World Cup of Pokemon IX - Finals [Won by Team Brazil]

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congrats brazil, you pulled off an upset not many thought you could and deserve a lot of recognition for doing so. grats to east for making it this far, too.

2015 is the year of us central n_n


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Congrats Brazil!

I don't think anyone expected it to end out this way but it was an interesting run, albeit slightly unfortunate. Nice to see Dekzeh with a trophy though, as well as the many other untrophied Brazilians n_n.


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CONGRATULATIONS BRAZIL, though i wanted USA East to win, CTC :(
Sorry USA friends but;

CONGRATULATIONS SOGEKING; todos os Brasileiros do Smogon estavam assistindo e torcendo por você.

A equipe HAUHAUHUAHUAHUAHUBR nos representou e fez o que ninguém tinha feito até hoje. Sei que toda equipe do BR não me conhece mas estou orgulhoso de todos vocês. Não é só gringo que sabe jogar saporra!!!!
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