool, now I won't be able to do that, because Chile is now in Main Event, so I have to help, nevertheless, I hope that the person who takes up the mantra makes as good of a job as I did, maybe even better
yo dot i got you.jpg

[This analysis has been edited due to copyright infringement concerns.]

Round 1 of WCOP 2024's qualifiers has concluded, and with it five teams have made it to the main event. Topping the sheet was team Chile with an outstanding 16-4 record and no slots going winless; they're joined by Asia, Canada, China, and Brazil in the main event. The final two slots will be decided by two 9v9 sets: Bangladesh vs Austria and Latin America vs Africa. Here are some neat teams/sets from quali.


Somehow, Sinistcha currently sits at a 100% winrate over three uses, two of them being from Team China. How much it contributed to said wins is a different story, but still. It has just the right mix of weird defensive attributes to make it obnoxious: in hi.naming is hard's game here, it closes a Fire/Water/Grass defensive loop and makes Rillaboom run from the smoke. (It does die to Heatran immediately after, though.) Chaos23333 used it to help whittle down a balance team, walling Blissey and chipping Clefable. Outside of China, Bangladesh's Dhrabb probably got the most mileage out of it; it brings Samurott-H into Rocky Helmet range and turns a burnt Clear Body Dragapult into free healing.
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trash ass users see some hot shit and dont have the decency to use for themselves they gotta send it off to everyone they know to farm clout points, forcing me to put out this psa --
stop stealing teams and build your own shit
calcify your vertebrae
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Regardless of the source i think Rillaboom + Garganacl has been on an absolute tear this round.
No usage statistics yet but I swear it was like every third game. I like it because it doesn't rely on typical grassy sweepers like Hawlucha which I definitely find underwhelming. Free leftovers is also busted on pokemon that are hard to ko in one like Garg.


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Qualifiers have wrapped up! Team Bangladesh defeated Austria 5-2, marking their return to the main event, while Africa upset the favored Latin America in a close 5-4 series.

Out of 14 qualifier R2 teams, there were three Tinkaton! (It lost two of those three times, with the win being a mirror match, but it's still neat.) Using either Air Balloon or Leftovers, it provides a Swiss army knife of utility including rocks, Knock Off, Encore, and stealing items once the Balloon pops. In the Tinkaton mirror (Africa's Yves Stone vs LATAM's bbeeaa), bbeeaa brought it for Rocks support on a unique rain structure and Yves used it to remove Dragapult's Specs. Commonly seen with Dragapult and Great Tusk.

Dragapult has been a straight-A student for the last two gens, and part of it is thanks to its great versatility. Out of seven Pults brought, we saw Specs from bbeeaa and L lawliet, a fully special Boots pivot from Yves Stone, the mixed Boots pivot from Sieeeffmon and maybe Gtcha, and a physical Life Orb set from yovan33321. At 50% usage it's one of the premier options to round out a team with its ridiculous speed tier, fast U-Turns, and potential surprises.

Bad news for people who hate having to run Covert Cloak: Garganacl saw 17% usage across all of qualifiers, winning just over two-thirds of its games. Comparatively, Garganacl only had an 8% usage on 1825+ ladder this last month, so we may be in for another upwards shift in this brick's ever-oscillating usage.

We're now in the main event! Over the next three weeks we'll see, if my numbers are good, 150 games of SV to look at, and 149 of them will probably be on the last weekend. Super excited to see what comes out of the premier regional kitchens. For a detailed rundown of all of the rosters, please check out this great writeup by teal6 and Theia; also check out some of the custom avatars for the tour by scrolling here! For my part, I wanted to give a highlight to some of the most interesting SV pools. You can also rewatch the official pools reveal here, hosted by lax, blunder, elodin, 3d, fade, and hellom.

SV OU #4: Trosko / Chloe / Lily / hellom — this is one hell of a pool. Two of SPL's highest-performing SV slots in Spain's Trosko and US South's hellom will be looking at a rematch after their semifinals tiebreak thriller, in which Trosko landed a triple Protect to squeeze out a victory from hellom at the last moment. UU leader and OU councilwoman Lily makes her return to SV OU after a 6-3 from her last WCOP helped push Europe to finals; she'll be looking to put her underwhelming SCL firmly in the past after taking SPL off. Chloe, former PU tier leader, probably has the least interaction with SV OU out of the four, but went positive for Oceania last year and shouldn't be discounted either. This pool is going to be a thrill to watch and probably a bit difficult to schedule.

SV OU #15: SoulWind / INSULT / Typical_bastard / ima — three well-known talents and a wildcard hoping to flip the table. SoulWind's accolades are beyond dispute, creeping ever close to ABR in trophy count, and it'll be interesting to see how he continues his SV work after a neutral record (and the trophy) last year. INSULT had an uncharacteristically bad WCOP last year, along with most of Northeast but will be looking to bounce back with recent deep individual runs and the support of lordheat. ima made that goddamn Kyurem PP stall team and anyone deranged enough to do that is sure to thrive in the wild west of SV. Don't sleep on Asia's Typical_bastard either, who went 2-0 in ORAS during qualifiers and is much less of a known factor than the other three.

SV OU #17: Ahsan-219 / Mako / JJ09LIE / 3d — a group full of players looking to ascend. Chile's Mako is the only member of this pool with a trophy, but she's better known for work in classic gens and will hope to plant a stake in SV after a 1-1 qualifying. England's Ahsan-219, top-seeded in Smogon Tour, will be looking for redemption after a first-round exit and getting called blunder's son on an official Smogon stream. JJ09LIE comes in as a frontrunner of Asia after an incredible 7-win rookie run in SPL, hoping to make the next step into bonafide stardom. Finally, 3d is ultra-determined to turn around his sheet record as both player and captain for Canada; victory here would not just lift his record but raise the flag for his compatriots.

SV OU #20: Garay oak / Niko / oldspicemike / emforbes — super hype matchups here. The best-performing SV player here is Midwest's oldspicemike, who is 16-7 in his last three team tours and has rapidly ascended to must-watch viewing with his takes on offense. Garay oak is not particularly known for SV but is nonetheless someone that persistently shows up when needed the most, and when the clock starts running late on pools Spain might just need him to clutch up. Niko's talent is made obvious by the fact that he's put up good records in SV despite not really liking the tier that much, and he'll be looking to help bring Italy back to its winning days. Finally, West's emforbes makes his World Cup and SV OU debut after continued excellence in VGC over the game's lifetime; with teambuilding support from Vert and no sudden death clauses, he'll look to keep making waves and maintain his great 68% winrate in team tours.
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I've fallen ill so while I'm trapped at home I might as well show off some of the cooler games that took place. The deadline is next week, but anyone without an excuse was required to play at least one (1) game before midnight last Sunday, so we were able to see some games.

With about 40% of the games completed we're starting to see something resembling a pecking order. Germany has the joint most completed games at 17, and with 11 wins they're looking quite strong. They're followed by the continental squads of Europe (only played nine games), Africa, and Oceania — Africa in particular is proving their form in qualifiers wasn't a fluke. Chile has also put up a respectable nine wins in 17 games, able to keep the heat on from their ridiculous qualifying run.

The American teams have generally few games played (eight for US South at the time of writing) but have generally followed a normal distribution, with West leading and South's eight games putting them lower. Reigning champions Spain currently sit at -2 differential in 12 games. The bottom five are currently occupied by the quali teams not already mentioned; Bangladesh, at -7 in 13 games, seems to be struggling to stay afloat despite a 2-0 record from SV frontman SKC44.

Anyways, here's some selected replays you should watch! Criteria were mostly "I enjoyed watching this" or "there's a neat set or two here."

[Asia] JJ09LIE vs Ahsan-219 [United Kingdom] — this 16-turn battle showcases a couple of neat offensive surprise sets. JJ09LIE leads with Power Herb Meteor Beam Glimmora, which burns the herb turn 1; Ahsan-219 figures it's safe to bring in Moltres, only for JJ09LIE to immediately reveal Power Gem on top of Meteor Beam for maximal baiting. [edit: Meteor Beam + Power Gem is actually a suggested set but I thought it was cool at the time.] Later, Ahsan-219 tries to bring out Tera Steel Regidrago to win, but JJ09LIE reveals Tera Fairy Tera Blast Iron Boulder and cleans house. I wish we had seen more from Regidrago, but JJ09LIE had an Enamorus too so it was probably always going to have an uphill battle to put in work.

[US West] Vert vs hi.naming is hard (gewwge) [China] — this game features two high-octane offensive teams going down to the very end. gewwge's Excadrill sand (also featuring Volcanion) gets out to an early 5-2 lead despite the best efforts of Vert's DD/Roost Roaring Moon, but Vert's last two mons are Kingambit and Gholdengo, so it's absolutely not over. Worry Seed Amoonguss and Skarmory manage to take out Kingambit, and it comes down to Rocky Helmet Tera Fairy Gholdengo versus gewwge's three wounded mons. I'll not spoil it here; watch it yourself to see the conclusion.

[Spain] Trosko vs Lily [Europe] — highlight from one of the best pools. Lily's using a variant of that one CTC team that broke containment and is now being used by everybody in the tournament, while Trosko has a defensively robust offense featuring Tornadus-T. This game goes to show Cinderace's power as one of the best Poison-types in the tier; Libero Gunk Shot is able to repeatedly put a massive chunk in Tornadus-T and scare out Tera Fairy Gholdengo, with great utility coverage in Pyro Ball and Sucker Punch to keep Trosko's team honest. Lily's Gholdengo is also Grassy Seed, which makes it take a quite low 49% from a Ceaseless Edge while maintaining potent offensive capabilities.

[Europe] Eeveeto vs mncmt [Brazil] — people with Eevee in their username consistently come up with some of the craziest teams. RestTalk Kyurem and Substitute Zapdos-Galar are the major headlines on Eeveeto's squad, but the relatively normal-ish Scarf Tera Dark Samurott-Hisui ends up being the big breadwinner, putting up all layers and inflicting fantastic damage onto mncmt's offense.

[India] myjava vs TheFranklin (arce9) [Europe] — reigning SPL champion myjava shows how to fight back from an early freeze that just won't thaw no matter what. Tera Ground DD + special moves Kyurem proves to be the MVP, helping pull back from a 1v3 scenario. TheFranklin shows some pretty neat sets here too with Tera Blast Fighting Dragapult and Liquid Voice Psychic Noise Primarina.
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Inspired by the above great replays: some heat reports
Standard: anything under B- rank on the VR also I have to be impressed

:Maushold: C+ - Brought by Bangladesh, tidied up once, won. 5/10
:Empoleon: UR - Brought by Belgium, got up rocks, roar'd out a booster energy Raging Bolt, prevented spin with tera ghost, won 8/10
:Mamoswine: C - Brought by France, 3 kills, tera ice, won 8/10
:Ceruledge: C+ - Brought by Chile, 3 kills, lost 5/10
:Cresselia: C+ - Brought by Italy, did nothing but won 3/10
:Braviary-Hisui: UR - Brought by UK, 1 kill vs a paralyzed Bolt, won 4/10
:Okidogi: UR - brought by Chile, you know him you love him he did nothing and won 6/10
:Goodra-Hisui: D - brought by Italy, 1v1'd a Glowking, won 9/10
:Zapdos-Galar::Regidrago:covered above

Honorable mention :Manaphy: B - Brought by Africa with no webs, swept 7/10 this mon is ass tho

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Canada Report!!!

The coolest team of all time, team Canada, has not been having the most world cup success as of late. After finishing 13th in 2021, the team blasted up the ranks to finish the 2022 regular season with about a 19 win pace, ultimately finishing second place in the whole tournament. However this was not to last as in 2023 they finished LAST in the main event, with a score of 8-16 (equivalent to 10-20 this season) and were relegated.

Enter 2024. At noon on the final day of competition, Canada faced down a 7-16 record, aware that the minimum wins likely needed to escape relegation would be 12 with a tiebreak. Thus, they needed to go at least 5-2 to get there, with some of their more proven players having already played. SM expert Skypenguin was already finished at only 1-2 and SS star Hayburner had gone a perfect 3-0 in SS but was already done. Ubers main Fc was 0-1 with two games to play, jytcampbell had one game left with a record of 0-2 in oras, and the current gen core was sitting at an abysmal 1-11 with three games to go.

But just like the edmonton Oilers (prayge) they clutched up. Potatochan rescued the SV record with two clean wins including one with a Deoxys Defence - semistall team (insane bring with the stakes on the line). After watashi lost a hard battle to a double protecting Garganacl, jytcampbell played a solid oras win to finally get on the board vs a france player in leftiez who was also playing for their tournament life. Finally, the carry showed up as Fc won two straight ubers matches against teams still in contention, and Amakamura returned for the final game to improve their UU record to 3-0. The team finished 13-17, going 6-1 after that lowest point to escape relegation and even avoiding a tiebreak match. While it's a far cry from the peaks of 2022, Canada showed they still have what it takes to clutch it up when the chips are down. Congrats folks, it was a pleasure to watch.
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Round 1 of WCOP has concluded! After 300 games, six have advanced to the playoff bracket. Team Europe stamped themselves atop the standings at an impressive 21-9 (including a 9-6 SV) in a result that will surely launch plenty of discussion in Tournament Policy. US West just barely trails them, one win behind Europe's historic record. They're followed by Oceania and India with 19 wins after a ridiculous final weekend pushed India from neutral to decisive locks. US Midwest and a surging Italy make up the final two locks at seventeen wins each.
The final two slots will be determined by a nightmarish three-way tiebreak between US South, US Northeast, and Chile; three BO3s, one in SV OU and one game each in tiers of each team's choice. The rundown is below; somehow everybody converged towards ORAS and UU as their picks. Whoever wins two BO3s gets seed 7, whoever wins one gets seed 8, loser is out. If they go 1-1-1 that's a problem for ken.

Chile (0) vs. (0) US South
SV OU: Raptor vs. GXE
ORAS OU: Vileman vs. hellom
SV UU: IamLowTier vs. pdt

Chile (0) vs. (0) US Northeast
SV OU: Raptor vs. lax
ORAS OU: Vileman vs. fade
SV UU: IamLowTier vs. Star

US South (0) vs. (0) US Northeast
SV OU: aesf vs. lax
ORAS OU: Eo Ut Mortus vs. fade
SV UU: pdt vs. Star

Quick addendum: you may have noticed from the spreadsheet that India and Oceania are tied for seed 3. This kind of seeding squabble has historically been resolved by either a coinflip or some kind of off-the-books fight like a randbats battle. I'll keep you updated on this.
Update on this: one "can't we just throw to get our preferred opponent in quarterfinals" mess later, the TDs decided to just use H2H record, so India is seed 3 and Oceania is seed 4.

Qualifier teams Brazil, China, Canada, and Africa have all planted their flags in the main stage. Brazil and Canada in particular managed heroic pushes to save their seasons from rough starts, with Brazil going from second-last to one win away from tiebreakers. Asia, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, and last year's champions in Spain have been relegated to qualifiers after finishing in the bottom four.

A special shoutout to the 3-0 group-toppers in SV: DugZa, aesf, Pais, Vert, lax, Rubyblood, Laroxyl, Ash KetchumGamer, freezai, GXE, myjava, Hiko, Mako, xavgb, and technically US South's SV1 slot of hellom and leng loi, I guess. Now here's some replays.

US West's SV frontman Vert wielded this pink menace to great success; as part of Vert's 3-0 record, he brought Air Balloon Tinkaton twice and won with it twice. In the game against Bangladesh's Dhrabb it got off no attacks successfully, but it showed great utility against Africa's Yves Stone, where it landed a Thunder Wave on Dragapult and successfully walled a Substitute Enamorus by using Encore and Gigaton Hammer. Its weird combination of Swiss army knife utility allows it to fit into two very different team structures.

[France] Hiko vs Trickster7 [Germany] — Do you miss the highs and lows of missing or flinching with Icicle Crash? Thanks to Hiko's Tera Ice Mamoswine, you can now relive the thrills of generations past as it Crashes and Shards its way through mon after mon.

:enamorus-therian: :keldeo-resolute:
[Italy] Niko vs Meru [US West] — on the second-last day of round 1, with his team already qualified, US West not-a-manager z0mOG issued a demand for games, offering to substitute one of his players if a remaining opponent accepted. A few pings and 40 reactions later, a drunk, sleepy Niko logged onto Smogtours to fight Meru, the chosen substitute for emforbes. Lot going on here: a Trick Room team, three UUs on Meru's team, a Ceaseless Edge miss, this match had it all.

:maushold: :hydrapple::dragapult:
[United Kingdom] Trogba Trogba vs SKC44 [Bangladesh] — SKC44 has a super heat team here. Maushold cleans up hazards, Iron Crown and Life Orb Hydrapple do a bunch of damage, and Dragapult has an endgame surprise that completely changes the course of the battle.

[Spain] SoulWind vs INSULT [US Northeast] — with the tournament on the line for Northeast, we got this generally epic game, two top players going blow for blow. Kingambit haters should avoid this one, there's a very ballsy endgame here.

:dondozo: :cresselia:
I watched a lot of replays and there was really not a lot of balance/fat. Stall was also pretty rare, and in one of its showings it ran into Fire Spin Volcanion and lost quickly. But if you're fed up by the super-offensive landscape of SV and want a thousand year war-ass game, check out [Spain] Garay oak vs Niko [Italy], a 143-turn slugfest that takes until turn 80 for the first casualty. The stall being used by Niko, with Stored Power Cresselia, is one of the only stall variants I've seen in this tournament. Europe's Twixtry also ran a really freaky Toxapex set with 4 Poison moves, which got an audible guffaw out of me when I hovered over it, but they won with it so what can I say?
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Usage stats are up for Round 1
+ ---- + ------------------ + ---- + ------- + ------- +
| Rank | Pokemon | Use | Usage % | Win % |
+ ---- + ------------------ + ---- + ------- + ------- +
| 1 | Gholdengo | 100 | 33.33% | 53.00% |
| 2 | Zamazenta-* | 92 | 30.67% | 51.09% |
| 2 | Kingambit | 92 | 30.67% | 48.91% |
| 4 | Darkrai | 84 | 28.00% | 54.76% |
| 5 | Landorus-Therian | 83 | 27.67% | 50.60% |
| 6 | Dragonite | 78 | 26.00% | 60.26% |
| 7 | Great Tusk | 72 | 24.00% | 45.83% |
| 8 | Iron Valiant | 70 | 23.33% | 44.29% |
| 9 | Slowking-Galar | 67 | 22.33% | 43.28% |
| 10 | Raging Bolt | 64 | 21.33% | 46.88% |
| 11 | Gliscor | 58 | 19.33% | 53.45% |
| 12 | Ogerpon-Wellspring | 53 | 17.67% | 47.17% |
| 13 | Iron Moth | 51 | 17.00% | 58.82% |
| 13 | Samurott-Hisui | 51 | 17.00% | 47.06% |
| 15 | Primarina | 42 | 14.00% | 40.48% |
| 16 | Kyurem | 40 | 13.33% | 50.00% |
| 16 | Dragapult | 40 | 13.33% | 47.50% |
| 16 | Roaring Moon | 40 | 13.33% | 37.50% |
| 19 | Cinderace | 37 | 12.33% | 59.46% |
| 20 | Ting-Lu | 35 | 11.67% | 62.86% |
| 21 | Glimmora | 33 | 11.00% | 42.42% |
| 22 | Gouging Fire | 32 | 10.67% | 43.75% |
| 23 | Iron Treads | 30 | 10.00% | 50.00% |
| 24 | Garganacl | 29 | 9.67% | 48.28% |
| 25 | Deoxys-Speed | 28 | 9.33% | 46.43% |
| 26 | Clefable | 23 | 7.67% | 47.83% |
| 26 | Skarmory | 23 | 7.67% | 34.78% |
| 28 | Weavile | 22 | 7.33% | 54.55% |
| 29 | Rillaboom | 19 | 6.33% | 36.84% |
| 30 | Ogerpon | 18 | 6.00% | 55.56% |
| 31 | Moltres | 17 | 5.67% | 64.71% |
| 31 | Enamorus | 17 | 5.67% | 35.29% |
| 33 | Hatterene | 14 | 4.67% | 50.00% |
| 34 | Walking Wake | 10 | 3.33% | 60.00% |
| 34 | Iron Crown | 10 | 3.33% | 60.00% |
| 36 | Dondozo | 9 | 3.00% | 55.56% |
| 36 | Volcanion | 9 | 3.00% | 44.44% |
| 36 | Alomomola | 9 | 3.00% | 44.44% |
| 39 | Scizor | 8 | 2.67% | 87.50% |
| 39 | Zapdos | 8 | 2.67% | 75.00% |
| 39 | Skeledirge | 8 | 2.67% | 62.50% |
| 39 | Blissey | 8 | 2.67% | 62.50% |
| 39 | Ribombee | 8 | 2.67% | 50.00% |
| 39 | Amoonguss | 8 | 2.67% | 37.50% |
| 45 | Clodsire | 7 | 2.33% | 57.14% |
| 45 | Corviknight | 7 | 2.33% | 28.57% |
| 45 | Pelipper | 7 | 2.33% | 28.57% |
| 48 | Cresselia | 6 | 2.00% | 66.67% |
| 48 | Latios | 6 | 2.00% | 50.00% |
| 48 | Hoopa-Unbound | 6 | 2.00% | 33.33% |
| 48 | Rotom-Wash | 6 | 2.00% | 33.33% |
| 52 | Ursaluna | 5 | 1.67% | 80.00% |
| 52 | Tinkaton | 5 | 1.67% | 80.00% |
| 52 | Enamorus-Therian | 5 | 1.67% | 80.00% |
| 52 | Torkoal | 5 | 1.67% | 60.00% |
| 52 | Meowscarada | 5 | 1.67% | 40.00% |
| 52 | Hawlucha | 5 | 1.67% | 20.00% |
| 52 | Barraskewda | 5 | 1.67% | 20.00% |
| 59 | Toxapex | 4 | 1.33% | 75.00% |
| 59 | Ogerpon-Cornerstone | 4 | 1.33% | 50.00% |
| 59 | Manaphy | 4 | 1.33% | 50.00% |
| 59 | Serperior | 4 | 1.33% | 50.00% |
| 59 | Excadrill | 4 | 1.33% | 0.00% |
| 64 | Iron Boulder | 3 | 1.00% | 66.67% |
| 64 | Okidogi | 3 | 1.00% | 66.67% |
| 64 | Sinistcha-Masterpiece | 3 | 1.00% | 33.33% |
| 64 | Tyranitar | 3 | 1.00% | 0.00% |
| 68 | Weezing-Galar | 2 | 0.67% | 100.00% |
| 68 | Sinistcha | 2 | 0.67% | 100.00% |
| 68 | Deoxys-Defense | 2 | 0.67% | 100.00% |
| 68 | Ninetales | 2 | 0.67% | 100.00% |
| 68 | Keldeo | 2 | 0.67% | 100.00% |
| 68 | Pecharunt | 2 | 0.67% | 100.00% |
| 68 | Hydrapple | 2 | 0.67% | 50.00% |
| 68 | Ceruledge | 2 | 0.67% | 0.00% |
| 68 | Garchomp | 2 | 0.67% | 0.00% |
| 68 | Ninetales-Alola | 2 | 0.67% | 0.00% |
| 78 | Greninja-* | 1 | 0.33% | 100.00% |
| 78 | Latias | 1 | 0.33% | 100.00% |
| 78 | Zapdos-Galar | 1 | 0.33% | 100.00% |
| 78 | Goodra-Hisui | 1 | 0.33% | 100.00% |
| 78 | Empoleon | 1 | 0.33% | 100.00% |
| 78 | Maushold | 1 | 0.33% | 100.00% |
| 78 | Mamoswine | 1 | 0.33% | 100.00% |
| 78 | Chesnaught | 1 | 0.33% | 100.00% |
| 78 | Basculegion | 1 | 0.33% | 100.00% |
| 78 | Venusaur | 1 | 0.33% | 100.00% |
| 78 | Tornadus-Therian | 1 | 0.33% | 0.00% |
| 78 | Regidrago | 1 | 0.33% | 0.00% |
| 78 | Milotic | 1 | 0.33% | 0.00% |
| 78 | Hippowdon | 1 | 0.33% | 0.00% |
| 78 | Haxorus | 1 | 0.33% | 0.00% |
| 78 | Heatran | 1 | 0.33% | 0.00% |
| 78 | Typhlosion-Hisui | 1 | 0.33% | 0.00% |
| 78 | Pincurchin | 1 | 0.33% | 0.00% |
| 78 | Quaquaval | 1 | 0.33% | 0.00% |
I want to point out a couple trends but first I will direct to this thorough analysis by CTC in policy review, where he points out a rise in special offense and its few countermeasures, indicating a more centralized metagame than the pre-volc-ban spl meta. Very interesting stuff

World Warriors: :Dragonite::Iron Moth::Ting-Lu::Cinderace:
For a former UU-dabbling terror, Iron Moth has made itself known as a top tier offensive threat in this meta. Top 15 usage and the second highest win rate in that range, Moth has become one of the strongest threats sporting immediate offense which can snowball given enough boosts. The popularity of substitute and its common positioning as a mid game rather than late game option means Kingambit doesn't handle it as well as other frail sweepers, and Moth's helpful defensive profile against common revenge killers like Valiant and Darkrai means it isn't the easiest to bring down. Dragonite and Ting-Lu are clear anti offense winners, with Dragonite being one of the best stops to all things frail and fast, and Ting-Lu being one of the only reliable switch ins to Iron Moth and Gholdengo, while offering helpful hazards. Cinderace shares some defensive profiling with Moth and also fits on relatively offensive teams, being one of the only reliable ways to switch hazards while pressuring gholdengo and friends.

Days are Gone: :Primarina::Rillaboom::Skarmory::Roaring Moon::Enamorus:
Usage is down. Win rates are down. It's looking bleak fellas. Prim, surely your previously useful defensive profile and bulk isn't getting totally shut down by the number one pokemon? Surely not *every* special sweeper has sludge bomb? Rilla, what do you mean you can't switch in on anyone's moves? Dragonite and moth 4x resisting you is that much of a problem? And skarm, I know the top threats are all special but man I thought spikes were still useful. Moon, you're a fraud when valiant and moth are boosting past you constantly, sorry to say. And Enamorus surely you could be good but it looks like you just arent in the top 10 useful special attackers at the moment.

Woah there: :Scizor::Zapdos::Ursaluna::Tinkaton::Enamorus-Therian::Toxapex::Weezing-Galar::Sinistcha::Deoxys-Defense::Ninetales::Keldeo::Pecharunt:
Yeah that's right, over 75% win rate through multiple uses for all these weirdos. While heat is heat and surprise picks will always have value, I think it's possible that all of these having some success shows that there is some room to experiment in the meta despite apparent centralization. It's pretty clear that a lot of these are anti-offense weapons, reflecting the strength of the current top tiers, but it's nice to see them answered in creative ways.


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Woah there: :Scizor::Zapdos::Ursaluna::Tinkaton::Enamorus-Therian::Toxapex::Weezing-Galar::Sinistcha::Deoxys-Defense::Ninetales::Keldeo::Pecharunt:
Yeah that's right, over 75% win rate through multiple uses for all these weirdos.
I think most of these actually have pretty clear niches. Over such a large sample size, it’s not shocking to see them scattered around a bit. I actually think it shows that we have a lot of awesome builders testing the waters, so kudos to everyone who made them work. Just to expand a bit on each of these for the people who follow this from afar as I know there are a lot:

Scizor combines Ice and Fairy resist on offense, like Volcarona, while offering priority, which is more valuable than ever. It is an underrated win condition and HO piece now.

Zapdos is still a great Pokemon. Yes, Gliscor is a nuisance to defensive sets. Yes, GKing stifles progress. Yes, Ting Lu can get every possible layer up against it while keeping it below half health. But into HO, Zapdos’s typing, ability, and offensive profile, even on defensive sets, has an absolute field day. And it’s possible to patch its shortcomings with emphasis throughout team construction.

Ursaluna is same-old stuff. Semi-Room teams and it collects KOs when it gets openings. Sometimes it needs to predict right once or twice, but it’s very threatening no matter what.

Tinkaton checks Darkrai’s common attacks while checking half the tier with fast Balloon + Encore sets. It’s a great gameflow option in faster paced games that offers Knock Utility to top things off. Able to 1v1 Fairy types Valiant and Enamorus, too.

Enamorus-T is where you deviate even further away from standard or standard adjacent Pokemon, but CM sets with a defensive Tera or offensive sets on TR are viable enough to where a few uses over a large sample is feasible.

Toxapex is just Toxapex. Obviously at a low point this generation, but it still goes on stall and has a unique enough defensive profile. You’ll see it a few times over a large sample.

G-Weezing off its ability and Defog alone fits into quirky fat teams. It doesn’t check as much this generation as it did earlier last generation, but it’s viable.

Sinistcha is just flat-out good. Zamazenta, Tusk, Wellspring, etc. it is able to sponge. It can sweep even. It’s a B+ tier Pokemon that just didn’t pick-up until a few weeks back.

Deoxys-D is the only one that’s hard to wrap your head around. I guess some Cosmic Power or utility sets maybe? Seems wildly inconsistent, but to each their own.

Ninetales has begun seeing usage with Torkoal using Yawn. It has a healthy share of Sun viability now.

Keldo is still a strong Pokemon and it has a good typing in a tier with Samu-H and Kingambit all over. Ima has an awesome team with Specs Tera Water that did some work.

Lastly, Pecha with great natural bulk and ability to sponge Zama or Wellspring while retaining momentum with Parting Shot, soaking up Toxic Spikes, and being able to inflict status is plenty viable, even if on the fringe side.
Days are Gone: :Primarina::Rillaboom::Skarmory::Roaring Moon::Enamorus:
Usage is down. Win rates are down. It's looking bleak fellas. Prim, surely your previously useful defensive profile and bulk isn't getting totally shut down by the number one pokemon? Surely not *every* special sweeper has sludge bomb? Rilla, what do you mean you can't switch in on anyone's moves? Dragonite and moth 4x resisting you is that much of a problem? And skarm, I know the top threats are all special but man I thought spikes were still useful. Moon, you're a fraud when valiant and moth are boosting past you constantly, sorry to say. And Enamorus surely you could be good but it looks like you just arent in the top 10 useful special attackers at the moment.
Adding this guy here:

| 43 | Heatran | 13 | 2.70% | 30.77% |

Losing Toxic really meant that this Mon now has to rely on a trappin 75% Accuracy move to make progress vs most teams. After terrorizing OU since Gen 4, his time finally is coming to an end.



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WCOP Analysis Round 1

Most to Least Used Playstyles

1: Hyper Offense
2: Standard Balance
3: Standard Offense
4: Bulky Offense
5: Webs
6: Sun
7: Stall/Rain
8: Sand
9: Fat Balance
10: Other (Psyspam, E-Terrain, etc)

It’s not a surprise that Hyper Offense was the most used playstyle in WCOP. There’s been over 90 HO teams used with over 18 matches being HO on HO dittos. HO also has a winning record against every matchup except for Standard Offense and Stall. While the meta is favorable to offensive styles, we can’t dismiss the meta as HO because right next to it is Standard Balance with around 69 teams (nice) being Balance. It also has an astronomically favorable record against Standard Offenses, being able to outlast these teams and constantly keep hazards up vs them. We’ve seen 8 Webs and 7 Sun teams which had good records against Balance thanks to the readily available Balance breakers in their disposal like NP Psyshock Ghold and Specs Wake. Stall ofc has a good track record vs HO as always. Sand was used 4 times but not a single one performed well. Fat Balance was the least used besides “Other” due to getting overwhelmed by the vast array of breakers while not having the offensive power to bite back.


The poster child for round 1 was ofc Darkrai. With a billion different moves and items to abuse, as well as great stats, Darkrai has proven once again why it is so controversial among the playerbase. The classic pairing of Rai + Ghold has popped up everywhere in WCOP from fast paced offense to balance.

Garganacl usage skyrocketed in round 1. It’s a nearly perfect defensive glue that provides rocks, a Pult switch-in, and the best form of residual chip in the game only stopped by Glowking and Clefable. Its matchup vs offense is incredible as the chip damage is much less recoverable while soft-checking half the tier.

Tech Of The Week

:sv/great tusk:

AV Tusk was cool tech. In this game Tusk lived a Dpulse from Bolt and later a Dgleam from Moth.

There were also a bunch of neat niche picks like Cresselia on Stall and even Offense. Empoleon in one game got rocks and Tera Ghosted to Spinblock Tusk and Roar out Bolt afterwards. Enamorus-T saw a couple appearances along with Trick Room Hatt or a bulky CM variant. LO Hydrapple was a cool set that delivers nuke damage while recovering LO recoil with Regenerator. Ima brought Keldeo and it put in hella work, taking out the Glowking and breaking for the lategame. Hiko brought Mamo and it got multiple kills. Underrated mon that I might do a write-up about in the future. Okidogi being brought was goated, but in the actual games it didn’t really do anything. We might see it again considering its matchups vs some of the top threats. Pecharunt saw 2 appearences as an alternative to Ghold with pivoting, much higher physical, and the ability to absorb Tspikes.

Not the most coherent post since I’m in vacation rn but I will continue keeping an eye on WCOP.


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Tiebreakers have wrapped up! We managed to avoid a 1-1-1 reset, and now US Northeast and Chile find themselves in playoffs after winning two and one series respectively.

[US Northeast] lax vs [US South] aesf — aesf has a Slither Wing and lax has an Okidogi but that's somehow not the focal point here. I want you to look at team preview and guess how many Assault Vests are present in this game. Write that guess down, then watch the game and check the damage numbers, then guess again, then open this screenshot, posted by lax himself after the game:

[US Northeast] lax vs Raptor [Chile] — Galarian Weezing's weird combination of tools allows it to do a ton of work for Raptor early on, shutting down Gouging Fire and removing hazards. Behold as it scares out an EQ Dragonite.

[US South] GXE vs Raptor [Chile] — a wise man once said "never exhaust." Raptor Teras turn 1. This one goes the distance as Raptor's Fairy Raging Bolt and GXE's Water Garganacl avoid each other like the plague; notably, with Tusk eliminated turn 1, Raging Bolt clicks Volt Switch no less than ten times.

Playoffs are finally upon us! Chile's Cinderella story faces its biggest opponent yet in the controversially extant Team Europe, while two US coasts duke it out as West faces Northeast. Third-seeded Oceania faces Italy and India faces US Midwest after a minor seeding kerfuffle, which has amusingly provided us with extremely wide timezone differentials across both series. Here are some exciting-looking SV highlight games from each series:

[Europe] Twixtry vs Mako [Chile] — I'm surprised Mako didn't enter the picture in tiebreakers, being a proven SPL-level player in classic gens and having a 3-0 record in round 1. She'll be facing Twixtry, an OST quarterfinalist who went 2-1 in R1 including a rare win for stall. Mako has more experience at this level of tournaments, but Twixtry is probably better established in SV at this juncture, especially with Europe's robust current-gen support. Should be an interesting one.

[US West] ima vs INSULT [US Northeast] — there's a bunch of heater matchups in this series but I decided on this one. It's actually a rematch from R1, where ima's Lu/Dirge/Latios came out on top of INSULT's sand. Two tour-tested professionals backed by two of the hottest kitchens in SV, this one might just come down to whose veins are the iciest when the time comes to click Sucker Punch or Kowtow Cleave.

[Oceania] DugZa vs Niko [Italy] — I thought DugZa was a lower tiers main, but then he showed up this year and made OST semifinals and went 3-0. Mons is mons, it seems. Niko may have posted an 0-3 record in R1, but he drew probably the hardest group possible, was drunk and sleepy for one game, and loaded stall in another, so I don't think that's the whole story. He's shown high competence in SV and fairygens in general, and will be eager to turn that record positive.

[India] myjava vs oldspicemike [US Midwest] — if you're thinking "hey this looks familiar," it's because you saw this twice in SPL. myjava won both matches on the way to a 7-2 record and the red trophy, and he's coming in hot off of three more wins in round 1, showing it was far from a fluke. java has been the only consistent hole in oldspicemike's game, though; he exploded last year with a 6-3 SCL and subsequent 8-2 SPL, making him one of SV's winningest players over the last few months. A connoisseur of SV offense, he'll be extra motivated to not go 0-3 against myjava.

Europe (7) vs (3) Chile
SV OU: Lily vs darkman64
SV OU: Alhen vs Lazuli
SV OU: Twixtry vs Mako
SV OU: Eeveeto vs Mister McLovin
SV OU: TheFranklin vs Raptor
SS OU: Ruft vs Mendeez
SM OU: Larry vs Abele01
ORAS OU: Mana vs Vileman
SV UU: Kushalos vs Sadlysius
SV Ubers: Scottie vs Jhonx~

US West (4) vs (6) US Northeast
SV OU: emforbes vs lax
SV OU: Vert vs Star
SV OU: ima vs INSULT
SV OU: PZZ vs Finchinator
SV OU: shiloh vs blunder
SS OU: Attribute vs ABR
SM OU: z0mOG vs bro fist
ORAS OU: RufflesPro vs fade
SV UU: vivalospride vs Giannis Antetokommo-o
SV Ubers: Skarpherim vs Gilbert arenas

Oceania (5) vs (5) Italy
SV OU: Drifting vs zS
SV OU: false vs Kebab mlml
SV OU: March Fires vs Laroxyl
SV OU: DugZa vs Niko
SV OU: Leavers vs s7a
SS OU: damien the genius vs Raiza
SM OU: ChrisPBacon vs Empo
ORAS OU: ninjadog vs Santu
SV UU: etern vs Punny
SV Ubers: Aberforth vs entrocefalo

India (5) vs (5) US Midwest
SV OU: Piyu vs S1nn0hC0nfirm3d
SV OU: freezai vs zioziotrip
SV OU: vk vs kythr
SV OU: Maverick Shooters vs DripLegend
SV OU: myjava vs oldspicemike
SS OU: Dj Breloominati♬ vs Luthier
SM OU: J0RIS vs Tace
ORAS OU: pj vs dice
SV UU: Floss vs passion
SV Ubers: Lana vs Highlord


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I do not really care what people say: this metagame is pretty good. It can still improve, but I had fun playing this WCoP between all of my testing and the games themselves. GL to everyone left. Will be posting some of the cool things I have used recently here a bit later in the post.

At a bit of a crossroads right now as I feel I have accomplished a lot over the last year or so in SV OU, but also I feel some of my losses are avoidable and there's still room to improve, which makes times like this all the more frustrating. Going to continue to work my absolute hardest to do that and put up even better results. Gotta play a lot to keep up with this tier, but it's so rewarding competing against the best and finding ways to better yourself along the way. I have played this shit since 2011, but find myself getting stronger every year and hope that trajectory continues and translates into bigger and better things. Sad it was not this WCoP, but that's my own fault and you gotta own it.

Little bit of a let-down last week or two as I was looking at a potential 3-0 WCoP R1 and clean sweep through the winner's bracket of OU SSNL only to end WCoP 2-2 and lose finals of SSNL, but still some ok runs at least. At this point in the generation, I am 15-11 in SV OU in officials with the 2023 Circuit Championship, which looks good on paper, but honestly feels like it could be so much more and hopefully I will close out 2024 stronger than ever. Not sure if I will take a run at OLT, but definitely plan to play SCL in SV OU and there are plenty of other tournaments on the horizon, too. Excited for the next steps whatever they may be...aiming to get that individual sometime soon

Here are some fun things I figured I would share.

First thing is first: Dragapult is a dynamic Pokemon and can use so many different sets, spanning well beyond the norms we see spammed. Here are two examples from my reason OU SSNL and WCoP games.

Dragapult @ Eject Pack
Ability: Infiltrator
Tera Type: Fairy
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Draco Meteor
- Hex
- Will-O-Wisp
- Thief

Conventional Focus Sash Dragapult or Heavy-Duty Boots Dragapult fit onto many offenses, but sets like this can flip some otherwise troublesome match-ups. Being able to take Leftovers from Garganacl or Ting-Lu, rob numerous possible targets of Heavy-Duty Boots if you're pairing Dragapult with Spikes, etc. can go a long way. Here are two replays of me using the set 1 and 2 in SSNL and ADPL.

Dragapult @ Leftovers
Ability: Infiltrator
Tera Type: Fairy
EVs: 76 Atk / 176 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Hasty Nature
- Substitute
- Dragon Darts
- Hex
- Will-O-Wisp

This set is by no means innovative like the above set, but it fell out of favor despite it having huge upside -- I used it this past week in WCoP and got ~1900 with it on ladder. The risk, of course, is that you face a Garganacl and end up deadweight without being able to U-turn, but otherwise this set is quite nice. It is awkward for stall to play around, offense hates conceding a Substitute on a fodder or prediction pivot, and weather can get turn-stalled, which is huge depending on your team. 4 SDef EVs allow you to always live Slowking-G Sludge Bomb behind Substitute, 76 Atk always KOs Kyurem with Dragon Darts after SR, and Tera Fairy is nice for flipping certain match-ups (but Tera Ghost can be used and even Flying if you are very weak to Toxic Gliscor I guess).

This set dates back to last generation and surfaced sometimes earlier this generation, but IMO it has its highest upside right now. Yes, Garganacl is rough, but otherwise it is able to force Teras and stir-up the tempo of a game a lot. I do think it really appreciates Spin or Court Change, so it can only work so often, but I think a lot of people should try it out.

I am sure there are other ways to use Dragapult beyond normal conventions right now -- DD has caught my eye, for example. But yea, I just think for such a mainstream great Pokemon, we can explore it some more.

Gholdengo @ Shuca Berry
Ability: Good as Gold
Tera Type: Steel
EVs: 248 HP / 112 SpA / 148 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Nasty Plot
- Shadow Ball
- Make It Rain
- Recover

Gholdengo uses a wide array of Tera types including Fairy, Water, Flying, Fighting, and even Ghost on occasion, but I actually find Steel to be very underrated on it. The idea is you are able to neutralize Ghost and Dark type attacks like other Teras, but also Make It Rain goes nuclear suddenly. Here are some target calcs from this sample set I used in OU SSNL and a lot on ladder.

124+ SpA Tera Steel Gholdengo Make It Rain vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Great Tusk: 440-518 (101.3 - 119.3%) -- guaranteed OHKO
124+ SpA Tera Steel Gholdengo Make It Rain vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Darkrai: 292-344 (103.9 - 122.4%) -- guaranteed OHKO
124+ SpA Tera Steel Gholdengo Make It Rain vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Roaring Moon: 264-312 (75.2 - 88.8%) -- 93.8% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock and 1 layer of Spikes
+2 124+ SpA Tera Steel Gholdengo Make It Rain vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Kingambit: 304-358 (89.1 - 104.9%) -- 68.8% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock
124+ SpA Tera Steel Gholdengo Make It Rain vs. 248 HP / 0 SpD Landorus-Therian: 322-380 (84.5 - 99.7%) -- 81.3% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock
+6 124+ SpA Tera Steel Gholdengo Make It Rain vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Tera Water Garganacl: 411-484 (101.7 - 119.8%) -- guaranteed OHKO
+2 124+ SpA Tera Steel Gholdengo Make It Rain vs. 80 HP / 0 SpD Assault Vest Primarina: 314-370 (97.8 - 115.2%) -- 81.3% chance to OHKO

Suddenly you can flip a 1v1 interaction with a Tusk, Darkrai, Gambit Moon, etc. or muscle past a Ting Lu/Gliscor in the right context. It changes nothing against Fire types, but the shift against Grounds and Darks can be huge. Being able to cover some defensive worries while working with Shuca AND acting as a nuke can go a long way. Underrated set for sure.

Alomomola @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Regenerator
Tera Type: Fairy
EVs: 72 HP / 184 Def / 252 SpD
Sassy Nature
IVs: 0 Spe
- Wish
- Light Screen
- Flip Turn
- Protect

This one is not big, but on more fat leaning Alomomola teams, Light Screen can be a game-changer against Future Sight stuff or when facing demons like Mixed Kyurem or NP Recover Gholdengo.

:Walking Wake:
Walking Wake @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Protosynthesis
Tera Type: Fairy
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Draco Meteor
- Scald
- Knock Off
- Roar

Cool on Future Sight + Spike teams. Tera Fairy is able to allow it to 1v1 most things on offense, forces progress very nicely in mirror, and Roar+FS can break a game wide open. Limited applications as these type of balances / BO that fit it all have holes, but imo Roar is just as good, if not better than, Flip Turn as a potential fourth.


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Imo one of the big highlights of WCOP. Seeing niche/fringe picks in big tourneys is always a treat

Kebab mimi brought Arboliva in one of the most important Smogon tournaments in the 2nd round where each team is at risk of elimination off a couple losses. However this unorthodox pick payed off.

Arboliva was able to chip Ghold in part due to a crit, thus being able to send in Bolt who threatens with a CM or Tbolt. Arboliva comes in again and Encores the potentially dangerous Roaring Moon. Then Kebab swaps it in again into Ghold’s MiR, activating Arboliva’s Eject Button, and bringing in the Grassy Seed Blaziken who sweeps Exotic’s team.

One of my favorite sets is Ima vs Typical_Bastard from R1, which is a fantastic showcase on why Ima is one of the best players in the format. Ima made it seem like he knew exactly the right play to make, never giving his opponent a chance to breathe. It is a stellar display of calculated offense and unorthodox team structures. Specs Keldeo + Semi-TR is dope, and I consider Keldeo underrated despite competition with Primarina.

I’m looking forward to what Ima cooks up in the semifinals.


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Against all odds, we made it through quarterfinals with no tiebreakers, as all four sets concluded on time and without the need for more gaming. Europe ended Chile's Cinderella story in a tight 6-4 set, while US West dispatched their Northeast brethren in commanding fashion 6-2, with NE's wins coming from stalwart bro fist and post-mortem substitute Srn. The set between US Midwest and India went down to the wire, with India taking 4 out of 5 SV games but Midwest's lower/old tiers clutching it 6-4. Finally, in a great show, Italy eliminated Oceania early on but continued to play every game in the set, eventually finishing with a final score of 8-2. Here are some highlights!

I have many fond memories of running full SpD Mega Scizor and just getting +6 and clicking Bullet Punch a bunch of times. This round saw three Scizor hit the field in OU, all with varying levels of effectiveness. For European TheFranklin's game against Chile boss Raptor, it didn't really do anything but eat a Sitrus Berry and get sacked, but he won so that's going in the win column. Italy's zS brought a Life Orb set against Oceania's Drifting, where it threatened an Enamorus-Therian and landed a valuable Knock Off against Great Tusk before dying; here it also came away with the W. Its best actual showing was from oldspicemike's team against myjava, where the spectre of a late-game SD setup from Lum Berry Scizor threatened to end the game on the spot; see the replay below to see how that one went.

:landorus-therian: :landorus-therian:
[India] myjava vs oldspicemike [US Midwest] — this game was definitely what I was hoping for from these two SV powerhouses. Both players have super-offensive squads (including a Scizor from mike) so naturally we get a wonderful sequence starting at turn 17 where they go Lando for Lando and neither one can hit the other besides U-Turn for like 20 turns. After this, myjava plays a super tight final sequence to get Roaring Moon into position and prevent the Scizor setup, before finally going Land for Land one last time to grab the win for India. mike's now 0-3 against java despite an otherwise stellar SV record, and I'm tempted to think this is one of those cases where it's just like a mental counterteam lol

:tornadus-therian: :overqwil:
[India] vk vs kythr [US Midwest] — there were at least three instances this game where I thought "holy shit that did way more than I expected," all of which originated from vk's new-age rain team. Life Orb Overqwil's Gunk Shot kills a Zamazenta from basically full, and then Tornadus-Therian turns into a super bird and clicks what looks like Specs Hurricane, managing to two-shot a Gholdengo from full and do 45% to Glowking pre-Tera. It then proceeds to survive a Dragapult statused Hex and eliminate it in one shot. (It could have also been, like, Modest Sky Plate or something.)

:iron-crown: :sinistcha:
[US West] shiloh (kaladin) vs blunder [US Northeast] — nice showcase of Iron Crown on both sides, a mon that I feel like's been getting more play as the meta keeps going (update: it just rose to OU by usage). While blunder's Crown fires off high-power Tachyon Cutters, shiloh's is seen setting Future Sights and pivoting out. shiloh's Sinistcha proves to be just what he needs against blunder's Garganacl, as even without Covert Cloak it does over half with Matcha Gotcha and forces a switch, ultimately leading to an opening for his Samurott to set up and clean house.

[US West] PZZ (PikachuZappyZap) vs Finchinator [US Northeast] — PZZ has the bird, and when one mentions "the bird" in SV OU context, Beat Up Fezandipiti is probably like the seventh one you think of. Over the course of the match, Beat Up is clicked four times (completely risk-free because it's non-contact,) and does a massive amount of work, pivoting around for perfect positioning, using Play Rough to help scare out Dragapult's Substitute as well. Finch's testimony is that the game went wrong on turn 23, when he forgot to tick a box on the calc and therefore missed the fact that Slowking-Galar's Tera Grass Knot 2HKOs Tera Water Gholdengo; honestly relatable, who among us hasn't forgotten to put the right EVs in the calc? Anyways, Finch's Chesto/Rest Zamazenta tries its damndest to bring it back and fight through poison, but PZZ's final trap of Encore Iron Valiant finishes the job.

:blaziken: :ninetales-alola: :arboliva:
[Italy] Kebab mlml vs Exotic64 [Oceania] — quick shoutout to Team Italy's nicknames, they seem to be quite internally consistent across their players and if I understood them they'd probably be hilarious. Anyways, 658Greninja had a cool showcase of this so I won't repeat it, but I will attach the caveat that I think the series was already over at this point so this was for fun and sheet record.

Semifinals sees a duel between Europe and Midwest, who both won tight series against their opponents. US West and Italy face off after dominant showings in quarterfinals. Do note that the games will take place in a pre-shift meta, so if something drops in or out of UU it doesn't count. This doesn't matter too much for OU but they're probably going to play their games by challenging in OU so it's worth noting. I found some interesting matchups to look out for.

[Europe] Highv0ltag3 vs S1nn0hC0nfirm3d [US Midwest] — .nom highv0ltage? .nom s1nn0hc0nf1rm3d? These two are among the scariest players to nominate in auctions. Highv0ltag3 is returning to starting after a stellar World Cup last year and a messy SCL; he's been under the radar recently, and stall as a whole has somewhat fallen off the map, so I'm curious how this return will do. S1nn0h is sitting at 3-1 this tournament with a single loss to lax, and has reliably gone positive in the last few team tours, so he's a good benchmark to see where Voltage is at right now.

[Europe] Eeveeto vs oldspicemike [US Midwest] — I like both of these players' builds. Eeveeto is well-known for using weird stuff like Whiscash in Gen 5 and making it work, and while his build was relatively sane in quarterfinals, I'm always curious what he loads up next. mike is someone I've sung the praises of before, a robust player with great takes on offense. Since he's not playing his kryptonite he should be in good form here.

[US West] ima vs zS [Italy] — well, the ima game I highlighted last week didn't even happen because West goobed their opponents and they double subbed the match, so hopefully this one happens. ima is a core piece of West's SV power and it's always interesting to see what comes out of there. zS has been quietly putting together a solid body of work in SV, including a nice OST run and a 3-1 record in this World Cup. Should be a nice one.

[US West] emforbes vs Laroxyl [Italy] — It's true, he didn't play last week, but Laroxyl is presently one of the last undefeated players still in the tournament. After an underwhelming SPL it's nice to see him back in good form. emforbes will be his hardest opponent so far, a player who has taken quickly to SV in the past few months on top of a great body of work in SM and doubles metas. He'll be supported by the West kitchen of Vert and ima, and Laroxyl isn't afraid to think outside the box with stuff like Galarian Weezing and Hisuian Goodra, so the team choices will be quite interesting.

Also it's not SV OU but McMeghan vs MANNAT is going to determine the fate of the series never mind MANNAT is fucking banned LMAO
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Now that India's WCOP run is unfortunately over I would like to share the teams I used in these matches and some additional ones that I used on ladder/friends used.
Click on the pokemon sprites to get the paste

Round 1 vs Keshba54(Africa) -W
:deoxys-speed::kingambit::ogerpon-wellspring::iron valiant::glimmora::kyurem:
I wanted a team that could break past stall/fat while also being good into offense and I think I built a pretty good team with that in mind,since this was my first match I had a lot of time to test this on ladder(got to 2k+ I think) and with teammates/friends.
I used a variation of this team in my ADPL Finals game (W).I think both versions are great and target different structures so mostly personal preference on what you end up liking more.
Thought process/Explaination for WCOP game:

Thought process/Explaination for ADPL Finals game:

Round 2 vs Star(US Northeast) -L
Contrary to popular belief I do use all kinds of teams/styles,I had tested this team to around 1900+ and was undefeated in tests but on second last day I lost every single match I played with this team which made me lose belief in it,I didnt wanna change team on second last day and I thought this was still fine since I liked idea of sinistcha+garg core so ran with it,for the match I think matchup was doable and coulda been won if darkrai wasn't scarf trick which crippled my clodsire early,after that it became very hard to win and star completely outplayed me on every turn I tried to make a play so nothing but respect.

Round 3 vs Mister Mclovin(Chile) -W
:iron treads::iron moth::zamazenta::roaring moon::raging bolt::dragonite:
I was busy most of the weekend recording+editing vids along with being out of town and having to do other stuff so didn't have much time to do anything.I started building this team 30 mins before the match,I was expecting to face some kind of garg build so built a quick team around tera grass energy ball moth along with other pokemon that I thought would do good into him and thankfully I did ended up fighting garg,but roar zamazenta wrapped the game up quickly so didn't get to show much.
Thought process/Explaination:

Quarterfinals vs DripLegend(US Midwest) -W
:darkrai::rillaboom::hawlucha::iron moth::great tusk::gholdengo:
I wanted to use Life Orb Darkrai(grassy terrain healing making the recoil negligible) because I think its extremely powerful with perfect coverage helping it in breaking through fat with extreme ease along with Hawlucha which is amazing vs offense,I was mainly expecting a bulky offense or hyperoffense which these both faired very well into.I only tested this team to 1800(this team can easily get 2k+ I think) and then stopped to not risk it being scouted and mainly did tons of testing with friends which went pretty well,was very confident with the team and it did well.
Thought process/Explaination:


:greninja::iron valiant::zamazenta::iron treads::roaring moon::primarina:
I built this team around 1.5 months ago when me and rest of team india were discussing non ou mons which we think have potential in ou and gren was part of the list,I built this team in 10 mins and it went crazy,I got to 2k+ with it on one alt and 1950+ with 2 other alts all of which with losses majorly only being to stall since this team cant break it so I planned to save it for WCOP,but I ended up using it in a tour before that in which I won then I think 2 more team india people used the team with slight edits in tours and won too.

Quarterfinals: Freezai vs Zioziotrip -W
:roaring moon::primarina::darkrai::glimmora::zamazenta::gholdengo: | :roaring moon::primarina::darkrai::deoxys-speed::zamazenta::gholdengo:
I wanted freezai to use bulky ground moon this week and thought scarf darkrai would be pretty cool to catch opponent offguard while freezai wanted to use mirror herb zama so we decided on darkspam and I built the version on the left,freezai did some edits and changed to the one on the right(I think best version of this team will be the edits freezai did but changing deoxys to glimmora) and used it to destroy fat in 19 turns.I doubt this team will do well now since basically all of the sets were built on surprise factor/catching opponent off guard which doesn't work now that people know the team,but figured would still be cool to share.

Teams without much testing/failed versions:
:dragapult::glimmora::darkrai::rillaboom::hawlucha::scizor: AV Scizor+Spell Tag Dragapult+Miracle Seed Rillaboom
:darkrai::gholdengo::zamazenta::glimmora::raging bolt::enamorus: Salac Berry Gholdengo
:alomomola::goodra-hisui::iron valiant::landorus-therian::cinderace::gholdengo: Specs Val+AV Goodra-Hisui
:iron valiant::iron treads::darkrai::gouging fire::gholdengo::dragonite: Life Orb Electric Terrain Valiant+Salac Berry Gholdengo+Hurricane Dragonite
:deoxys-speed::ogerpon-wellspring::gouging fire::iron treads::iron valiant::zamazenta: Clear Amulet Gouging Fire

Here is the playlist for all the team India games that I covered for whoever is interested:
Overall happy with ending on 3-1 even though hurts to not make it semi finals,hope the teamdump was helpful and urge rest of WCOP people who played OU to make teamdumps as well.


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[US West] ima vs zS [Italy] — well, the ima game I highlighted last week didn't even happen [...] so hopefully this one happens.

An official team tour hasn't really kicked off until someone gets mad at the TDs, and it seems we've finally arrived. Semifinals brought a bunch of cool SV games, a disconnection, an internal team vote, and one man sitting at Starbucks with nothing to do. I'm sitting at home sick with nothing to do so here's some highlights:

Sinistcha continues its run of neat niche applications with two appearances this round. Midwest's kythr employed it against Europe's Lily, where it performed the crucial task of walling and burning Lily's Dragonite, preventing the reverse sweep. It also showed up for West's ima while battling Italy's zS, where it revealed Stun Spore and was able to spook a Flamethrower Walking Wake...before something bad happened. More on that later.

:latios: :fezandipiti: :zapdos:
[Europe] Eeveeto vs oldspicemike [US Midwest] — in typical Eeveeto fashion we have three UU-or-below birds, and they're also all right next to each other in the builder for maximum intimidation. Arrangement matters! oldspicemike has a more defensive team than his usual fare, with Lu/Moltres/Tinkaton present to spread hazards and status. Now, Fezandipiti is a mon that's been gaining a bit of attention thanks to the Beat Up pivot set popping up in US West games; it turns out that a non-contact attack that at full health both does a little chip and has an 88% chance of badly poisoning the opponent is pretty good. Here its high SpDef and persistent poison chances are used to annoy mike's Moltres and Raging Bolt, before Latios comes in at the endgame and annihilates a 76% Ogerpon-Teal with what looks like a Specs Psyshock. Oh, also, Eeveeto's Roaring Moon is Tera Dark, and the removal of an Ice Shard weakness proves to be quite valuable.

:rillaboom: :worrywhirl:
Now I have an anti-showcase. Rillaboom's popularity has been dwindling over the course of this tournament, going from 11.2% in qualifying R1 to 6.33% in the main event R1. We have four games featuring the monke, and it only won one of them, taking losses while piloted by Lily, Pais, and DripLegend. Losing hard to Iron Defense Zamazenta does it no favors in Lily's game, with it gifting Zamazenta +4 and 18% recovery for free while killing itself in the process. Pais sees his Rillaboom get Wisped turn 1 and promptly deal a cool 33% with U-Turn to Darkrai. DripLegend's Rillaboom gets crit early on and then gets walled by Iron Moth, and the Hawlucha that comes in afterwards is unable to beat Gholdengo. The ape's only win came thanks to Italy's Kebab mlml, and in that game it was relegated to being a Knock Off merchant after being burned by Dragapult. Honestly I've had enough of the move Grassy Glide after watching the last SCL, so all I can say is #RIPBOZO.

:worrywhirl: :worrywhirl: :worrywhirl: :worrywhirl: :worrywhirl: :worrywhirl: :worrywhirl:
[US West] ima vs zS [Italy] — I'd be very neglectful to not mention the big story of semifinals, and here it is, the truncated duel between two former Shoguns. It's looking like a quite interesting matchup, with ima's triple Dark team and Sinistcha going up against a fun Sun core from zS. Then all hell breaks loose. Luigi's post summarizes it better than I could:

Before their game, ima told zS that his internet was bad and asked if they could play without timer as a result, to which zS agreed. They start their game, and ima dc's on turn 4, with his timer at 120 seconds. He comes back, clicks a couple of moves and then dc's again, this time with his timer at 60 seconds. The DC timer runs out. The TD's/WCoP hosts then decided that it was up to team Italy to decide whether the game should be recreated or a win for zS.
While ima drove to Starbucks with the hopes of getting a match recreation done on a better connection, Team Italy held an internal vote and ultimately decided to take the win as offered by the TDs. (zS voted in favor of recreating.) This proved to be a turning point in the series, as it put Team Italy on match point. The decision to pass the decision to Team Italy has caused some controversy. I do not have personal stakes in this but I agree with the common sentiment that ima should have his gas and coffee money reimbursed, whether by Italy or the TDs. Man was trying to be punctual.

:worrywhirl: :worrywhirl: :worrywhirl: :worrywhirl: :worrywhirl: :worrywhirl: :worrywhirl:

Okay! With that, Italy has advanced to the finals of the tournament, while Europe and US Midwest face off in a tiebreaker:

SV OU: Twixtry vs Tace
SS OU: Larry vs Luthier
SV Ubers: Scottie vs zioziotrip

In terms of SV OU, Europe has nominated the consistently solid Twixtry, while Midwest is pivoting the 5-0 Tace from his home of SM to SV. Context clues suggest that Midwest picked SWSH for Luthier and Europe picked Ubers for Scottie. I'm very interested to see how the SV game plays out. Twixtry has had some pretty neat games this year and I've liked his games the best out of Europe's SV core. I'm curious to see how Tace does against him — he was top 4 in Smogon Tour 36 standings but didn't have any notably deep runs in SV. Midwest's SV OU has been kind of underwhelming throughout this tour, dropping 4/5 games against India and 4/5 against Europe, so Tace also has to overcome that hurdle.

I don't know how long MANNAT is banned for but I hope he comes in with a steel chair on Sunday, subs himself in, and clutches up. That said, my script says Europe will win this WCOP in one last dance and then immediately be dismantled in a TP thread, so I don't know if that's possible.
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So, here ends what was probably my last Wcop (due to the likely stupid rules change that is about to happen). 3-2 is not my best Wcop record, but not the worst one either. Time to show the Eeveetechnology one last time:

Vs Mncmt:

:slowking_galar: :gliscor: :iron_crown: :zapdos_galar: :samurott_hisui: :kyurem:

Mncmt was the opponent I considered to be the strongest, so I tried to schedule with him for the last week and scheduled with Dugza to play on second week. However, I read wrongly what Mncmt wrote on my profile and accidentally scheduled with him for second week too. At the same time, Dugza dodged me and escaped to the 3rd week, so I was forced to play Mncmt first. I realized this with the second week started and I also realized at the time that none of my good teams matched well vs Mncmt's scout (which consisted of a lot of Gliscors, Gholdengos and Garganacls, among other things). Since Mncmt was the most dangerous opponent in groups, I need to have an advantage in the builder, not in the actual match. So, I thought about what could abuse Gliscor, Gholdengo and Garganacl at the same time and came up with Sub BU Galarian Zapdos. Sure, the match-up vs Gholdengo isn,t that good, but with Substitute it easily boosts on Gliscor and Garganacl. Tera Fire means that Fairy types can be set-up fodder too, just like Moltres. Overall, this Zapdos is a very good asset vs bulkier teams.
Still, since I don,t want Zapdos to Tera any time I see a Fairy, I put 2 Fairy killers in Iron Crown and Glowking, both check Kyurem and other special Mons too. This might be the only time I used 2 Psychic Mons succesfully. Gapdos likes hazard support, so Gliscor entered as the Rocker (that most of the time beats Tusk) and Samurott as a Spiker that sometimes can clean. At this point the main weaknesses were Roaring Moon and Waterpon, so I added a Restalk Pdef Kyurem as a shaky check to both. < Generally, I don,t trust the scout and don,t even use it at all. This is the right thing to do, because the scout failed hard, I didn,t expect the team Mncmt used. I still won, with a Samurott crit helping a lot for that. Zapdos didn,t do much though, and Kyurem failed to stop what he was supposed to stop.

Vs Dugza.

:corviknight: :great_tusk: :clodsire: :weavile: :dondozo: :typhlosion_hisui:

I consider this the best team I used during the tournament. When I build with the idea of not autolosing to any Mon, Sdef Corvi + Tusk + Dondozo + bulky poison (Clodsire or Glowking) + 2 breakers (one of them Dark type to not collapse to Ghosts) is what has been working best. I built this team during the Gouging Fire Suspect and only lost 1 battle (to Screens + Latias) during it. Then I used it several times in Stour, where it won almost all battles too. Originally vs Dugza I planned to use the team I ended up using in Quarters, but during the extra week in tests this team worked better than any other, so despite the opponent potentially knowing it, I felt secure enough to bring it. < Unfortunately for me, Dugza did prepare specifically for my cores to the point of bringing Psyshock + Rocky Helmet Gholdengo (Psyshock is not rare to see, but I literally never have seen Rocky Helmet Gholdengo prior to this battle) and Psychic Noise Latios. Another weakness of the team (which I didn,t encounter in ladder or tests) was Curse Tera Water Garganacl, also present here. I focused to eliminate that Garganacl as soon as possible, which led to missing 2 Focus Blasts with Typhlosion and losing the game as a consequence to that. If I had used Tera + Eruption, Garganacl would be dead, though the battle would have still been hard after that. Dugza's preparation for the battle paid off, after all, he ended up placing 1st in our group. After this battle, I didn,t built anything else with neither Corviknight nor Dondozo, while very rarely building with Clodsire. If I can be counterteamed, I need to adapt and use different things.

Vs VK.

:clodsire: :gholdengo: :darkrai: :weavile: :samurott_hisui: :kingambit:

One day, We Three Kings challenged me to build a team with all 6 Mons being OU and having standard sets (therefore, no Band Weavile for example). I looked in my builder, and saw that I already had a team with 6 OU Mons built at the beginning of DLC2, so just edited some sets. Originally Darkrai had Wide Lens as item and all of Hypnosis, Thunder Wave and Will-o-Wisp. If an opponent wasn,t annoyed by one status, it would be annoyed by another and no one would expect all 3. Then sleep got banned, so I saw no point in keeping the less broken status and just put Life Orb on the Darkrai. Weavile originally had Focus Sash and I changed it to Boots. The plan of this team is to overload the opponent with hazards and destroy him with powerful Dark moves. Both Clodsire and Gholdengo happen to resist every single weakness Dark types have, so they are the supporters of the team. < I came to the battle very unmotivated and expected to lose it. However, when I saw VK wanted to humillate me with the very same team Dugza used the day before, I got angry and focused on the battle hard, predicting almost every play VK did and breaking his team with Weavile and Darkrai. Poor Kingambit didn,t even have to battle this time.

Vs Mister McLovin (Quarters).

:zapdos: :iron_crown: :rillaboom: :ogerpon: :cinderace: :primarina:

2 months ago, in my failed Grand Slam campaign, I built a cool UU team around Band Ogerpon in Grassy terrain. The team had Ogerpon, Thwackey, Excadrill, Hawlucha, Rotom-W and Slither Wing. The team was very good on ladder, since Adamant Ogerpon in Grassy Terrain 2HKOd every single Mon except the x4 resist ones or the few Sap Sippers, this while outspeeding . I lost the UU Open in R2 but the team won vs a strong player and would have won if I used it in all 3 games of the set instead of just one. In Wcop, our UU player Kushalos took this team and made some changes (for example, there was no Slither Wing anymore). Persoanlly I liked my version of the UU team more, but Kushalos still won the game he used his version in.
So, at some point I wanted to replicate the UU team in OU and it worked very well on ladder, even reaching 2000 Elo. I even originally wanted to use this vs Dugza and really should have, since he didn,t have a x4 resist to Grass, so a well played Ogerpon 2HKOd everything. McLovin also was low on Grass resists in the scout, so I decided to use the team vs him in Quarters. The team has 5 Volturn users to find a good moment for Ogerpon to come in and start killing everything. Ogerpon is the Tera Mon in the majority of the battles. Apart from the x4 resists, main weakness of the team is Raging Bolt, which is the reason the Scarf Iron Crown has Tera Ground Blast. < McLovin decided to load a x4 Grass resist in this game, so it was always going to be a hard battle. Due to some luck, I managed to survive way longer than I should have, but it compensated when Wow missed vs Kingambit at the end of the game. McLovin prepared and played well, this was the last time I trusted the scout.

Vs Oldspicemike (Semis)

:latios: :fezandipiti: :zapdos: :great_tusk: :heatran: :roaring_moon:

Sometimes using 6 legendaries is the best idea. This might be very well the team with the highest average BST of the whole tournament. So, this team is built around Tera Steel Modest Latios. First, the Tera Steel + Levitate. Defensively it invalidates (or makes a lot worse):
-Enamorus (well, you are weak to Mystical Fire, but its the least clickable move).
-Most Great Tusk (few use CC or Temper Flare).
-Some Glowkings.
-Some Dragonites.
-Some Clefables.

Which is a lot. Now, the Modest Latios is specifically to always 2HKO Glowking with Psyshock, Timid doesn,t do that. Latios handily outspeeds both Kyurem and Gliscor even with Modest nature. This Latios is a very competent balance breaker, with the only common Mons that stop it in long battles being Gholdengo and Corviknight. Over the course of a match, Latios can wear down everything else.
The defensive part of the team are 2 birds that with (pretty) slow U-Turns bring Latios or another big threat in. Everyone knows what Zapdos does, so won,t explain it, but Fezandipiti is a poison spreader with Beat Up. Of course, every single poison immune Pokemon walls Fezandipiti hard, but then it U-Turns out to some big threat. Fezandipiti despite having great defensive Stats is not supposed to be used on defensive teams, but on bulky offense like this one. It needs offensive support to work best. Defensively it offers a great Darkrai, Raging Bolt, Waking Wake (with Tera Water), Zamazenta and Enamorus check, among others. Very underrated Mon that Ruft didn,t trust at all until I used it. Originally it had min Speed and Air Balloon, but Savouras and Alhen suggested changing that set to prevent Rocks damage and outspeed Raging Bolt.
Gholdengo (and to a lesser extent Corviknight) is the biggest threat for both Latios and Fezandipiti. Therefore, Steel killer Heatran comes in, with a Modest nature to hit as hard as possible, just like Latios. Very good Mon to trade vs problematic foes and to keep hazards up, Corviknight needs to spend the Tera if he wants to Defog on this. Tera Fairy means no Gouging Fire will ever beat me and Air Balloon means that Iron Moth isn,t beating me either unless it manages to hit me before.
Great Tusk does Great Tusk things, knocks, spins, checks King-Gambit late game, RKs Raging Bolt if Fezandipiti failed. Finally, Roaring Moon is a good Scarfer that sometimes cleans, especially vs opposing Sun teams. This team has no impossible match-ups in my opinion, if I played good enough, I could beat everything with it, therefore it was the obvious pick for Semis. < This ended up being my last battle, but fortunately I won. Mike only used 1 Steel, though it was one that stopped Latios cold. Fortunately, he sacked it to Heatran, so Fezandipiti, Roaring Moon and Latios all started to do real damage. Tera Ice Weavile could have been a threat, but Roaring Moon with Scarf + Tera Dark ensured that it wasn,t KOing me until at least 3 rounds of Stealth Rock (and I didn,t allow Weavile to use SD 3 times).

Other stuff I didn,t get to use.

:rampardos: :zapdos: :corviknight: :great_tusk: :slowking_galar: :hydreigon:

Hey, look, a typical Corviknight + Tusk + Glowking team! Except its not, there is a Rampardos. With Tera Grass, Sheer Force and Life Orb, almost anything can stop Rampardos, as long as it gets to move. Therefore lots of paralysis support is used, including Scarf Thunder Wave Hydreigon. Not a very good team, but a fun one for big numbers enjoyers.

:cramorant: :excadrill: :raging_bolt: :heatran: :roaring_moon: :primarina:

I think this is the only team I have built during the tournament that can be called HO. Its a serious team, it got to 1900 and was considered to be used vs all 3 of my group opponents. So, lets explain Cramorant. Its a Mon with a broken ability, good defensive typing, decent movepool... and terrible Stats to compensate all that :eeveehide: However, its fairly useful vs opposing offensive teams, since it can cripple with paralysis everything, including Special (non Electric) Mons if it gets to use Surf under 50% HP. To do so, it has Endure + Custap Berry, so if opponent doesn,t pay attention, he will have a paralyzed Mon that I can abuse with the rest of my team.
Cramorant outspeeds min Speed Lando and Jolly Kingambit. The HP EVs ensure it will always live Power Gem Glimmora while going to Custap range. This is useful in lead match-ups vs Glimmora, which can go like this.
Scenario 1:
Turn 1: Glimmora uses Stealth Rock and gets hit by Surf.
Turn 2: Glimmora uses Power Gem and dies to the 25 % damage Gulp Missile does.
Turn 3: Cramorant either Defogs or uses Surf with Custap Berry to paralyze another Mon.

Scenario 2:
Turn 1: Glimmora attacks with Power Gem and gets hit by Surf.
Turn 2: Opponent doesn,t expect Custap Berry, therefore Glimmora dies without putting Rocks.
Turn 3: Now Cramorant uses Endure to take 25% out of the next Mon's HP and paralyze it, while still being alive to do another Surf to take another 25% with Gulp Missile and maybe parahaxing.

Cramorant can work vs several other leads like Darkrai, Torkoal, Pelipper or Enamorus. Cramorant uses the opponent not knowing what it does to its advantage. Cramorant of course doesn,t have to always be the lead, we have other 5 Mons.
Excadrill is the secondary spinner which can also sweep sometimes. It can enter into Raging Bolt and abuse EQ + Toxic (and no Knock) Gliscor or the SD + Facade Gliscor if it uses Tera Ghost. If an opposing Skarmory is Knocked, Tera Ghost Drill will abuse it too.
Raging Bolt hits hard (especially if Tera Dragon), paralyzes with Discharge and prevents bulky teams from healing with Taunt.
Heatran is another Taunt user that also puts Rocks and fucks Gouging Fire.
Roaring Moon is the main sweeper and if a Balloon Gambit thinks it can wall it, Brick Break is there to destroy it.
Finally, Primarina can sweep vs bulky teams, check Walking Wake and is another Custap Berry user.

:palossand: :tinkaton: :weavile: :great_tusk: :slowking_galar: :ogerpon_wellspring:

A team with some cool sets, like Palossand to wall almost all Tusks and Garganacls, Tera Fight Glowking to lure Gambit or Bullet Seed Waterpon to anti-lead Sash Samurott. I realized very late that without Tera this team has no Fire resist, therefore it doesn,t work well.

:gliscor: :tatsugiri: :clefable: :weavile: :great_tusk: :slowbro_galar:

Another team with some cool Mons that individualy work, but together didn,t work so well. Tatsugiri with AV does some trades, Spins and Counters by surprise (it also learns Mirror Coat, but no room for it). This Tusk can beat Alomomola and Dondozo if it predicts well. Finally, Glowbro has some use over Glowking by hitting way harder with Drain Punch and forcing CM Clef to Tera with Shell Side Arm.

:zapdos_galar: :excadrill: :sinistcha: :primarina: :moltres: :meowscarada:

First version of Gapdos team, that failed. Sinitcha is the type of Mons that work for other people, but does 0 when I use it.

:regice: :pelipper: :iron_treads: :basculegion: :barraskewda: :wo_chien:

I tried several Rains and this is the best one I built during the tournament. As far as in Semis, it was an option to be used. Glowking, Kyurem and Waterpon are the Main 3 Mons that prevent Rain from being good. Offensive pressure of this team deals with Glowking. Regice fully walls any Kyurem that is not DD + Tera Blast or Scale Shot. Despite being Restalk, Regice hits hard with Boltbeam. Finally, Wo-Chien walls many physical threats, U-Turnless Waterpon among them. Basculegion has Adaptability to hit like a cannon (stolen set from that one Bellibolt Rain RMT) and Barraskewda has Tera Fight to be able to RK Gambit and work well even outside of Rain.

:decidueye_hisui: :zapdos: :slowking_galar: :iron_treads: :dondozo: :weavile:

After winning vs Mcnmt in Groups, I felt very well and expected to win vs Dugza with the Typhlosion team. Having won with a Samurott Hisui the first game and expecting to win with Typhlosion Hisui the second one, I decided to flex and built a team with Decidueye too. Decidueye has the niche of being a Scrappy Mon that has a broken Fight move that often crits and can also flinch. The type of Mons and moves I like. Unfortunately, Decidueye is very slow, so Zapdos and Glowking are here to provide para. Tera Fight + Band + Close Combat (which is still stronger than Triple Arrows when no crit) 2HKOs almost the whole Meta, with Gliscor being one of the few Mons that can long term check Decidueye. Therefore 2 Mons with ice moves are used, while Glowking has Tera Water Surf to hunt Gliscor. Dondozo and Zapdos check almost all physical Mons, while Treads and Glowking check the special ones, with Weavile being an alternative win condition.

Unfortunately, I lost vs Dugza so there was no point in bringing this team vs VK, despite hitting 1950 and Top 10 on ladder with it.

:tauros_paldea_aqua: :gliscor: :heatran: :slowking_galar: :great_tusk: :hoopa_unbound:
:gliscor: :rotom_heat: :dragapult: :clefable: :clodsire: :kingambit:

There were like 7 teams I tried to built with this Gliscor set, which I consider to be the most dangerous one. These 2 were overall the best (except 1 I will post later), but still not good enough. Tauros is the best non Tera Blast Gambit counter in the game and has more interaction with the team than the usual Dondozo. Trick + Black Sludge Glowking can surprise some teams, just like Scarf Hoopa-U (which is a decent cleaner). Rotom-H is one of the many Tera Steel + Levitate Mons I tried (with the most succesfull one being the Latios I used in Semis),this one being notable for checking Kyurem and Enamorus without Tera and being a potential win condition.

:mamoswine: :sandy_shocks: :great_tusk: :slowking_galar: :skarmory: :samurott_hisui:

2 STAB Boltbeam Mons that enjoy hazards and the opponent being paralyzed. Also, I don,t know if this is a hot take or not, but Whirlwind Skarmory is 10 times better than Iron Defense.

:raging_bolt: :zapdos: :iron_treads: :slowking_galar: :scizor: :zamazenta:

I like big numbers and few numbers are bigger than Tera Dragon Specs Modest Draco Meteor from Raging Bolt. The rest of the team supports it with Volturn, Status, etc. Oh, and there is a Mirror Herb Zamazenta that sometimes countersweeps with the item. This team was considered in both Quarters and Semis.

:latios: :tinkaton: :ting_lu: :great_tusk: :serperior: :moltres:

First version of the Latios team. Tinkaton resists 5 out of 6 Latios weaknesses, so it was a natural pick. Unfortunately, this team ended up being way too passive.

:lycanroc_dusk: :iron_treads: :moltres: :toxapex: :ogerpon: :clefable:

A team built together with Highv0ltag3 around Band Lycanroc. Has a lot of great HV input that i could have never come to by myself. Very close to be a good team, but has some glaring issues like the Stall match-up.

:ceruledge: :great_tusk: :clefable: :zapdos: :slowking_galar: :samurott_hisui:

Just like last year, our mascot was Ceruledge, so I had to try it at some point. With Dondozo existing, I think SD Ceruledge is a waste of time, so I opted to use Weak Armor + Life Orb instead to punch holes with Tera Ghost Poltergeist or use Destiny Bond vs something slower. The rest of the team lacks Knock Off, but supports Ceruledge with paralysis or Hazards and Clef can even give Sticky Barb to some Booster Energy Mon. The problem of Ceruledge ended up being the abundance of Booster Energy Mons and the fact that even without them, Poltergeist misses when you need it to hit the most.

:cresselia: :garganacl: :great_tusk: :scizor: :clefable: :samurott_hisui:

With Garganacl being very often a Tera Mon, in my opinion it should always be a win condition around which the team is built. Therefore, Rocks Garganacl = Bad, Curse, Iron Defense or Block Garganacl = Good. Garganacl needs huge Knock Off support to remove the Cover Cloaks that are used to stop him. Some teams might PP Stall Garganacl to win vs him, so there is a Lunar Dance Cresselia for that. AV Scizor is a great Kyurem counter and Special sponge, the rest of Mons are pretty standard.
This team managed to hit 1900, so it was in my list of viable teams. The weakness to Grass Mons (Waterpon, Rillaboom and Meowscarada) is notable, despite which the team was an option both in Quarters and Semis.

:heatran: :torkoal: :great_tusk: :walking_wake: :lilligant_hisui: :iron_moth:

Last year I built over 10 Suns, this year just 1. During Semis everyone on Team Europe was telling me that I didn,t use Booster Energy enough (in fact, among my viable teams only the Cramorant one uses the item), so I built this Sun with Iron Moth. Unfortunately, opposing Protosynthesis Mons are terrible match-up for this Sun and it did very poorly in tests.

:houndstone: :samurott_hisui: :clodsire: :gliscor: :latios: :gouging_fire:

Finally, the team with broken progress making Gliscor set that worked. I built this yesterday after coming back from holidays. Today I easily hit 1950 and top 9 on ladder, therefore this team was a very likely pick for the Finals that eventually didn,t happen.
Houndstone is an amazing spinblocker, walling every EQ-Less Tusk. It walls many physical threats, including some Dark ones:
252 Atk Choice Band Meowscarada Knock Off (97.5 BP) vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Fluffy Houndstone: 153-180 (44 - 51.8%) -- 10.9% chance to 2HKO < A 2HKO that will never happen, since second hit will do less. In fact, Flower Trick does more, but that is easier to wall with Gouging Fire.
+1 252 Atk Protosynthesis Roaring Moon Knock Off (97.5 BP) vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Fluffy Houndstone: 234-276 (67.4 - 79.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO < Eats.
+2 252 Atk Weavile Knock Off (97.5 BP) vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Fluffy Houndstone: 216-255 (62.2 - 73.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO < Eats (and OHKOs with Body Press).
+2 252+ Atk Supreme Overlord 3 allies fainted Kingambit Kowtow Cleave vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Fluffy Houndstone: 295-348 (85 - 100.2%) -- 6.3% chance to OHKO < Eats most of the time.
+2 252+ Atk Supreme Overlord 5 allies fainted Kingambit Kowtow Cleave vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Fluffy Houndstone: 337-397 (97.1 - 114.4%) -- 81.3% chance to OHKO < The fact that this isn,t a 100% KO should give you an idea of Houndstone's bulk.

Zamazenta is fully walled by Houndstone as well, even after Crunch Defense drops. So, with the team built around Houndstone, we need hazards, which Clodsire and Samurott provide. Clodsire checks several special Mons like Raging Bolt and Walking Wake. There is also Sdef Gliscor that removes the Boots and does progress with its most broken set. Of course, such structure is weak to opposing Gliscor and Kyurem, but guess what, Latios makes its way into this team too! Lastly, Gouging Fire covers the Fire weakness, abuses hazards with Dragon Tail, and sometimes sweeps.
Roaring Moon and Deoxys are the main weaknesses of this team, but neither is impossible to beat if you use the right Tera and are able to predict what they will do. I am pretty sure this team would have had a good shot of winning the battle in finals.

So, this is how likely my Wcop career ends, but hopefully I can play other tours in the future. Have a nice Eeveening!

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